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Vehicle Health Check Kit Cover - 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”.

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1 Vehicle Health Check Kit Cover - 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”

2 Vehicle Health Check Layout Simple, Colorful Layout Visual, Easy to Understand Format Women and elderly especially like it 75% of your customers. Follows MAP Guidelines Easy to Follow Green, Yellow, Red Indicators Big Impact on Sales Over $1,000 in potential repairs represented in each kit. Revenue averages $50 to $80 in up-sell per vehicle. Inspection takes 15 minutes Parking Lot Inspection 5 Lubricant Evaluations Anti-Freeze / Coolant Test Under Hood (Belts, Hoses, Filters, etc.) Fuel System Test Battery Test Under Vehicle Inspection Tire and Visual Brake Inspection All Testing Papers, Tools and Dip Strips are in the Kit for quick access.

3 Outside Spread – Tests & Inspections Battery Test Serpentine Belt Test Tire Check Brake Pads Dealer Name Area on the Cover Customer Info Parking lot inspection Fuel injection Test

4 Front Page Inspections Check for cracked windshield, scratches and dents, missing center caps. Check Air Conditioning and Heater, Brake Pedal Travel, Interior and exterior lights, turn signals, headlights, high beams and horn. Note Oil Change Sticker mileage Check the most appropriate box and add comments. Use the “Buddy” system for checking lights.

5 Battery Test Peel off and stick battery test print out onto Kit. Check the appropriate areas. Sell 10% more Batteries by testing every one…

6 Serpentine Belt Test Each kit comes with the belt tool. This quick and easy inspection will show when a belt needs replacement. Use the NAPA Belts Tool to help increase sales by 12%

7 Fuel Injection Test Fuel System Cleaning Increases Safety, Miles per Gallon and your Revenue Swipe sample from inside throttle body housing using Q-Tip end. NOTE: Use caution on vehicles equipped with TAC motor.

8 Tire Pressure & Tread Wear Inspection Make comments on abnormal tire wear and alignment check. Don’t forget to tie in steering/suspension problems to abnormal tire wear. Drives big increases in Alignment and Tire Sales Drive Shock, Tire & Alignment Sales up 8% to 20%

9 Brake Pad Inspection Make comments on abnormal brake condition. This quick inspection will show that a thorough brake inspection is needed. Drive Brake Business Sales by 5% to 18%

10 Inside Spread – Tests & Inspections Motor Oil Power Steering Brake Fluid Automatic Transmission Gear Lube General Maintenance Antifreeze Coolant Apply Sample Area & Notes

11 Lubricant Evaluation Requires Attention Near the end of its useful life Tested ok at this time GOOD SUGGEST RECOMMEND Motor Oil – Power Steering Fluid - Automatic Transmission Fluid - Gear Lube This is a Radial Plannar Chromatographic analysis tool that measures the level of sludge in the lubricant.

12 Brake Fluid Evaluation Copper Content Test Strip 0 – 100 Test at Regular Intervals 100 – 200 Test at each Oil Change 200 – 300 Replace Fluid

13 General Maintenance Area This is the Underhood area for visual checks.

14 Antifreeze / Coolant Test Strip Industry Standard Covers all fluids types Freezing/Boiling Point Reserve Alkalinity PH Balance

15 VHC Kits Follow MAP Guidelines What is MAP? The MAP (Motorist Assurance Program) sets THE STANDARDS for the auto repair industry by developing a series of Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards “UICS” These guidelines give consumers the information they need to make an educated decision on repairs for their vehicle. The customer and shop technician together use the guidelines to agree on the work the shop will do on his or her vehicle, thus eliminating confusion or mistrust. Uniformity Repair shops who participate in the Motorist Assurance Program display a MAP decal. They agree to adhere to the MAP Pledge of Assurance to Customers, and the Standards of Service. Consumers benefit from a Better understanding of the vehicle's problem(s) and what repairs are "Required" v. "Suggested"; A minimum warranty of 90 days or 4,000 miles; and Uniformity of recommendations from one shop to another when the customer seeks a second opinion from another participating facility. MAP's Service Requirements and Suggestions 1. MAP policy is that before any service is preformed, an inspection of the system must be performed and the condition of the COMPONENT, CODES and PROCEDURES are determined according to MAP Uniform Communication & Inspection Standards. 2. Inspection Results must be documented on an inspection form and explained to the customer. The inspection may indicate that service or parts replacement are "Required or "Suggested. 3. A customer may decide not to follow some of your recommendations. However, when a repair is "Required" a MAP Participating Shop must refuse partial service on that system if you believe proceeding with the work could create or continue an unsafe condition.

