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Sikhism By: Cameron Oen, Emma Perkins, Arin Tykodi.

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1 Sikhism By: Cameron Oen, Emma Perkins, Arin Tykodi

2 Origin ●Originated in 1539 ●Originated by Guru Nanak ●Originated in Punjab, India

3 5 Things they Believed ●Monotheistic (One God) ●Have ten “guru’s” (Teachers) ●Men and women are equal ●Self defense encouraged. If all else fails fighting is okay. ●No caste system. Social harmony. ●Strict dress code. Conservative and respectful. (Turbans. No shaving)

4 Type of Religion ●Universal ●Available for anyone to practice globally ●Mostly practiced in India

5 Autonomous Structure ●Guru’s were establishers of religion ●Believe in social harmony o Everyone equal ●No central source of power except god. No Structured Hierarchy

6 Punjab ●Sikhism originated here o Sikhs wanted own country ●Most Sikhs moved to Hindu part of India after British took over India

7 Distribution of Sikhs Outside of Punjab ●This shows that Sikhs are very clustered around their origin point. None the less, they have diffused. ●15% Sikhs live outside of India

8 Distribution Today

9 Sacred Spaces or Places ●Darbar Sahib, a.k.a Golden Temple o Amritsar, Punjab (in India) o Important to all Sikhs o “Source of inspiration” ●Gurdwara o Anyplace where the Guru Granth Sahib visited as was treated with hospitality.  These immediately became a holy places

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