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1 GROUP-8. 2 PPT downloaded from

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1 1 GROUP-8

2 2 PPT downloaded from

3  WEBSITE:- According to Oxford Dictionary “Website is a location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more web pages.  Location on internet that is unique & can be accessed through URL.  Generally Devoted to person, group or organisation which is accessible via a network such as the Internet or a LAN.  PORTAL:- It is a website that brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way.  Difference between Website & Portal:- A website is a collection of facts & information in different pages. A website contains text, images and videos. A portal is a website and acts as gateway/entry point to a grand entrance to provide services rendered by the organisation. 3 PPT downloaded from

4  Website:- (Ministry of Home Affairs)  Portal:- (National Portal of India) Aggregates content >5000 Websites 4 PPT downloaded from

5  Purpose:- Website is a mean of communication, and it was mostly one way from the Website to the visitor.  Today, the quality of communication on the Web has improved so much that the Internet has become one of the most effective communication mediums available.  Origin:-  Tim Berners-Lee  August 6, 1991  CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.  URL:- " /WWW/TheProject.html," URL:- 5 PPT downloaded from

6  e-Service Delivery Maturity Model 6 PPT downloaded from

7 7 Jan-2009 National Informatics Centre (NIC) Department of Information Technology, Government of India PPT downloaded from

8 8

9 9 Use of Emblem/Logo on Homepage Display ownership Information Title of Homepage on top bar of browser Registered Links to National Portal: PPT downloaded from

10 10 Copyright Policy on Homepage Hyper linking Policy Terms & Conditions Policy Disclaimer Policy Privacy Policy Source Information of documents Clear indication of Non Government Websites No broken link or no “Page not found” errors. Security Mechanism for Transactions PPT downloaded from

11 11 About Us: Department Information useful for stakeholders Schemes: Details of schemes and procedure Services: Provided by Department with the procedure Forms: Title, purpose & language (other than English) Acts: complete title of the Act (as written in the official notification) is mentioned. Documents: Title, Validity & language (other than English) Circulars and recruitments: The official title & Validity of the Circular /Notification Tenders: Details of Tender Notice with Links News & Press Release: News / Press releases are displayed along with the date Contact Us: Details of important functionaries in the Department PPT downloaded from

12 12  Removal of all outdated content or moved to archive  Moderated discussion forums  Complete URL for every link should be provided PPT downloaded from

13 13  Online Feedback Mechanism  Help Section  File Information and plug in options  Mechanism to ensure virus free downloads.  Free from Offensive language. PPT downloaded from

14 14 Citizen Oriented contents Content Contribution, Moderation and Approval Policy(CMAP) Content Archival Policy(CAP) Content Review Policy(CRP) Mention last updated / reviewed date. Time stamp on Document or Reports Change in Language should be clearly indicated Consistency in nomenclature Important information should be accessible from the Homepage. PPT downloaded from

15 15 Visual/textual identity elements highlighting the Government's ownership Proper ratio and colour for Flag, National Emblem, logo etc. Tested Hindi or Regional Language fonts on various browsers Readable text in both printable and readable format Adequate contrast between text and background colour. No content should flashes for more than three times in a second. All pages on the website have a link to the home page. There are no links to 'under construction' pages. “Search box” or a link to a "search" page from every page of the website. Up to date Site Map PPT downloaded from

16 16 Documents are provided either in HTML or other accessible formats Labels have been provided when content requires input from the users. Purpose of each link is clear to the user. Metadata for pages like title, keywords, description and language Data tables have been provided with necessary tags / mark up. Testing on multiple browsers. (Without naming any specific browser) Security Audit by certificate agency and has a Security Policy. PPT downloaded from

17 17 Accessibility in efficient and secure manner on 24x7x 365 basis. Multi-tier security infrastructure Redundant server infrastructure for high availability. Mechanism for regular backup of the web site. Disaster Recovery (DR) Centre in a geographically away & DR plan Helpdesk & Technical support on 24x7x 365 basis. Prevention measures for defacement/ hacking PPT downloaded from

18 18  Website ranks in the first five results on major search engines when searched with relevant keywords.  URL of website on all stationary and prominent places for departments. PPT downloaded from

19 19  Nominated Web Information Manager  Website monitoring policy.  All policies and plans are approved by Head of Department. PPT downloaded from

20 20  These guidelines provides extensive list of items, which must be fulfilled by the Government Website.  This will bring uniformity in the Government Websites.  The existing websites must be audited to fulfill theses provisions.  Since technology is dynamic, these guidelines must be updated on regular basis. PPT downloaded from

21   Guidelines for Indian Government Website-2009 Guidelines for Indian Government Website-2009  Compliance Matrix Compliance Matrix (Checklist of mandatory guidelines) 21 PPT downloaded from

22 22 PPT downloaded from

23 23 PPT downloaded from

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