16 “Be Car Care Aware” Statistics In April and October of 2011 hundreds of BE CAR CARE AWARE events were held across the United States to promote the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance and repair. Thousands of vehicles were inspected free of charge for consumers. In almost 9 out of 10 cars inspected, one or more repairs was needed. Exterior Check Failure Rates 14% - Wiper Blades 3% - Headlights 3% - Turn Signals 3% - Dash Lights 16% - License Plate Lighting 10% - Brake Lights Why EVERY vehicle should be inspected! In 2011, 84% of the vehicles inspected FAILED Lubricants and Fluid Failure Rates 28% - Engine Oil 18% - Transmission Fluid 24% - Radiator Coolant 15% - Brake Fluid 18% - Power Steering Fluid 23% - Washer Fluid

17 “Be Car Care Aware” Statistics Tire and Brake Failure Rates 15% - Brakes & Related Parts & Services 11% - Tire Tread Depth Failure 8% - Tire Pressure & Uneven Wear Be Car Care Aware is a consumer education campaign about the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance directed by the Car Care Council on behalf of the AAIA (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Assn). BCCA builds consumer awareness and knowledge and to prepare consumers to make sensible decisions about vehicle maintenance and repair. For more information on BCCA or a complete copy of the above report go to or write to Car Care Council, 7101 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1300, Bethesda, MD Why EVERY vehicle should be inspected! Under Hood Failure Rates 19% - Engine Air Filter 20% - Serpentine & Engine Belts 15% - Engine Hoses 17% - Battery or Related Items (clamps, terminals)

18 Marketing Ideas Suggested Retail of $29.95 (Value-Added Services) The Kit can be marketed and sold as: Seasonal Inspections (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) Used Car Inspections (buyer or seller) Snow Bird Vehicle Inspections Included with Premium or Synthetic Oil Change Included with any Radiator Flush and Fill Included with any Transmission Flush and Fill Complete Safety Inspection Included with any service over a pre-determined amount

19 Marketing Ideas - Continued Example: They can be “on sale’ at any time for $19.95 or less… a way to save the consumer $10.00 with any other service INSPECTIONS CAN BE SOLD ON GROUPON for $9.95, a 67% Discount, using the appropriate offer from those noted above. - Based on the time of the year and/or the market. - This pays back the dealer for the cost of the kit. INSPECTIONS can be sold by Charities and Community Programs for $9.95 with a 50/50 split, paying the dealer for the kit and part of his time for the inspection. INSPECTIONS - This week free, Vehicle Health Inspections…

20 Consumer Talking Points How to talk to Customers - Pre Test Hello Mr. Smith… Here is a copy of the inspection we will be doing on your car today. We do it for all (new/existing) customers free of charge, just like you see your doctor for a check up, this is the same for your car. Thanks for bringing in your car for us to inspect… The check up covers 40 items on your vehicle that are most likely to fail. It is our way of giving you peace of mind. Over 80% of the cars we inspect need one or more of the services in that kit. We don’t want our customers to get stranded. Our job with the help of this kit is to maintain your car and keep you running down the road. Our customers, like you, LOVE this kit because it is very visual and easy to understand AND because it gives them peace of mind that everything in the car is in good shape. Ultimately, your safety is our top concern and this inspection gives us both peace of mind.

21 Consumer Talking Points How to talk to Customers - After Test Mr Smith, 1) We finished our complimentary 40 point check on your vehicle and there are three areas of concern. I have worked up pricing on the three items and put together a discount for you, whether you get them done today OR another time. 2) Here is the completed inspection we did today. There is only one item that needs work. (YOUR MANUFACTURER) recommends changing transmission fluid at 60,000 miles…. You have 80,000 and your fluid is in the RED ZONE…. Let me show you what I mean… The regular price is $129 since we have your car in the shop, we can cut the price to $99. 3) The inspection showed two areas in THE YELLOW ZONE, you have a belt that is starting to go and you have a reverse light out. Let me show you what I mean…. The cost to fix these items is $89 for the serpentine belt and $10 for the reverse light, do you want to get these done today? 4) Your inspection is done and 100% of the 40 items we checked are IN THE GREEN. You are doing a great job taking care of your vehicle. Less than 2 of 10 vehicles out there pass all checks…. Good Job.

22 Testimonial “ We saw fewer cars in 2010 and 2011 compared to the years before the recession but our profits were way up. The Vehicle Health Check Kit is the reason. ” - Wayne Gunter, Gunter Automotive, Lawrenceville, Georgia

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