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Lee’s Third Graders Teacher:Mrs. Lee Date: October/November 2010 This is the Book Club Penguin By Gabe Wright I like to play the game online. It is so.

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1 Lee’s Third Graders Teacher:Mrs. Lee Date: October/November 2010 This is the Book Club Penguin By Gabe Wright I like to play the game online. It is so fun. You get to meet pretend people and go to their house. You get to buy little pets and make pies and candy pies. If you get a member you get to buy shirts and shoes and new houses and decorate your house. You can buy guitars and drumsticks. You get to fly a jetpack and learn how to be a ninja. Reminders & Updates *Check out our class blog at and go to District blogs. *Veteran’s Day – 11/11 *Thanksgiving break-11/24-28 Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney Written by Allie Dalebout His brother woke up his brother. He got cereal. They got dressed to go to school, but is was not time for school. It was in the middle of the night and his dad came down and he got mad at him. Then he went to school. After he got home he was going to play with Darth Mall By Dylan Smith Halloween is coming. I am going to be Darth Mall. I think he is cool My mom is making a Jedi costume. He has a dudle light saver. He can jump high. He is a good fighter, but he dies in the first Star Wars, but I think he is cool. The End Pokémon books Ayden Essler Pokémon books are awesome. They are cool too. Pokémon books are brought to you by pie not. Breaking news, Pokémon books are not pie. But if they were pie it would be cold Pokémon pie. I love Pokémon. Pokémon is not pie. Pokémon can be a fish.

2 I Like Goosebumps By Ashlyn Braithwaite I just finished one it was called “The Wear wolf of Fever Swamp”. The first one I have ever read is “One Day at Horror Land” and it was very good. Almost all the Goosebumps books I have read have surprise endings. The one I am reading now has actually ten stories in it, not like a whole Goosebumps story, only the little small ones but kind of long. The first story in the book is about a wear wolf, so far it is very good. I don’t read all the Goosebumps in order like book 1 then book 2. Every time I get one I just make sure it is one I haven’t read yet. My Vacation By Blair Bennion When we were going to go to Hawaii, I was so excited. When we got there, it was amazing. The hotel had 4 hot tubs and 2 pools. It was cool because we had cards so we could get in our room. When I got in the pool it was freezing and when I got in the bot tub it was nice and warm. Then in my room there was a bunk bed or two. We had a T.V. in our room and we would get room service. When we went to dinner we would go get ice cream after. When we woke up we went to go eat breakfast. We swam a lot. One day we had pictures, I was not happy. Then when we left it was pouring rain. The End My Dogs By Cameron Mackay “I have two dogs” said Cameron. “Cool, What are their names?” asked Kabe. “House and Toby” said Cameron. “Let’s go see them” said Kabe. “O.K.” said Cameron. “They look cool!” said Kabe. “Thanks” said Cameron. “I have to go” said Kabe. “O.K., bye” said Cameron. “Bye” said Kabe. The End

3 Break By James Perry I like break. I like to play with my friends. That is really fun. Sometimes I play inside. Sometimes I play by myself. Inside I play with blocks. Outside I play on the big toy. What do you like? My Puppy By Chelsea Pett My puppy was named Sadie. It was a lab. It would do about whatever you wanted it to do. If you said lay, it would laydown. It would whimper in the night, when it would whimper again, I would pick it up from the laundry room. I would bring her into my bedroom and take her where I sleep and she would ALWAYS fall asleep in my arms. Sometimes she would want to play. She would run away, but then she would find her way back. We sold her because we didn’t have a fenced yard and we would never play with her. We sold her when I was 4 years old. I have a picture of her on my night stand. Good luck to you buddy! Pokémon By Jaden Jeffs When I first found my cards they were on the road because somebody dropped them. I picked them up because they looked cool. That’s when I figured out how to battle. Then my dad started buying them so I would give him a dollar to get 5 cards. Then me and Kade saved up our money to buy some tins. We thought they were the best thing to play with.

4 How to Make a Banana Cream Pie By Ryan Freeman First you get a bowl then you get some eggs then you get some flour. Then some dough and then stick some bananas and then cook it up to 350 and stick it in and when it is done you take it out. Let it cool and then stick the cream on and then eat it! Book Report By Emmi Udy “My Weird School” is a great book! You should read it sometime, it talks about a weird school and these kids who sometime have weird teachers and some suspicious stuff going around the school. But I bought the fourth book at the Book Fair. It doesn’t matter what order you read them because they don’t talk about them in the other books. Animals By Johnathan Heath Me, my mom, my cousin, my grandma, and my sisters saw an elephant, a rhino, a parrot, a rattlesnake, and a porcupine. I a saw a turtle and a cheetah.

5 My Trip By Carson Wayne Lee My trip to California was fun. We went to Disneyland. We had lots of fun there. Then we went to California Adventure. My favorite ride at California Adventure is the California Screamer. Soccer By Kade Johnson When I first started playing I played on AYSO. My dad was my coach. I had lots of my friends on my team. Then my dad found a BE United team that I could play on. I started playing on the team. My team is pretty good. We have won one game, but we still practice a lot. I have practice every Wednesday. The End Corn Maze By Jacee Buckway I went to the corn maze with my family. We went to the movie after the maze. We went to my grandmas and my cousins were there. We played games like tag, soccer, and basketball. Last time, we had more people on our team.

6 Stuff on October 20 By Taylor Houston On Friday, I am going Emmi’s house for a little bit then I am going to the movie. We are going to play at my house and then we are going to watch another movie and it might be “Zartog Strikes back”. It is really funny. I love it. I hope Emmi loves it cause I do, but if she doesn’t I will try my best to find a movie we both like or we might go to Emmi’s house. I have been there and she has a lot of toys in her basement. When I go there we have lots of fun and last time I went she had a banana chair and I said banana and it made us laugh so much we fell off the chairs. My Trip to Goblin Valley By Andy Braegger We saw forms of goblins. We hiked up to a cave. We caught 10 lizards. The goblins are made with water and wind and dirt. I went with my mom, dad, my sister the Daines’ family. We stayed at Goblin Valley for about 2 days. It was a lot of fun. My friend Ben found a big rock with a crack in it and stuck his finger in it. There are a lot of big rocks in Goblin Valley. The Animals By Kabe Breckenridge There are different animals. Here are some of them: wolverine, dog, cat, rat, parrot, parakeet, octopus, zebra, dragon, chipmunk, bird, goblin, lion, fish, frog, elephant, rabbit, and chick. I really like animals!

7 My Kitty Cat By Sydney Forsgren My cat is gray. He is a boy. He is very playful. He is very loving. He is kind of shy. Do you like cats? I love cats! I have to feed him, and clean his litter box. His name is cloudy. He is my best friend. He always kicks my dog off his bed and he has his own! My First Meteorite By Chris Casey I found a meteorite in my neighborhood. There were rocks and meteorites. Some were big and some were small. My friend was with me. Me and my friend Kellen saw a broken post line in a hole. I like meteorites. Do you? The Time I Went to Florida By _________ I went to the beach and it was so fun. We went to a wave pool and then we went to a zoo. They had manta rays and they were slimy. Then we went to Alabama for my brother’s football camp. We went to Orlando and it took a whole day to get there. We got to our hotel and I was the only one up. We went back to the beach and then we went home.

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