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SIR Br 98 GC Year End Review. Br 98’s Golf Program Is One Of The Best in SIR We have many different golf programs within Branch 98! –Monday tournaments.

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1 SIR Br 98 GC Year End Review

2 Br 98’s Golf Program Is One Of The Best in SIR We have many different golf programs within Branch 98! –Monday tournaments –Friday Golf groups Antelope Greens Sierra Pines –Monthly Couples Golf –Annual outings to Carson City / Reno

3 Br 98’s Golf Program Is One Of The Best in SIR 44 Tournaments Scheduled – 41 Played – 3 Rained Out 144 people belong to NCGA thru SIR Br 98 GC –121 have played at least 1 round – Average is 18 rounds

4 Second Largest NCGA Club in all of SIR Statewide! Santa Clara Branch

5 Branch 98 Members Played 3169 Rounds of Golf Br Only 7 NCGA Club recorded more rounds!

6 Br 98’s Golf Program Is One Of The Best in SIR 112 Guests have played with us an average of 3.5 times each and belong to NCGA thru other clubs – 7 SIR NCGA Clubs –15 Non-SIR NCGA Clubs 21 Guests who don’t belong to NCGA have played with us an average of 1.95 times each

7 Interesting Facts! 2597 Rounds Played by 233 people in 41 tournaments 3512 Total Rounds played by this clubs members.

8 Over $ 98,000 Pumped into Local Economy Average cost per round - $45.57 –$40.57 Green Fees –$ 5.00 Prize Fund Over $98,000 paid out in Green Fees! (Not counting Friday and Couples Golf) Over $4,600 paid out in Cash Prizes Over $1,300 paid out in GOLF BALLS!

9 Over $ 98,000 Pumped into Local Economy That’s not counting other expenditures –Over $3,000 for this luncheon –Golf equipment –Golf apparel –Food & beverage purchases made at the course prior, during and after each round.

10 Balance Sheet Expenses: Beginning Balance: 5,733 Course Green Fees 98,464 Merchandize Purchased Misc Expenses 1,342 Income: Golf Balls 1,301 Green Fees Collected 99,288 Non-pay 276 Misc. Deposits 13, NCGA Dues Paid 5,032 Prize Fund 11,482 State qualifer fees 1,636 NCGA Dues Collected 4,134 Prize money paid 4,660 Area 15 qual fee 616 Hole in one prize 130 Div 2 qualifiers fee 1,122 Misc. Expenses 14,016 Hole-In-One Insurance 99 Banking Expense 18 Annual Club Dues 1,010 Paper 98 No show pay 150 Ink ,414 Check stamp 26 Checks 24 Refund qualifier 102 Golf com lunch 93 Error in collection 167 Total Expenses 127,353 Reserves Sierra View Party 3, NCGA Dues 3,456 Total Reserves 6,456 Retained Earnings/(Loss) 3,339 Total Income 137,147 Total Expenses 137,147

11 Club Member Success John Reuter won his Flight in the State Individual Championship at Poppy Hills! Rich Hargens and Larry Hill both came in second place within their respective Flights at Poppy Hills! Rich Wohl, Tim Jones, Tom Dennis & Ron Salmon placed 13 th overall in the State Team Championship at Rancho Solano GC

12 Club Member Success Most Rounds Played with Branch 98 –Chuck Calderhead: 39 Rounds played with SIR Branch 98! In total rounds played in 2014 he is ranked 31 st

13 Most Rounds Recorded NameRounds Tyson, Robert J90 Dorsey, Frank86 Hannula, Rod85 Smith, Doug84 Northgrave, Ken82 Bell, Robert69 Arong, John64 Rivera, Abraham62 Kemper, Bill58 Whalen, Thomas56 Mallo, Art49 Stuart, Mark49 Nelson, Rick48 Ostroff, Mark48

14 Club Member Success Low Handicapper –Gary 5.6 Club High Handicapper's – 8 people 36.4 –Fred Grumm –Bill Hammond –Steve Meylink –Harry Prahl –Pat Reding (deceased) –Ted Sobieralski –Dave Stein –Wayne Walden

15 Most Improved Golfers Name Starting HDCP Ending HDCP Improvement Factor Kemper, Bill Novak, Gerald Whalen, Thomas Gilson, Bob Stuart, Mark Northgrave, Ken Morelli, Pete Johnson, Gary McMenamin, Jim Hensley, Brien Nelson, Rick Begley, Edward Maximo, Ron McGough, Rich Rivera, Abraham

