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From Electrolux Laundry Systems

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1 From Electrolux Laundry Systems
Generation 4000 From Electrolux Laundry Systems

2 Generation 4000 Washer Extractors

3 The Magic Triangle Discover how a basic geometrical shape
will change the professional laundry world!

4 Agenda G4000 range overview Customers benefits: Compass Control
”Wash Triangle” Design / Ergonomics New product versions Capacity figures & model designations Please note that Normal spin has now been replaced by Super spin

5 Product range overview Normal and Super Spin Models
W375N W385N/S W3130N/S W3105N/S W3180N/S W3330N/S W3250N/S W4330N/S W4180N/S W4130N/S W4250N/S W475N/S W485N/S W4105N/S

6 Product range overview High Spin Models 55-300 L

7 Product range overview High Spin Models 400 -1100 L

8 Product range overview Extra Spin Models
W3280X W3600X W3350X W4280X W4600X W4350X

9 Introducing Compass Control
”Wash Triangle” Multi-lingual New wash programs: Up to 10 new programs Ability to change existing ones Statistics

10 Compass Control unique features
AWS - Automatic Weighing System AWS example: 35% water saving at half load

11 Compass Control user panel
FEATURES Clear and large display High contrast Wash symbols and text High visibility BENEFITS Easy to read Easy to understand / use Possible to read from different positions

12 Compass Control User panel
FEATURES Quick Start Buttons Three panel versions: 40° and 60° for AHL “1” and “2” for OPL No buttons for launderettes BENEFITS Fast start for favourite programs Any program can be activated Deactivate or change to other program ID-sticker ID-sticker

13 Compass Control User Panel
FEATURES Program selector knob Easy to turn Robust and durable BENEFITS Pleasant and easy to use Designed for demanding environments

14 The ”Wash Triangle” fulfils these demands!
Lowest possible utility costs Economy The ”Wash Triangle” fulfils these demands! Time Performance High quality wash & rinse result High output

15 ”Wash Triangle” The perfect balance
”Wash Triangle” programs are used for AHL and General OPL needs 3G General OPL/hospitality 3A Apartment House Laundries Special program versions are available for: 3H Health care 3L Laundrette 3M Mop (indoor cleaning) etc. E P T

16 ”Wash Triangle” Wash programs – OPL
Economy* Time *”Economy” is the default setting from factory. Performance

17 ”Wash Triangle” Consumption, wash and rinse result Cold and hot water connections
Economy Performance Time 40% water savings and 30% energy savings! Compared with G3000 washers Conslusion: Wash Triangle programs are better on all parameters compared with Generation 3000

18 Design - top panel Rounded edge – top panel Standard on:
Soft and friendly design Standard on: Washers with one panel

19 Design – ergonomic door handle
Pleasant to use Soft shape Better grip Rubber surface inside No risk to squeeze fingers Longer ”neck”

20 Capacity figures Lab. tests have verified: Wash/rinse results
Consumption data Max. load with light soiled cotton Exceptions: Poly-cotton material Heavy soiled items Wool Mops / mats

21 Model designations Washers Gen 4000

22 Summary Complete range A size and model for every need Wash Triangle
Full flexibility in program set-up Compass Control Powerful and user-friendly Modern design With ergonomics in focus

23 Generation 4000 Overview on Tumble Dryers

24 Highlights Smart solutions just for you
Exceptionally high performance combined with cost efficiency Designed with you in mind Designed to have everything under control Truly tailor-made ELS Dryers are suitable for a wide range of applications: Hospitality, Healthcare, Laundrettes, Apartment House laundries, Dry cleaners, Commercial laundries

25 Agenda Range overview The new design Compass control Control Systems
New options and capacity figures Heat Pump dryer – T4300LE Summary

