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Drake Campus Card Project Faculty Senate Update May 7, 2014 V1.1.

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1 Drake Campus Card Project Faculty Senate Update May 7, 2014 V1.1

2 Contents 1.Project Overview 2.Critical Success Factors 3.Project Team 4.Progress Update 5.Schedule of Milestones 6.Key Upcoming Activities 7.Significant Risks and Issues

3 Project Overview Background Today Drake uses a traditional key and lock system to gain access to most campus buildings and doors. This is problematic; as this traditional approach cannot easily or quickly assign authority to enter buildings on campus (essentially today public entrances are an ‘all or nothing’ means of access). Related to this, Drake today has disparate processes to issue campus access cards, which interact with systems in use at Drake today, such as printing and campus meal plans resulting in a poor faculty and student experience. Finally, Drake utilizes traditional, manual methods to work through student housing needs. This process is labor intensive and not conducive to meeting residence housing needs for our student population. Target State The goal is to centralize related functionality across campus using a standardized proximity card access system. This includes a central office and function that can offer a straightforward and easy way to access a grouping of systems that will aid in enhancing the overall student experience at Drake. The capability will include the following centralized and standardized services: 1.Building exterior door card access (36 buildings) 2.Improved Card Office Management 3.Meal plan Integration (Sodexo) 4.Print Management Integration (Xerox) 5.Online Housing Integration 6.Recreation Center Integration Benefits For Drake’s Students Significantly improve the overall student experience by utilizing the same card system and processes. For Risk Management Severe security incidents could cost Drake in terms of students, goodwill and revenue. For Drake Staff Leverage a single system and coordinate similar processes to increase efficiencies and economies of scale. By August 2014 After August 2014 Other Payment Integration Requests 7.Laundry (eSuds) 8.Library (Fees/Fines) 9.Vending 10.Athletic Games 11.Bookstore 12.On Campus Events (Ticket Sales) 13.Card Replacement Charges

4 Critical Success Factors 1. Mitigate physical security threats 2. Reliable, accurate and supportable building access configurations 3. Card Reader installation aesthetically acceptable4. Conduct meal purchases without major issues5. Timely rollout of new Drake ID’s6. Informative communication – avoid chaos7. Effective and efficient Drake ID (campus card) administration8. Solution delivered on time (early August) and within budget

5 Project Team Public Safety Scott Law Facilities Jolene Schmidt Mark Chambers IT Jeff Sabin Matt Holub Dining Dannie Crozier Bill Ohnemus Comms Deb Lukehart Abbie Hansen Student Senate Joey Gale Josh Duden Rec Services Mike Cigelman Lisa Murphy Student Accts Rich Selden Controller Patricia Ahrenholtz Deans Rep Joseph Lenz Melissa Sturm- Smith Student Affairs Ann Miller Lorissa Lieurance Procurement Caron Findlay Project Sponsor: Scott Law Technology Sponsor: Joe Riesberg Drake Project Manager: Brad McManus Vendor Project Manager: TBD “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” – George Bernard Shaw

6 Progress Update (4/28) 1.Contract negotiations complete and principle agreement reached with Blackboard 2.Scope and Project Definition Document drafted 3.Communications Plan drafted Article published in Times Delphic Article 4.Discovery meetings complete Procurement – Caron Findlay Marketing and Communications – Deb Lukehart & Abbie Hansen Facilities – Jolene Schmidt and Mark Chambers Student Accounts – Rich Seldon and Patricia Ahrenholtz Dining Center – Dannie Crozier and Bill Ohnemus (w/ Rich, Patricia, Caron and Matt) Human Resources – Gary Johnson and Vanessa Macro Deans Representatives – Joe Lenz and Melissa Sturm-Smith Recreation Center – Mike Cigelman and Lisa Murphy Residence Life – Lorissa Lieurance Student Life – Ann Miller Student Senate – David Karaz and Joey Gale Information Technology – Matt Holub, Mike Perin, Bill Jensen, Jeff Sabin, Chris Mielke 5.Introduction and Scoping Meeting held April 14 6.Completed IT Implementation Guide review & preliminary hardware needs analysis 7.Developed notional system integration requirements (TouchNet & Banner) 8.Drafted a schedule of high level milestones

