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College English Integrated Course Book Three 山东大学威海分校大学外语教学部 2010.09 2010.09.

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1 College English Integrated Course Book Three 山东大学威海分校大学外语教学部 2010.09 2010.09

2 Unit 7 Making a Living Text A Life of a Salesman

3 山东大学威海分校大外部 Contents Teaching Objectives Background Information Lead-in Activities Language Points Text Analysis Oral Practice

4 Teaching Objectives 1. understand the main idea (Bill Porter the salesman will never give in) and structure of the text (four parts, two flashbacks); 2. appreciate the characteristics of journalistic writing; 3. master the key language points and learn how to use them in context; 4. understand the cultural background related to the content. 5. express themselves more freely on the theme of making a living after doing a series of theme-related reading, listening, speaking and writing activities; 6. write an advertisement.

5 Background Information Portland Portland, known as the “City of Roses”, is the result of both chance and planning. Having obtained its name by the flip of a coin, the city is today the model of a metropolitan area that has been effectively integrated with its environment through controlled growth and development. Set in the natural beauty of northwest Oregon and lacking such big-city problems as traffic congestion, pollution, and litter, Portland is laced with parks, gardens, and fountains. A deep-water port, international airport, and a diverse economy make Portland a thriving commercial center, but the primary commitment is to preserving the city's individuality, its healthful environment, and its friendly atmosphere.

6 Background Information Transit Mall A transit mall is a street, or set of streets, in a city or town along which automobile traffic is prohibited or greatly restricted and only public transit vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians are permitted. Transit malls are instituted by communities who feel that it is desirable to have areas not dominated by the automobile, or as a way to speed travel time through an area—usually the city center—for transit vehicles and as a transport hub for interchanges, making them more efficient and thereby more attractive as an alternative to car use.

7 Background Information Converting a street or an area to a transit mall can be a form of pedestrianization, allowing pedestrians and cyclists as well as transit vehicles to move more freely, unimpeded by private motor traffic, if autos are banned completely. However, some transit malls are not auto-free, but rather restrict cars and other private traffic to only short segments or only one lane, with other lanes being limited to buses or trams (streetcars).

8 Lead-in Activities The teacher asks the students to listen to the song She Works Hard for the Money and answer the following questions on it: --Why does the singer think Onetta should be treated right? --What is the message of the song? Then the teacher asks the students to think about how they plan to make a living. Finally, the teacher asks “Do you have any experiences of being a salesperson? Have you ever sold things to others or been persuaded to buy something? What are the qualities of being a good salesman?”

9 Language Points echo: 1) n. the persistence of a sound after its source has stopped e.g. I heard the echo in that old temple. 2) v. ring or echo with sound e.g. The big ball echoes the faintest sounds. The message from that conference rang loudly and clearly, and still echoes across cultures and continents. 那次会议发出了一个明确无误的最强音,至今仍在各种 文化中和各大洲发出回响。 Collocation: applaud/cheer…to the echo 为 … 大声喝彩;掌声雷动 find an echo in someone’s heart 在某人心中引起共鸣

10 Language Points dignity: n. the quality of being worthy of honor or respect e.g. A physician shall be dedicated to providing competent medical service with compassion and respect for human dignity. Collocation: beneath one’s dignity 有伤某人的尊严;有失某人的体面;不合 某人的身份(地位) be/stand on one’s dignity 保持尊严;拒绝做有失身份的事 lose one’s dignity 有失尊严;丢面子 pocket one’s dignity (口语)放下架子

11 Language Points turn down: 1) refuse to accept 2) refuse entrance or membership 3) reject with contempt 4) make lower or quieter e.g. They will regret that they have turned down our offer. Would you please turn down your radio a little? The young graduate was turned down for the job. It is unwise of him to turn down this proposal.

12 Language Points laundry: n. garments or white goods that can be cleaned by laundering; workplace where clothes are washed and ironed e.g. We have express laundry service for free for the VIPs. Would you help me to send these clothes over to the laundry? I have stuffed too much laundry in the washer. The hotel provides free laundry service for its guests. Collocation: do the laundry 洗衣服 a bundle/pile of laundry 一堆衣物 a laundry bag/basket 洗衣袋,洗衣篮 a laundry list 洗衣单 laundry service 洗烫衣物服务

13 Language Points commission: n. a fee for services rendered based on a percentage of an amount received or collected or agreed to be paid (as distinguished from a salary) e.g. We offer 2% commission on all your sales. The salesman works on straight commission. Collocation: big/high commission 高额佣金 fixed commission 固定佣金 deduct commission 扣除佣金 pay commission 付佣金 charge commission 收取佣金 on a commission basis 以佣金计算

14 Language Points surgery: n. a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments; performed to repair damage or arrest disease in a living body e.g. His grandfather died while undergoing surgery. Collocation: have/undergo surgery 做手术,接受手术 perform surgery 施行手术 emergency surgery 紧急手术 experimental surgery 实验性手术

15 Text Analysis Title Reflection The teacher asks the students to look at the theme of this unit and the title of Text A, and then the students will answer the question: what qualities should a person have to make a living. Cultural Information The teacher introduces the theme-related cultural information (Portland, Lincoln High School, Transit Mall, etc.) to the Ss to make them better understand text A. First Reading The teacher asks the students to scan for the main idea within the time limit, 3 minutes. Further Reading The teacher asks the students to read the text again carefully. Then the students do Text Organization exercise part 1 on page 201.

16 Oral Practice Role-play The teacher divides the class into small groups. In each group one student will act as a salesperson. The others will act as his/her potential customers. Give the students 5 minutes to think of a product to sell. Some students from each group will prepare to buy from the salesperson while the others will get ready to come up with an excuse not to buy. Each group has 10minutes to close a deal and then 5 minutes to discuss the qualities of a good salesperson.


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