26 Range Overview From Gen3000 to Gen4000 T4130 T4190 T4250 T3290 T4300S

27 The new design

28 The new design Self-service, OPL From Green to Blue

29 The new design OPL, Commercial From Green to Grey

30 New Blue Selecta The new design High contrast display
Top panel opening (Slimline Dryers) Ergonomic opening

31 The new design Rounded edge top panel Standard on:
Soft and friendly design Standard on: T4130 – T4190

32 The new design Closing door for T4130 and T4190
Magnetic system to improve quality

33 Compass Control FEATURES BENEFITS Clear and large display Easy to read
High contrast Clear text High visibility Multi-lingual BENEFITS Easy to read Easy to understand / use Possible to read from different positions

34 Compass Control FEATURES BENEFITS Quick Start Buttons:
“1” and “2” Program labels: BENEFITS Fast start of ”favourite” programs any program can be activated deactivated or changed to another program ID-sticker ID-sticker

35 Compass Control – User panel
FEATURES Program selector knob Distinct to turn Robust and durable BENEFITS Designed for demanding environments Pleasant and easy to use

36 Control systems T4130 and T4190 with new Compass Control

37 Inverter and reversing options
T4290 and T4530 with inverter With drum speed control: correct drop of garments in the drum shorter drying time and more gentle action

38 Capacity figures Lab. tests have verified: Drying results
Consumption data

39 Tumble Dryer in the market!
Heat Pump Dryer T4300LE The MOST EFFICIENT Tumble Dryer in the market!

40 Summary With G4000 all Dryers have been restyled
More attention to details: Blue Selecta, top panel opening and rounded edges Quality improvement: new closing system for T4190 door New Compass Control: high contrast display, increased memory for more languages, quick start buttons, ergonomic knob Drum speed control also on T4290 and T4530 Approved new drying capacities to match Washers Heat Pump dryer T4300LE

41 Generation 4000 Ironers and Barrier Washers

42 Agenda Gen4000 range overview Ironers model names
Barrier Washers model names and capacity figures A new range of Pullman Barrier Washers Unprecedented performance Innovative design Customer benefits: Clarus Control Touch Screen Best robustness Unprecedented ergonomics Model names and capacity figures

43 Product range overview Ironers
IB323 IC433 IC448 IC448 FLF IB423 IC433 IC448 IC448 FLF

44 Product range overview Ironers
FFS C-Flex C-Flex FFS

45 Control panels IB423 FFS IC433 C-Flex IC448

46 Product range overview Barrier Washers
WB3130H WB4130H

47 Product range overview Barrier Washers
WSB3230H WSB3340H WSB3470H WSB3670H WSB4250H WSB4350H WSB4500H WSB4650H

48 Ironers model names The only name that changes

49 Capacity figures

50 Generation 40000 A new range of Pullman Barrier Washers

51 Innovative design

52 Clarus Control TS FEATURES: 4 colour industrial Touch Screen
Latest in Touch Screen technology Robust double screen protection No keypad Intuitive guidance Complete compatibility with Clarus Control BENEFITS: Ergonomic for the user and the technician Flat surface for optimum hygiene Progressive for further new functions

53 Ergonomic for the user 1 2 3 4 Nothing changes, or almost…

54 Multi-languages 6 languages are available in the standard memory
3 packages are available upon order

55 Unprecedented ergonomics
1. Automatic positioning Automatic positioning of inner drum 2. Automatic unlocking Automatic locking and unlocking of outer drum doors to save time & effort

56 Unprecedented ergonomics
3. Automatic inner door opening Automatic opening of inner drum doors to save time & effort. 4. Inner door retains linen The door maintains the linen while the operator positions the trolley.

57 Unprecedented ergonomics
5. Inner door makes the bridge Inner door makes a bridge between machine & trolley. Guaranteed hygiene. 6. Automatic unloading by gravity Inclined & smooth partition for easiest and fastest unloading.

58 Models name & capacity figures
WPB4700H WPB4900H WPB41100H 70 kg 90 kg 110 kg

59 Summary Robust and built to last
Best ergonomics for optimum productivity Aesthetic industrial design Our competitors have not yet finished shedding tears… So please keep your promises

60 G4000 PULLMAN


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