7 Schedule of Milestones (tentative) MayJuneJulyAugust Execute Vendor Contract Baseline Detailed Project Plan Building Access Rules Defined Building Access Rules Approved Hardware Ordered and Shipped Drake Technology Infrastructure Ready Building Prep Begins for Card Reader Installs Dining Center Commerce Upgrade Begins Door Access Reader Installs Begin Campus Card Solution Roadmap Established Knowledge Transfer for Ongoing Support Complete Quality Assurance Planning Complete Card Office Operational & Cards Ready for Distribution Production Readiness Review Complete Go Live in Dining Center Door Access Go Live Begins Door Access Go Live Complete Phase 1 Complete – Resources Released Spring Term Ends Orientation Begins Orientation Ends Fall Term Begins Fall Student Athlete Arrival Academic Calendar Project Deliverables Card Access Deliverables Commerce Deliverables Key Card Distribution Complete

8 Key Upcoming Activities 1.Communication Planning – construct and deliver initial broad communication about the project. 2.Engage with Blackboard in several areas, including; a)Creation of Project Plan (Schedule and Resource Plans) b)Technical Architecture and Design c)Schedule Dakota building survey 3.Conduct experiences gained calls with peer universities 4.Order Drake technology hardware (servers and switches) 5.Execute the Blackboard contract 6.Finalize and distribute Scope Document for approvals 7.Establish blueView channel for document collaboration (e.g. building list) 8.Socialize the plans and expected timing for key activities so resources can plan for their availability (e.g. Configuration Workbook working sessions).

9 Top Identified Risks RiskMitigation 1.If new card administration operating procedures are poorly implemented or communicated, the result could be confusion and angst for our students, faculty and staff. Follow business process design best practices and cover card administration expectations in Communications Plan 2.If the change to an increased reliance on a campus card is poorly communicated and managed, there could be interruptions to the classroom and campus programs Emphasize the importance of carrying the Drake ID within Communications to each stakeholder group 3.The short timeframe does not allow for material errors in project execution Leverage Blackboard’s experience and follow Project Management disciplines 4.Unknowns with required technology integrations (TouchNet and Banner), could result in cost and timeline overruns Engage early with Blackboard to flush out technology architecture and design 5.Key resources could be unavailable during summer months resulting in delivery errors such as incorrectly configured building access rules Understand unavailable times of key resources and plan accordingly 6.On-boarding the vendor and key project team members in a short timeframe could mean a weaker team than otherwise could be put in place, impacting quality Blackboard has earmarked resources for our project since conversations with them began earlier this year 7.The age and character of our buildings will constrain card reader installation and could result in less than acceptable aesthetics or cost/time overruns Engage carpentry resources if required during the installation process. Signoff on install designs before work begins.

10 Thank you Please direct any questions or concerns to: Brad McManus, Project Manager Office – (515) 271-2348 Mobile – (515) 473-8308 or Scott Law, Project Sponsor Office – (515) 271-3860 Mobile – (631) 496-6564

11 Appendix A – Building Plans Building NameDoors Herriott Residence Hall2 Carpenter Residence Hall2 Crawford Residence Hall2 Stalnaker Residence Hall2 Hubbell Dining Hall1 Goodwin-Kirk Residence Hall3 Aliber Hall2 Morehouse Residence Hall2 Meredith Hall3 Cline Hall of Pharmacy and Science1 Harvey Ingham Hall2 Fitch Hall1 Medbury Hall1 Olin Hall2 The Point (Human Resources)2 Jewett Residence Hall1 Cowles Library2 Cartwright Hall1 Building NameDoors Opperman Hall and Law Library2 Carnegie Hall3 Cole Hall2 Old Main3 Sheslow Auditorium2 Howard Hall2 Harmon Fine Arts Center2 Patty and Fred Turner Jazz Center2 Dial Center for Computer Sciences1 School of Education2 Neal and Bea Smith Legal Clinic2 Kinne Alumni and Development1 Ross Residence Hall2 American Republic Health Center1 Bell Center1 Knapp Center1 Fieldhouse1 Roger Knapp Tennis Center2 Double click to open baseline building and door plans  36 Campus Buildings and 64 External Doors Change Request Pending (as of 4-29-2014) Add Olmsted to the Plans for two doors (North Door and South Door) Reduce Tennis Center to one door and increase Fieldhouse to two doors.

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