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Dave Snell & Cameron Hynes Learning Technology Centre Manukau Institute of Technology.

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1 Dave Snell & Cameron Hynes Learning Technology Centre Manukau Institute of Technology

2 MIT Certificate in Horticulture (L.2) Level 2 Community based - marae, community centres (one at MIT) 3 groups (2009) 2 groups (2010) 1 semester in duration Embedded L&N (inc pre and post diagnostic testing) Predominantly practical delivery Staircase into L.4

3 Background Students with a wide range of age, ethnicity, L&N skills Limited access to computers outside of MIT In conjunction with Counties- Manukau Health (nutrition and diabetes awareness) Concentration on vegetable growing - community and home gardens

4 Resources Mix of digital and other resources Health and safety scenarios (hazard identification) Insect life cycle Weather Seasonal planting Plant biology Horticulture calculations eMIT activities/tests

5 Weed Control exercise Guidelines from tutorial staff too general/lacking specifics Unclear learning outcomes Little consideration for L&N needs Unrealistic levels of numeracy needed to complete tasks Poor lines of communication between production team and tutorial staff

6 Redevelopment of weed control exercise Unpack exercise concept (goal) Students to understand and practice horticulture calculations Identify what numeracy skills are implicit within exercise Mixing spray = ratios Garden areas = area Spray coverage = advanced ratios Map to progressions (and course)

7 Relating skills to the progressions Relevant progressions and steps identified Make Sense of Number Progression Multiplicative Strategies (Step 3) Solve single digit multiplication & division problems… Proportional Reasoning Strategies (Step 4) Use known multiplication & division facts to find fractions… Number facts (Step 3) Basic multiplication & division facts up to 10x10 Measure and Interpret Shape & Space Progression Measurement Understand area (Step 2-3) Fixed area rectangles (Step 5) Carry out conversions within and between measurement systems (Step 6)

8 The new resources Break up task into component skills Simple examples (whole numbers > 10) Gradual increase in levels of difficulty and complexity Extension activities to include decimals and calculator use

9 The (graphic) design process Simple Colours Layout Areas of interest Consistent Navigation Colour scheme Predictable Behaves in the expected way

10 Evaluation Action Research Cycle Evaluation and reflection Evaluation and reflection Planning and action Planning and action Investigation and analysis

11 Summary Clarity of goals and expectations Learning outcomes Used how? Appropriate level to learning Fits to course mapping Place on progressions What L&N skills required/developed? Design process Is resource engaging? How will you measure its effectiveness? Feedback Action Research Cycle

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