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What Does this religion Believe in ? Ariana Kazimi.

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2 What Does this religion Believe in ? Ariana Kazimi

3 Prayers  The Sikhs will say 5 prayers during the day.  These 5 prayers are the Anand, Jap Japp, Swayyai, Benait, and the Chaupoi. Service  Service is usually held in the Punjabi language  In Canada, U.S.A., England service is usually held on Sunday  In a Punjabi country service is usually held on a Friday  At the end of each service they say a prayer called the Aidas  Service can last up to 5 hours  They sing hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib. The hymns are called Shabads Question #1: How do Sikh’s Practice Their Religion By: Nathan Au

4  Guru Granth Sahib- begun by first guru: Guru Nanaic Nanak  Any Sikh can read the Gurmukhi  No other holy book is as important as the Guru Sahib  Person reading the gurmukhi sits behind a Takht  Each Sikh gets their own copy of the Gurmukhi  The book is so important that the Gurmukhi has to be placed on a certain shelf  The hymms and how to pray god and say what god is like.  Include the right way to live.  Hirmandir sahib was built to house the book  Dasam Granth- Book of 10 th guru.  Dasam Granth – hymns written by Guru Gobind and 52 other poets.  Hukamnamas - letters written by gurus -> their followers  Ranit Maryada - guides of how they should live  Punjabi Written – only language they spoke. Ashley Vu (: < 3

5 What does this religion believe in? They follow Guru Nanak The leader was chosen for his humble ways Believe in being equally loved 9 other gurus Believe in God/ Jesus God made universe Taught to respect other beliefs (i.e. other religions) Turban sign of power/ to be like a guru Sikhs beliefs Sikhs mean disciples Actions determine whether you enter a plant, animal, or human life Free themselves by cycle of believe in reincarnation, bathing, meditating, divine naming (reborn) and actions in current life determine whether you are reborn as plant, animal, or human Symbol: two swords represent rights By: Drayanna M.

6  Began 500 years ago  Founded by holy man named Guru Nanak  Guru Nanak born in 1469  Guru Nanak is the 1 st guru  Guru means teacher  Founded in India  Ten holy Gurus taught Sikhism to people all around the world  OTHER FACTS  Sikhism principle is: There is only one being and his name is truth  Sikh means disciple  Disciple means someone who obeys god

7 1) One God 2) Almighty and eternal 3) Made universe 4) Good 5) Created males and females 6) Is not male or female 7) First Sikh guru = Nanak 8) Religious and wise teacher 9) Guru=teacher 10) Was born in small village on flat green plain known as Punjab 11) Was born into a Hindu family 12) Was a thoughtful person 13) Deeply troubled by divisions between Hindus and Muslims 14) Received messages from God 15) Telling him to go out and teach people how to follow simple faith 16) Taught people trying to lead good lives, pray and meditate 17) Made God’s teachings into poems 18) After Guru Nanak died, chose guru Angad to take place 19) Went west to Makah and east to Assam 20) Gurus were chosen for their belief by Kosta

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