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CATIA V4 Software Deployment Project Proposal

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1 CATIA V4 Software Deployment Project Proposal
ITMGMT 510 Managing the Technology Project Jocelyn Nicholson May 5, 2010 Introduce your self to audience - as assigned Project Manager Sponsor – John Doe IT Director Customer – ABC Aircraft Company – XXX New Airplane Program

2 CATIA V4 Software Deployment ] Project Proposal
Background Project Goals Problem / Opportunity Resolution Proposal Recommendation and Summary Topics for discussion Ask questions be held until the end of presentation and thank audience

3 Background Dassault Systems produces CATIA V4 software Code. ABC Aircraft Manufacturing Company XXX Airplane Program is the next new airplane to be build . XXX New Airplane Program requirement request - capability to release engineering CAD/CAM drawings with CATIA V4 Code. Engineering release date May 3rd, 2011 Software Life Cycle Development and implementation target timeframe is approximately 9 – 12 months Looking for Management Teams approval to move forward with CATIA V4 Deployment Plans

4 Project Goals Develop rigorous risk assessment processes to gain understanding of software known and unknown risk Identify key software risk categories (i.e. change management, configuration management) early stages to reduce risk and impacts. Reduce cost impacts associated with software risk. Deliver software quality products to customers. Avoid schedule delays and eliminate risk to timely delivery of CATIA V4 software product.

5 Problem / Opportunity CATIA V4 Software (S/W) is a new product which has never been released into ABC infrastructure. Potential Cost budget overruns Schedule delays due to unknown risk and impacts. Decreased Software product quality Delayed Airplane deliveries to Airline Customers XXX company constantly faced with the impacts of known and unknown risk during software deployment projects

6 Proposed Solution Successful CATIA V4 Software implementation SEI Taxonomy Based Questionnaire (TBQ). Software Life Cycle Development Best Practices are documented and followed. 3D CAD/CAM parts, assemblies, and installations capability available on distributed workstations. Increase airplane sales and revenue gains CATIA V4 S/W implemented on time, under budget and quality product will be delivery to XXX Aircraft Program, engineers and manufacturing customers. SEI TBQ used to identify key risk areas, risk management and mitigation plans. The ability to build three dimension Computer Aid Design / Computer Aid Manufactured

7 Scope ABC Airplane Manufacturing Company increased sales and revenues CATIA V4 software implemented in production for XXX New Airplane Program Engineering and Manufacturing Engineers Planning on line 3D Drawings 3D (Dimensional Views) CAD/CAM Released Drawings using CATIA V4

8 Quality Total Quality Assurance (TQA) Policy and Procedures Continuous Process Improvements (CPI) Software Engineering Institute Taxonomy Questionnaire and Survey Results Lean Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to be used on all key processes TQA organization standards, policies and procedures to be used Regular CPI as required VSM Current and Future State processes to be document and best practices followed SEI Taxonomy Questionnaire and survey results to be used to eliminate risk and impacts to V4

9 Budget Cost (estimate)
Cost Categories Amount Note: cost figures are estimates and not completely accurate. Internal Labor hours 100 developer and system analyst support @ $65 = $6500 External costs Labor (consultants, contract labor) $46 = $ contract analyst support Equipment, hardware or software 200 Distributed $1800 = $360,000 5 Software $25000 annually = $125,000

10 Major Milestone Schedule (Preliminary)
Major Milestones Schedule Opportunity Evaluation 03/30/10 Build Requirement Plan 05/30/10 Build Risk Management Plan 06/20/10 Preliminary Analysis 06/30/10 Preliminary Analysis Review 07/13/10 Update Risk Management Plan 07/30/10 CATIA Work Station Deployment 08/12/10 Design and Code 09/30/10 Test and Validation 12/30/10 Production Implementation 03/20/11

11 Major Milestone Schedule (Preliminary) (cont’d)

12 Resource Availability
CATIA Usability Lab and Distributed workstations Core Planning team Application Developers Systems Analyst Project Manager Software Licenses CATIA Usability Lab – for user testing and requirement gathering and validation Distributed workstations – for developer testing Application Developers – familiar with ABC Company developer applications Project Manager – Project Management Institute (PMI) knowledge and experience System Analyst – application experience and knowledge Software Licenses – early CATIA code prior to GA release

13 Recommendations Core Planning Team Recommends
CATIA V4 Deployment Target date March 15, 2011 CATIA V4 Developer and System Analyst Training Escalation boards established immediately Management Committee buyoff and approval Core Planning Team recommend Target Implementation date of 3/15/2011 to meet customer request. immediately start training for developers and system analyst Escalation team, processes need to be setup asap Management Approval to proceed

14 Q & A Open for questions and answers at this time

15 References Project Management Institute (2008). A guide to the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK Guide)(4th ed). Chp Pennsylvania: Project Management Institute Inc. Verzuh, E. (2008). The fast forward MBA in Project Management, 4th edition. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons. Retrieved April 12, 2010

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