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Opportunities, constraints and intervention options

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1 Irrigated fruits & vegetables value chain for Sidama and Gamo Gofa Zone
Opportunities, constraints and intervention options Presented to launching workshop

2 What are opportunities?
Outline Targeting processes What are opportunities? Irrigated fruits & Vegetables value chain constraints & intervention options Production Irrigation practice Inputs/ services Processing and marketing Linkages Gender interventions Environment intervention

3 Targeting Zones Districts PAs Households Base line data
To set up bench mark

4 Commodities approved for two zones
Districts Selected commodities Dairy Beef Small Rumi. Poultry Honey Irrig. Fruits & veget. Sidama Arbegona x X Bansa Bona Zuria G.Gofa Bonke A/minch zuria Mirab Abaya

5 Market/internal, external Massive push from government side
Opportunities Market/internal, external Massive push from government side Organizational Institutional Capacity building Access to credit/OMF, SMF Increased awareness of farmers Increased awareness of private sectors

6 Commodities value chain and intervention areas
1. Fruits and vegetables production status Major fruits:- Banana, mango, avocado, apple ,papaya Major vegetables:-Tomato, pepper, onion, garlic, cabbage, potato Intensively produced as cash crop and/or for hh consumption Major limitations Knowledge /skill in market focused improved agronomic practices Productivity/unit area Marketable varieties and other planting materials Diseases and pests Intervention options Capacity building Introduction of improved seeds and planting materials from within and abroad Integrated/organic disease and pest control

7 Irrigation practices Water lifting mechanisms in practice Limitations
Schemes in zones: Sidama 13, Gamo Gofa 40 In target districts: Sidama 3, Gamo Gofa 9 Numerous artificial dams, hand dug wells, etc Water lifting mechanisms in practice Motorized pumps (2hp-4hp), Rope and washer, Tridle, manual using bucket Limitations Skill and knowledge Underutilization of schemes/pumps Malfunctioning of schemes irrigation scheme management

8 Irrigation cont…. Intervention options Capacity building
Assessing current utilization status Strengthening and/or initiating water users association Training WUA leaders in leadership skill

9 Inputs and services supply system
Seeds, seedlings, agrochemicals, pumps, sprayers Supplied by both public and private traders Intensively used by farmers Limitations Timely availability and sustainability of supply Quality Trustworthiness Maintenance and services

10 Intervention options Engaging farmer in input supply service/ for seeds, seedlings Strengthening private suppliers/ for pumps, sprayers, agrochemicals Strengthening public regulatory unit with manpower and facilities Strengthening private sector/youth groups in maintenance and service of

11 Processing and marketing
Constraints Focused on local market Storing and transporting Value addition Bargaining power Intervention options Promote collective marketing Developing certifying capacity Promoting zone specific brand marketing better transporting and storing facilities to reduce losses Review some NGOs processing experience (ECOPIA, etc) and scaling out if it sounds feasible

12 Linkages Constraints Less linkage among producers, input suppliers, service providers and traders at different locations Intervention options Facilitate formation of platform for dominant actors Initiating linkage between farmers and marketing groups such as wholesealers and retailers at ifferent level Initiate linkage with private and public sectors seedling producers with private/public service providers for provision of planting materials, inspection and certification , technical support

13 Gender intervention Prioritizing women for services ( capacity building, access to credit, etc) Introducing HH work loading reducing technologies Engaging women business ( seedling production, agrochemicals trading, small scale processing, etc)

14 Environment Reviewing impact of each intervention on environment (positive/negative) Awareness on negative impact of agrochemicals/proper handling Salinity due to excessive irrigation Depletion of underground water if any Awareness creation on malaria and other vector disease spread


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