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Everyone Works! Creating Customized Jobs for People with Disabilities.

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1 Everyone Works! Creating Customized Jobs for People with Disabilities

2 Total Link2 Community Grass roots 501C3 that uses a cooperative philosophy. Started by 6 Northbrook families who have a son or daughter with a disability. Innovative and sustainable programs and support..

3 Everyone Works! Project We all have talents, skills and abilities. Every person with a disability who wants to be employed should have a job. Work is not just a job, it’s an opportunity for independence and citizenship..

4 Phase 2 of the Everyone Works! Project  New funding from the Illinois Department of Rehab Service (DRS)  Under the state’s Balancing Incentive Program (BIP).  This funding provides agencies across IL to blend Customized Employment (Griffin- Hammis) with the Individual Placement and Support (IPS model) from Dartmouth University

5 Our Partners  Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities  Griffin-Hammis Associates  Northern Suburban Special Education District  Department of Rehab Services  Paramount Staffing  Families and Community

6 Partnership with NSSED  Aims to employ those students who have significant and complex needs  NSSED’s vocational educators and TL2C will collaborate and utilize the principles of CE as a complement to the vocational experiences currently provided to students  Goal of Partnership is to ease the transition process from school to community life post graduation  Both have vested interest in long-term sustainable employment post graduation

7 School- Family- Community= Success

8 Employment First: What Is It?  General theme: Employment in the community is the first/primary service option for individuals with disabilities APSE Statement on Employment First Employment in the general workforce is the first and preferred outcome in the provision of publicly funded services for all working age citizens with disabilities, regardless of level of disability.

9 Outcomes for Sustainability: It takes a Village  Collaboration with adult service providers before graduation.  Customized Employment as best practice.  Community Action Teams  Parents and families are active members of the team.  Transition Team is an active member.  Businesses embrace the skills and potential of a diverse community.

10 Who are our Job seekers ? Students with developmental disabilities and complex support needs. 75% of adults desire work and have skills to offer. Families and communities who want to advance economic independence and a full life for their children.

11 Why Customized Employment?  Starts with the person, not the employer’s requirements.  Job development is individualized- we represent one job seeker at a time.  Before presenting the jobseeker we have an in-depth understanding of their unique skills and needs.

12 Steps in Customized Employment Discovering Personal Genius Profile Development Vocational Themes Negotiating the Job Facilitating training and natural supports

13 Personal Genius is the Key  When & where the person is at her best.  When & where support needs are highest.  Engages those who know the jobseeker best.  Interests & tasks that engage the person.  Current and emerging skills.  Where best to observe these skills?

14 Examples of Discovery Activities  Interviewing people who know you best.  Participating in activities that utilize your talents and passion.

15 Vocational Themes  Three broad themes.  Based on Discovery information.  Lists of 20

16 What the Profile should tell us  What your student is like at home including relationships, activities, places they go in the community, how they spend their time  Learning characteristics – interests, strengths, challenges, strategies  Ideal conditions for employment – group versus individual work, fast paced vs. consistent, work with hands, needs visuals, away from public vs. with the public

17 The Portfolio: PowerPoint, brochure, video  Not the typical resume.  Vivid descriptions.  Visual images.  Highlights your strengths

18 Community Action Teams  Bring people together who are dedicated to inclusive employment.  Present your portfolio.  Brainstorm.

19 Informational Interviews  Engagement with the Community Action Team  Looking for a ‘good fit’  What’s the culture of the company?  Develop relationship with employer  Create a customized win/win position for the job seeker and for the employer

20 Job Negotiation  Utilize the family’s network and connections within the community  Community Action Team  Take pathways that make sense  Present to the business how the job seeker’s abilities can benefit their workplace  Match needs with a business with a job seeker’s skills

21 Work Incentive Planning and Assistance (WIPA)  Wendy Partridge with Assistive Technology Program is Northern Illinois’s social security benefits expert.  Call Wendy for assistance 800-852-5110  Fill out WIPA and Consent for Release of Information for a Benefits Planning Query.  Benefits Planning Query will outline number of hours/pay rate to keep your benefits and/or changes that will occur to your benefits.  WORK is financially beneficial!

22 The Link: Ongoing Support for employee and business  Regular check-ins with employee and business  Job Coaching  Provides support to job seeker  Teaches business how best to work with job seeker  Sets up natural supports  Fades at a pace that is comfortable for all involved parties  Consultations  Helps job seeker and business problem solve  Trains job seeker in new tasks or when operations have changed

23 Two more areas of CE Self-Employment (Micro Enterprise)  Based on Discovery  Business Plan  PASS  Flexibility in hours and time  Typically require a support team Resource Ownership (Owning equipment)  Based on Discovery  Based on the needs of a business  PASS  Flexibility in hours and time

24 MELISSA KULIK A woman motivated by money!

25 I LOVE… + my cats and dog + working at TJ Maxx + shopping + doing laundry + eating different ethnic foods + reading + going to the movies + make up and fragrances + listening to Katy Perry and Britney Spears. + plants that are carnivorous + playing the game Apples to Apples. + swimming. + computer games.

26 THINGS I DO EVERY WEEK Laundry Going to the movies Going to the library Shopping Walking Feeding my pets Helping clean the house Working at TJ Maxx every other week Working with my respite worker two days a week Biking

27 SKILLS THAT I’M GOOD AT Using the internet Facebook/Social Networks Self advocating Very straight forward Clear speech Good on my Ipad Computer games Laundry/House work Art Organizing (filing and sorting) Following directions

28 WORK TRAINING/VOLUNTEERING TJ Maxx-Paid Employment Unpack shipments Tag the garments Filing Sort numbers for the hangers Search for lost clothing Staybridge Suites-Training Vacuuming/Cleaning Window washing Set up Breakfast Buffet Manor Care- Training Food Preparation Kitchen duty

29 IDEAL CONDITIONS FOR SUCCESS Within my community. (Highland Park/Deerfield) No loud or sudden noises No kids Respectful co-workers Mid Morning/Afternoon start Soft background noise Predictability Scheduled breaks Behind the scenes

30 VOCATIONAL THEMES Retail Clerical World cultures

31 Melissa’s Employment with Hot Cakes Works 3 days per week Started working 2 hours, 3 days a week and after 1 month increased her work by 30 minute increments Tasks: packages containers for the baked goods. Transportation: mom drives her there and her personal support worker picks her up. Natural Supports: Melissa is able to ask the owner, manager, or her “go to” co-worker if she needs any help Current Job Coach Status: in building, out of eye sight for an hour of Melissa’s shift. Just a check-in every hour.

32 Contact Information  Jill Young  Emily Raming  Marsie Frawley

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