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Open Source software for libraries By Katharina Penner.

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1 Open Source software for libraries By Katharina Penner

2 What is Open Source? A specific set of software license aallow others to freely redistribute the software ssource code for the software must be available aallow derived works based off of the software A practical method of developing software A community of developers and users who support #1 and #2

3 Free? free as in „beer“ free as in „free speech“ free as in „free kittens“ Phipps, S. 2002

4 Advantages Reliability Better support User driven Innovation Cost Adapted from

5 Disadvantages Many libraries do not have the in-house expertise to support open-source software Don't have the ability to train staff on the use of the new technologies Open source alternatives weren't perceived as feature-rich enough to handle the complex needs of libraries Hidden costs (staff time)

6 Koha Open Source Library System A full featured modern integrated library system (ILS): circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, serials, reserves, patron management, branch relationships, and more. Linux, Unix, Windows and MacOS platform Can be fully integrated into the library website; Web based OPAC system Copy cataloguing and z39.50 MARC21 and UNIMARC for professional cataloguers Use as a document manager or digital library; manage online and off line resources with the same tool RSS feed of new acquisitions

7 Greenstone Tool for digital library Publish on internet or CD-ROM Windows, Unix and Mac Interoperability Two interfaces: librarians and readers

8 Metadata formats Dublin Core Marc XML OAI DSpace

9 Document formats PDF Word RTF HTML Plain text ZIP archives Excel PPT Email

10 Languages English French Spanish Russian Kazakh Some in Vietnamese

11 NVU (new view) – web design  complete Web design system  Linux, Windows and Macintosh  open source alternative to FrontPage and Dreamweaver  create web pages  manage a website with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML  available in different languages (I use German)

12 Used sources  Phipps, Simon. „Free speech, free beer and free software.“ c/net available at 1071-954384.html?tg (accessed March 1, 2007). 1071-954384.html?tg  Muir, Scott P. „An introduction to the open source software issue.“ Library Hi Tech 29/4 (2005): 465-468.    nstoneWiki nstoneWiki  utfZz-8&a=p&p=examples utfZz-8&a=p&p=examples  

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