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Greenstone Digital Library Software (GSDL) Open Source Software to Build Digital Libraries.

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1 Greenstone Digital Library Software (GSDL) Open Source Software to Build Digital Libraries

2 What is open-source software? “The basic idea behind open source is very simple: When programmers can read, redistribute, and modify the source code for a piece of software, the software evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is used to the slow pace of conventional software development, seems astonishing.” - from Anyone can redistribute the software, Source code must always be available

3 What is a Library? A trinity USERS BOOKS STAFF

4 What is a Digital Library? A digital library is an organized collection of information –A focused collection of digital objects –Methods for finding, access and retrieval –Methods for selection, organization, and maintenance of the collection –Methods for preservation




8 GSDL - Introduction Greenstone is a suite of software for building and distributing digital library collections. It provides a new way of organizing information and publishing it on the Internet or on CD- ROM. Greenstone is produced by the New Zealand Digital Library Project at the University of Waikato, and developed and distributed in cooperation with UNESCO and the Human Info NGO. It is open-source, multilingual software, issued under the terms of the GNU General Public License.





13 Features Builds and distributes digital library collections Full-text document search and display Multi-platform support Web-based user interface Highly customizable Document collections can be exported to CD-ROMs Can be used for archiving

14 Features of Greenstone Software Access through Web browser Windows or Unix Searching Browsing Easy to maintain Various metadata Plug-ins for new document types Multiple languages Text, pictures, audio, video Open Source Software Hierarchical phrase and key-phrase indexes Multi-gigabyte Compression Password Protection User logs Administrative functions Updates dynamically without bringing system down Publish to CD-ROM Uniform presentation across different computers

15 Overview of Greenstone Collections A typical digital library built with Greenstone will contain many collections, individually organized— though they bear a strong family resemblance. Easily maintained, collections can be augmented and rebuilt automatically.

16 Overview of Greenstone Document Formats Source documents come in a variety of formats, and are converted into a standard XML form for indexing by “plugins.” Plugins distributed with Greenstone process plain text, HTML, WORD and PDF documents, and Usenet and E-mail messages.

17 Overview of Greenstone Multimedia documents Collections can contain text, pictures, audio and video. Non-textual material is either linked into the textual documents or accompanied by textual descriptions (such as figure captions) to allow full-text searching and browsing.

18 Using Greenstone Collections Figure shows a screenshot of the “Demo” collection supplied with the Greenstone software. Almost all icons are clickable. Several icons appear at the top of almost every page. Figure

19  “Collections” of digital material  Individualized, depending on metadata etc  Up to several Gb of text …  … + associated images, movies, whatever  Fully searchable  Served on WWW, or published on removable media  Run anywhere, on any computer  Fully internationalized  Non-exclusive: documents and metadata in any format  Non-prescriptive: standard and non-standard metadata What we wanted

20 UNESCO: Distributing Greenstone DL software  GNU licensed  Fully documented … in English/French/Spanish/Russian  Language interfaces … Arabic Chinese Czech … Thai Turkish  Unix/Windows/Mac OS-X  Trivial to install  GUI interface for gathering, enriching, building …  Serve collections on Web or write them to CD-ROM  Document formats: HTML, Word, PDF, PS, plain text, e-mail  Metadata formats: XML, DC, OAI, MARC, … “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day Teach a man to fish, feed him for life” Sustainable development Greenstone software download from

21  Languages for interface: 38  Languages for full software + manuals: 4  Countries represented on email lists: 60  UNESCO training courses in: Bangalore, Almaty, Dakar, Suva, … Greenstone facts  Open source: Gnu GPL  Distributed via SourceForge since: Nov 2000  Average downloads: 5000/month since then  Humanitarian CD-ROMs produced: 30-35  Distribution for each one: 5000/year Distribution  UNESCO, Paris (“Information for All” programme)  FAO, Rome (Info Management Resource Kit)  UNU, Japan (CD-ROM collections of UNU material) UN Agencies International  University of Waikato, New Zealand  Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore  University College, London  University of Cape Town, South Africa  University of Lethbridge, Canada Technical centers