16 Tentative 2015 Schedule DateDayCourse DateDayCourse 9-FebMWoodcreek 27-AprMRocklin Golf 17-FebTCameron Park 4-MayMTimber Creek 23-FebMSierra View 11-MayMDiamond Oaks 2-MarMSerrano 18-May * MWoodcreek 9-MarMEmpire Ranch 25-MayMMorgan Creek 16-MarMLincoln Hills 1-JunMCameron Park 23-MarMDiamond Oaks 8-Jun ** MCherry Island 30-MarMMorgan Creek 15-JunMAuburn Valley 6-AprMTeal Bend 22-JunMTurkey Creek 13-AprMWhitney Oaks 29-JunMLincoln Hills 20-AprMAuburn Valley 6-JulMEmpire Ranch * Area 15 Team Qualifier - $12.00 per team entry ** Area 15 Indiv. Qualifer - Teal Bend, Tues. June 9 th.

17 Tentative 2015 Schedule DateDayCourse DateDayCourse 13-JulMThe Ridge 28-SepMMorgan Creek 20-JulMMorgan Creek 5-OctMTeal Bend 27-JulMRocklin Golf 12-OctMDiamond Oaks 3-AugMDiamond Oaks 19-OctMWoodcreek 10-Aug * MHaggin Oaks 26-OctMTimber Creek 17-Aug ** MDark Horse 2-NovMThe Ridge 24-AugMAuburn Valley 9-NovMSerrano 31-AugTWoodcreek 16-NovMGranite Bay 7-SepMLincoln Hills 23-NovMSierra View 14-SepM Rocklin Golf 30-NovMWhitney Oaks 21-SepMTurkey Creek 7-DecMEl Macero * State Team Championship – Location TBD ** Div. 2 Individual Canyon Oaks $55/person includes breakfast.

18 State Golf Schedule April 20 &21 Spring Time in Napa, 2 day tournament at Eagle Vines GC & Chardonnay GC (Ladies Welcome) Area Team Qualifying May 18th JUNE Reno Tournaments, At the Atlantis and three great TBD courses! Week 1: 6/15/15 thru 6/19/15, Week 2: 6/22/15 thru 6/26/15 Area Individual Area Qualifying (Scheduled for June 9) AUGUST 10th State Team Championship Tournament (“The Chairman’s Tournament”) AUGUST 17 th Division Individual Qualifying September The Fall Classic is a Member/Guest Event (Courses to be announced) OCTOBER Individual State Championships and Open Play October 26th and 27 th Poppy Hills Golf Course

19 Running the Club Requires a lot of Work! It is estimated that the 4 people running the club expend a combined six (6) man months of effort each year! That is equivalent of having one person working 20 hours per week during the entire year! So your help to ease the administrative burden on the Golf Committee is appreciated.

20 Review of Club Policies You need not be a member of NCGA through our club, but you should belong to NCGA and be a member in good standing in a SIR Branch You may play with us a maximum of three times before you will be requested to pay the $10 Annual Club Dues and $1 Hole-In-One Insurance and/or join a SIR branch. A $10 fee is assessed for those folks who cancel within 48 hours (Saturday 8:00 am) of the tournament or who just don’t show up. If you need to cancel out, do so early to avoid $10 late cancelation fee.

21 Review of Club Policies Please show up no later than 30 minutes prior to start. –This will give the committee members time to get organized and maybe hit a couple practice putts! Please, Please, Please try to maintain a steady pace-of-play. Our objective it to play each course within 4 ½ hours! This is not unreasonable for any of you!

22 Your Help is Appreciated! Your cooperation in paying by check has helped a great deal. Thank You! Continue to self register using the Web. Only contact the Tournament Director if a players name doesn’t appear in the drop down list. When canceling from a tournament please direct your request to: This is monitored by multiple people so your request will not be overlooked if somebody is on vacation or sick.

23 Administrative Questions Committee will determine next years weekly prize fund contribution based up.. –Do you like having cash prizes? –Payouts: To High, Low, Just Right? –Do you like having an Annual Banquet?

24 Administrative Questions How often do you want to be paid? –Annually as this year? –Semi-Annually July and Dec? –Quarterly April, July, October & December? More frequently means more work for the committee members!

25 Open for Questions / Suggestions

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