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6 December 9, 2008 Mariya Brett Elizabeth Whyms

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1 6 December 9, 2008 Mariya Brett Elizabeth Whyms Dave Wolfand Temperature Reports on the Rooms at the UM

2 What Is The Problem? You come to a classroom, and it’s too hot/ too cold. You, instructor, and the fellow students are not comfortable in the room A/C consumes unnecessary extra energy University’s carbon footprint is higher than it could be

3 What Is The Current Solution? Setting all the temperatures to standard In case of a temperature complaint, one can contact campus HVAC* team All the reports are then manually filed and analyzed by the HVAC team * Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System

4 What Does TemperTantrum Offer? A system that allows users to submit temperature complaints online or through a mobile device view chart reports on the accumulated data for each room quickly determine which rooms need temperature adjustments by HVAC team

5 How Will It All Work? HVAC technician adjusts the temperatures in the determined rooms to decrease energy consumption and create a better working environment HVAC employees explore the charts on TemperTantrum to determine the rooms that need temperature adjustments Online chart reports on the room are automatically adjusted to reflect added data They submit a report on TemperTantrum website or through a mobile device Student/Staff/Faculty experience uncomfortable temperature in the room on campus

6 How Does This Lead To Sustainability? Monitoring excessive use of energy for heating/cooling purposes Conservation of energy and less energy cost Smaller carbon footprint for the University

7 Web Application

8 Mobile Application

9 Usability Tests: 9 Subjects Device used most often to access Internet: How often mobile device is used to access Internet: How often Internet is used:

10 Usability Tests: Results Subjects did not have any serious troubles Subjects enjoyed using the interface Many expressed interest in using the system once it was completed Identified Problems: Users preferred manual input to auto-complete Statistics’ graphs were confusing without legends Some error and validity checks missing Advanced features were not intuitive

11 Conclusions Overall, the system has a potential Mobile version might increase popularity of the system among students Data quality assurance may be difficult The system may not always yield more efficient energy usage due to aging heating/cooling systems in older buildings

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