22 Sample collections at Argentina Human Rights CommissionArgentina Tasmania State LibraryAustralia Peking University Digital LibraryChina Gresham College, LondonEngland University of Applied Sciences, StuttgartGermany Association of Indian Labour Historians, India Indian Institute of Management, KozhikodeIndia Indian Institute of Science, BangaloreIndia Vimercate Public Library, Milan, ItalyItaly Netherlands Institute for Scientific Information ServicesNetherlands Philippine Government Information NetworkPhilippines Mari El Republic, RussiaRussia Slavonski Brod Public Library, SloveniaSlovenia Vietnam National UniversityVietnam Welsh Books CouncilWales International

23 Auburn University, Alabama Detroit Public Library Hawaiian Electronic Library ibiblio project, University of North Carolina Illinois Wesleyan University LeHigh University, Pennsylvania New York Botanical Garden University of California at Riverside University of Chicago Library University of Illinois Texas A&M University Washington Research Library Consortium U.S. Sample collections at

24  Plugins for Standards  Can use any metadata set, Dublin Core supplied  Plugins for  METS can be used as Greenstone’s internal representation Metadata Documents  Web  Can publish Greenstone collections on CD-ROM  Can publish Greenstone collections on OAI  Export collections to METS  Export collections to DSpace ( ready for DSpace’s batch import program ) Serving PDF PostScript Word, RTF HTML Plain text Latex Images (any format: GIF, JPEG, TIFF …) MP3 Ogg Vorbis UnknownPlug (e.g. for audio, MPEG, Midi) ZIP Excel PPT Email Source code XMLRefer MARCOAI CDS/ISISMETS (subset) ProCiteDSpace BibTex

25  Ghostscript  Kea  pdftohtml  rtftohtml  TextCat  wvWare  Xlhtml  XML::Parser Interpreter for Adobe Postscript documents (Postscript plugin) Keyphrase extraction program (to generate metadata) Converter for PDF documents (PDF plugin) Converter for RTF documents (RTF plugin) Detects languages and document encodings Converter for Word documents (Word plugin) Converter for Excel/Powerpoint documents (plugins) Parses XML documents, used to read and write Greenstone’s internal XML document format The power of open source: Greenstone uses …

26  MG  GDBM  wget  YAZ  Stemmer  GCC  CVS  Perl  Apache Creates compressed full-text indexes and performs searches Database used for metadata etc Downloading pages from the Web when creating collections Client and server implementation of Z39.50 English language stemmer C/C++ compiler Version control system Used for plugins etc Web server used by many Greenstone installations and …

27 Humanity Development Library for sustainable development and basic human needs Example  160,000 pages  30,000 images  800 books  430 magazines  340 kg  US$20,000  CD-ROM  US$1  Win3.1x upward  Stand-alone  and intranet server  Web browser user interface Global Help Project, Antwerp (+ UN agencies)


29 Chinese documents (pictures of text) + Chinese interface Peking University Library

30 Chinese (Chinese & English interfaces) Classic Chinese literature

31 UNESCO, Paris French

32 PAHO, WHO Spanish

33 Russian Mari El Republic

34 The Greenstone Librarian Interface (GLI)  Building collections  Interactive Java program  Runs on anything  Build a collection on the computer you are on  … plus new applet version  Includes metadata editor  Caveat: cannot deal with such huge collections as Greenstone can (particularly of metadata)


36 Create a new collection

37 Gather: Gather the files together

38 Enrich: Add the Metadata

39 Design: Add plugins and configure them

40 Design: Search Indexes, etc

41 Create: Building the collection

42 Preview: admire the result

43 Create: It’s built – preview it?

44 Format: For Features Display, etc.

45 Export the collection to CD-ROM?


47 Previewing the collection

48 Full-text search

49 Search Results

50 Full Text Display

51 Form-based search

52 Browsing titles

53 Browsing by Keywords

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