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Contents Current Structure Concerns Responses Options Way Forward.

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1 Contents Current Structure Concerns Responses Options Way Forward

2 Current Structure Executive Council Representative of Maharatna CPSE Representative of Navratna CPSE Representative of Miniratna CPSE Representative of NCSR Hub Representative of DPE, GoI Governing Council NCSR Hub Representative of TISS Representative of Maharatna CPSEs Representative of Navratna CPSEs Representative of Miniratna CPSEs Representative of DPE, GoI Representative of CSR Hub Department of Public Enterprises Government of India

3 Concerns NCSR Hub – Regional Hub/ Multiple Hub/ Regional branches of NCSR Hub Roles, Responsibilities of the NCSR Hub and Implementation of CSR Activitie. Role of the NCSR Hub: Regulator Vs Facilitator Are the PSUs bound to take the approval from the NCSR Hub for their CSR Activities?

4 Concerns (Cont…) Why a PSE needs to pay NCSR Hub. What model should be followed while charging the CPSEs for NCSR Hub services. Use of TISS account for NCSR Hub. What is the relationship between NCSR Hub and TISS? What is the legal entity of NCSR Hub?

5 Responses NCSR Hub is trying to collaborate with eminent institutes for research assistance as well as looking forward to have presence in different regions of the country. We have small presence in Kolkata.

6 Options Proposed Composition of the NCSR Hub – Establishing the NCSR Hub as a separate legal entity Independent Body – For, of and by the PSUs Registration options: Companies Act, 1956 or Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Non-Cooperative) or Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 Preferable option – Societies Registration Act, 1860 Structure for Board of NCSR Hub – DPE, GoI NCSR Hub PSU representatives Eminent personalities

7 Way Forward Regional CSR Hub Regional Conclaves National Conclaves Meeting of members of CSR Advisory Committee Meeting with CMDs, Directors - HR and Chief of CSR Heads, Secretary

8 Thank You

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