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Fairy Tale Pictionary. beanstalk The stem of a bean plant.

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1 Fairy Tale Pictionary

2 beanstalk The stem of a bean plant.

3 bridge A bridge is built over a river, road, or railroad track to let people, animals or cars cross from one side to the other.

4 carriage or coach A carriage or coach is a vehicle with wheels for carrying people.

5 castle A castle is a large building with towers and high, strong walls to keep enemies out. In old times many years ago, kings and queens lived in castles.

6 chores A chore is a job that someone does. It often involves cleaning.

7 cottage A cottage is a small simple house in the woods or forest.

8 dragon A dragon is a make-believe monster that looks like a giant lizard with wings and sharp claws.

9 elf A small, silly creature who is make-believe. An elf sometimes has magical powers.

10 evil Someone who is evil is very bad or causes harm on purpose.

11 fairy tale A story that is make-believe. It is usually about magical and imaginary beings and lands.

12 fairy A fairy is a very small person who has magical powers and wings to fly with. Fairies are make-believe.

13 fortune Great wealth, money or treasure.

14 giant A giant is a make-believe person who is very big and very strong.

15 good When something is good, it is nice or pleasing.

16 greedy Wanting to eat, drink more than one can eat. Wanting a lot of something, that is not needed.

17 imaginary or make believe Something that is made up and can not happen in real life.

18 king A king is a man who rules a country.

19 magic Magic is using special powers to make things happen that are not usually possible.

20 monster or ogre A monster is a make-believe creature that is big, strange, and scary.

21 princess A princess is a daughter of a king or queen, or the wife of a prince.

22 prince A prince is a son of a king or queen or the husband of a princess.

23 queen A queen is a woman who rules a country.

24 royal A king, queen, prince or princess.

25 tower A tower is a tall, narrow part of a building on a castle.

26 tricks A trick is something that you do to pretend or to make people think you have done something else. A trick is also a special act that an animal or person must practice a lot to be able to do well.

27 troll A make-believe character who often lives in a cave or near a bridge.

28 wand A long thin stick which has magical powers. It is often held by a magician, or fairy.

29 wishes Something you hope will happen.

30 woods or forest A large area of land covered by trees.

31 woodcutter A man who works in the woods or forest and cuts down trees.

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