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LTJG Kazuhiro Okumura US Public Health Service Division of Environmental Protection Office of Research Facilities National Institutes of Health Reducing.

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1 LTJG Kazuhiro Okumura US Public Health Service Division of Environmental Protection Office of Research Facilities National Institutes of Health Reducing Toxic Chemical Exposure to the Household Consumer and Janitorial Industry by Using Third Party Reviewed Surfactants and Cleaning Products

2 Disclaimer The use of product names, third-party standards, and outside organizations in this presentation does not constitute as an endorsement by the Division of Environmental Protection, Office of Research Facilities, National Institutes of Health, US Public Health Service, and/or the Department of Health and Human Services. 2

3 Why is this important? Executive Order 13423: Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management Executive Order 13514: Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance -Section 2(e),(v) “Reducing and minimizing the quantity of toxic and hazardous chemicals and materials acquired, used, or disposed of” As Federal employees we ALL have a responsibility in making purchases that have the least impact on the environment. 3

4 Designated Green Products for Federal Procurement Buildings (construction, interior, finishes) Traffic Control Landscaping Printing Office products Office Paper Cleaners Oils Over 40 different categories 4

5 What is the minimum required content of post consumer fiber in white copy paper? 30% post consumer recycled content 5

6 What is the required minimum content of biobased ingredients in cleaning products? It depends on the type of cleaning product Bathroom and Spa Cleaners: 74% Glass Cleaners: 49% General Purpose: 39% Laundry Products: 34% 6

7 Things to Consider when considering Cleaning Products Acute Aquatic Toxicity Biodegradation Degradation Products of Concern Acute Mammalian Toxicity Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APEs) Cloud Point Critical Micelle Concentration Density or Specific Gravity Flash Point Hydrophile-Lipophile Balance Irritancy pH Physical Form Sensitization Surface Tension VOC Content Endocrine Disruption EU Detergent Directive Life Cycle Assessment Origin of Feedstock Label Language Performance 7

8 Why are Janitors at-risk? “Vulnerable and Underserved” For many, English is a second language. Cleaning product label or MSDS comprehension can be a problem. Lack of data on safety of chemicals.

9 Household Consumers Use the same or similar products but in smaller quantities Perceived risk 9

10 Promoting Green Chemistry: USEPA Design for the Environment (DfE) Program Themes 1.Informed Substitution: “the considered transition from a chemical of particular concern to safer chemicals or non-chemical alternatives.” 2.DfE Motto: “If it’s not in your product, you don’t have to worry about it.”

11 A database of Industrial & Institutional (I&I) cleaning product ingredients and their characteristics* to: –help formulators identify ingredients that may be useful for green product formulation –provide opportunity for raw material suppliers to showcase their ingredients with especially positive environmental and/or human health and safety attributes * By characteristics we mean functional properties such as critical micelle concentration, physical properties such as biodegradability, and associated human and environmental health toxicological information. CleanGredients™:

12 Suppliers submit ingredient formulation and data to a third-party under confidentiality

13 Third-party reviewer enters Tier 1 data into CleanGredients and indicates whether ingredient passes the DfE Screen

14 Formulators search CleanGredients and select ingredients for use in products

15 Formulators use the DfE screen to select ingredients for products

16 Formulators submit information about products for review by EPA DfE. Costs are lowered using pre-reviewed ingredients.

17 U.S. EPA recognizes products that meet DfE criteria based on product ingredient review

18 Environmental & Human Health Information Tier 1 Surfactant Attributes Acute Aquatic Toxicity (Fish, Daphnia, Algae) Biodegradability –Consideration of degradation products Tier 2 Surfactant Attributes Sensitization Irritancy Acute Mammalian Toxicity (Oral, Dermal) VOC Content Presence of APEs Tier 3 Surfactant Attributes Life Cycle Assessments Risk Assessments Endocrine Disruption test data Additional Aquatic Toxicity (Microtox, Chronic) Other Product Features Origin of Feedstock

19 Results Cleaning product and ingredient review programs make label comprehension less critical. Places responsibility on the industry. Buying Green presents benefits to public health and the environment.

20 NIH Janitorial Services Contract The contract has included Green Seal standards use by janitorial staff Green Seal Standard 37: Green Seal Environmental Standard for General-Purpose, Bathroom, Glass, and Carpet Cleaners Used for Industrial and Institutional Purposes. Green Seal Standard 09: Green Seal Environmental Standard for Paper Towels and Paper Napkins Green Seal Standard 01: Green Seal Environmental Standard for Tissue Paper Green Seal Standard 41: Green Seal Environmental Standard for Industrial & Institutional Hand Cleaners Green Seal Standard 40: Green Seal Environmental Standard for Finishes and Compatible Strippers used for Industrial and Institutional Purposes Third-party equivalent, or products that meet Green Seal requirements but have not completed or initiated the certification process, should be considered Green Seal compliant. If manufacturers or suppliers are able to demonstrate that their products meet the publicly available Green Seal criteria, but have not applied or received such certification, they would be eligible for use under this contract. 20

21 Additional Information GSA Advantage! ® Environmental Aisle, Ability One BioPreferred (Biobased Products), USDA Comprehensive Procurement Guideline, EPA Energy Star ®, EPA, Environmentally Preferable Products, EPA, Green Seal® Non-Ozone Depleting Substances, EPA, EPA Design for the Environment,

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