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2011 Placements Launch. 2011 Placements 3 month placements:  15 placements available 6-12 month placements:  9 placements  Enable volunteers to make.

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1 2011 Placements Launch

2 2011 Placements 3 month placements:  15 placements available 6-12 month placements:  9 placements  Enable volunteers to make effective contributions to a development organisation and its beneficiaries  Offer valuable experience in the development sector

3 Requirements Wide range of projects – required skills & experience vary Eligibility: prioritise less than 4 years’ technical experience Check the required and desired skills & experience lists You can apply for up to three placements Apply online before midnight on 28 February 2011 Interviews 9-10, 16-17 April and training 19-25 June

4 Tell me more… Support Mandatory EWB-UK training course 19–25 June Support from EWB-UK placement manager throughout Preparation You will be responsible for agreeing project goals and practicalities (flights, visas, immunisations) Most placements require thorough research and preparation in advance – we’re here to help! Return A debrief and help with an evaluation Invited to share your experience (presentations, press)

5 Costs EWB-UK believes in giving young people opportunities to get involved in international development work. We will cover as much of the cost of your placement as we can – but you will need to contribute also. Volunteers going on 3 month or 6 month placements are asked to contribute up to £600. Volunteers going on 12 month placements are asked to contribute up to £900.

6 Important Note All placements are subject to alteration or cancellation at the discretion of EWB-UK All EWB-UK placements are conditional on the following: 1. Successful identification of suitable candidate 2. Favourable country security assessment 3. EWB-UK securing the necessary funds for its share of the cost of the placement

7 How to apply… Stage 1: Online Application Applications open until midnight on 28 February Visit for full info & application Stage 2: Interview Interviews on 9–10 or 16–17 April You must attend an interview The interviews will be held in central London

8 What we look for… Candidates will be selected for: their technical suitability for the placement their non-technical suitability for the placement, their interest in global issues their potential future contribution to development All based on evidence given on the application form and at the interview

9 What we look for… You will be asked to provide evidence of:  Your ability to work independently  Your ability to work as part of a small team  Your ability to instil change within an organisation  Your ability to communicate  Interest in International Development  Experience of living or working overseas  Experience of voluntary work

10 3 month placements


12 Bangalore, India Develop a paddy de-husker tool 1 volunteer for 3 months A 3-month placement working with social enterprise and Ashden Award winner SELCO in their Innovations department to research, develop and trial a prototype food dehydrator and a paddy de-husking tool. SELCO


14 Shelter Associates Pune, India GIS Mapping 1 volunteer for 3 months A placement designed to improve the data entry, analysis and display capabilities of a slum redevelopment charity to help their GIS and slum assessment work. Volunteers will use web development skills to build systems and update current software. SHELTER ASSOCIATES


16 Ifakara, Tanzania Design of Donation Management Software 1 volunteer for 3 months Research and design an online, transparent, free and robust donation management software package for a small NGO specialising in water, sanitation and hygiene projects. MSABI


18 El Salvador Investigation into improved housing and sanitation in El Salvador 2 placements for 3 months Assessment and evaluation of permanent housing and sanitation systems in various communities in El Salvador in order to make recommendations on technical or social improvements to future projects. REDES


20 Rural Agency for Sustainable Development Uganda Assessment of coffee growers’ productivity and potential to improve agricultural output and value of product 2 volunteers for 3 months A 3 month placement working with a small indigenous NGO that promotes rural development in Mukono district, Uganda, helping to create a demonstration plot for sustainable coffee production and carrying out a feasibility study into its export potential. RASD


22 Micro-hydro Feasibility Assessment 2 volunteers for 3 months Micro hydro feasibility assessment, and completion of feasibility studies. Flow measurement using specific equipment, and associated software. TONIBUNG


24 Technical Assessment of water pumps and rainwater harvesting assessment 2 volunteers for 3 months Field based technical assessment to identify alternative fuel powered water pumps (solar, hydro or biofuel) or the use of hydrodams. SEVA MANDIR


26 Engineering Teaching in India 2 volunteers for 3 months Working with an educational organisation to ‘teach through doing’. Teaching the principles of engineering; writing and running classes and projects; presenting alternative approaches to problems and working to transfer knowledge and vocational skills to the rural local community. VIGYAN ASHRAM

27 AVS UGANDA Photo :

28 AVS UGANDA Water and Sanitation Solution Pilot Study 1 volunteers for 3 months Working with a local NGO and a rural community to scale up pilot Hygiene, Water Supply and Sanitation solutions and design and construct sustainable village wide solutions. AVS UGANDA

29 6 to 12 month placements


31 Sibol ng Agham at Teknolohiva The Philippines Community-based renewable energy systems 1 volunteer for 12 months A 12 month placement with SIBAT, a Filipino non- governmental organisation developing and installing Community-Based Renewable Energy Systems, including micro-hydro systems, solar PV water pumps and wind turbines. SIBAT


33 Ifakara, Tanzania Survey and suggest improvement to Rope and Washer pump installations 1 volunteer for 12 months A 12-month placement carrying out a survey of existing rope pump installations, including the different models and design of rope pump used by the community. Once the survey is complete the volunteers will identify areas of improvement where applicable MSABI


35 Global Village Energy Partnership Kenya Developing Energy Enterprises Project East Africa 1 volunteer for 6 months A 6-month placement carrying out research, training and case studies in support of GVEP International’s project to increase the availability and quality of energy products and services in Kenya through the development of micro and small energy enterprises. GVEP

36 PiD

37 Partners in Development Maputaland, South Africa Sustaining Rope and Washer Pumps 1 volunteer for 12 months A 12 month placement improving the sustainability and reliability of family-centred water supply in the remote parts of Maputaland, South Africa. This involves the continuation of work by previous EWB-UK volunteers to monitor, evaluate, and where necessary improve on the design of rope and washer pumps used in conjunction with shallow wells. PiD


39 Laos Institute for Renewable Energy Lao PDR Research into Rural Energy and Water 1 volunteer for 6 months 6 month placement which encompasses rural bio-fuel generation, gasification of crop residues, software development for hybrid electricity grids, and development of rural water purification systems. The project will also involve collaboration with a local renewable energy provider, Sunlabob. LIRE


41 Northern Ecuador Assistance in the design and construction of clean water supply projects in rural communities of Northern Ecuador 2 volunteers for 6 months A 6 month placement providing engineering assistance for the delivery of clean water supply projects, in sub- tropical rural communities of Imbabura Province, Northern Ecuador. PRODECI


43 Great Lakes Energy Rwanda Improve the performance of lightning protection of Solar PV systems 1 volunteers for 6 months Improve the performance of lightning protection of solar PV systems and engage in the development of a Maternity Lighting Kit and new GLE solar water heating department. Work also involves capacity building of technical staff. GREAT LAKES ENERGY

44 That’s all the placements but there’s plenty of other ways to get involved ….

45 A four-week interdisciplinary certificate course in NEW DELHI. August 1 st -30 th 2011 For more details:

46 The EWB-UK Research Programme offers students the opportunity to pursue real issues and face real challenges through final year research, PhD or similar study in connection with partner organisations working in the development sector. EWB-UK Research Programme

47 Remember Placement Applications close 28 February Questions:

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