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Dataman’s Showcase. Dataman Corporate Overview 3 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential Dataman Founding Principles Build an ever-lasting information technology.

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1 Dataman’s Showcase

2 Dataman Corporate Overview

3 3 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential Dataman Founding Principles Build an ever-lasting information technology institution that is globally respected for its role in guiding customers translate their vision into superior value Serve global customer needs by innovating market-leading information technology products and solutions while leveraging business best practices and world-class talent. Vision Mission

4 4 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential Dataman Founding Principles (contd…) Core Values  Customer Partnership :We approach every customer with a view to build a professionally enduring relationship.  Integrity : We demonstrate integrity and have the intellectual honesty to refuse opportunities that we cannot fulfil to the satisfaction of our customers.  Result Orientation : We leverage technology with a single-minded focus of delivering leadership results for our customers.  Accountability : We promote accountability at all levels and honour what we commit to our customers.  Flexibility : We encourage flexibility to help us serve our customers with technologically optimal and cost effective solutions.  Global Autonomy : We ensure global standards while enabling local autonomy to deliver high-quality, responsive and personalized service.

5 5 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential The Company Financially Rock-solid Over 55% Growth in 2008 Significant cash reserves & zero debt Strong focus on fundamentals Offerings Top-notch services Leading edge products People Skilled and Dedicated Work Force Strong Leadership Infrastructure State-of-the-art & fail safe Disaster recovery & Business continuity Delivery Capability Onsite-offshore model Multiple delivery channels Focus on quality processes High level of technical skills & Domain competency Clients Over 4500 Spread in 140 Cities Covering 4 Countries Founded in 1990 in India 4 distributed development centers Presence in USA, Europe and India Focus on organic growth

6 6 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential People – Building the Team  Building Leaders  Corporate Alignment and Training Managing expectations – KIT Program 12 person-days/ employee  Role and Career Management Senior Management involvement Leaders built from within  Attracting Top Talent  In-house recruitment team; We do not depend on Head Hunters  Raw Talent : Premier engineering colleges; Stringent selection criteria  Lateral hires from premier IT companies  Source of hires : Campus, Referrals, Advertisement, Career Portals

7 Technology Partnerships

8 8 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential Capabilities - Business Practice The Dataman Business Applications Practice is developing a world-class capability to assist clients in the implementation and maintenance of leading software packages System Integration Products Services

9 9 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential Dataman – Services Overview Transportation Logistic Manufacturing CONSULTING SERVICES PRODUCT OUTSOURCING EXPERTISE OFFERINGOFFERING Business Analysis Architecture & Design Business Integration Application Development Business Intelligent Business Application Application Testing Application Management ONSITE ASP OFFSHORE Financial Services Oil & GAS Retail Supply Chain Hospitality DELIVERY CHANNELS VERTICALS

10 10 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential Dataman’s Product Range Health Care Products for Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostics Center – 100+ Installations Hospitality and Entertainment Industry Products – 200+ Installations Supply Chain Products – Nearly 2000 Installations For Stock & Commodity Market: Online Surveillance System

11 11 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential

12 Capability Showcase

13 13 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential  Customer : MICROSOFT: The Largest software company of the world.  Problem : To provide a solution to control business process of Sales Force and Inventory for their new product lines for India in a agile development environment.  Dataman’s Value : Dataman created and currently maintaining the online retail application for XBOX and Microsoft Hardware devices.  Key Benefits : Kiosk Management and Order/Response tracking system has helped more than 50 persons in Microsoft company. Capability Showcase

14 14 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential  Customer : Ceridian, USA. - Second largest HR Services provider company of USA.  Problem : To provide services to maintain and migrate COBRA business process software which was Cheques in excess of 1.5 Trillion Dollar per year.  Dataman’s Value : Dataman with its experienced team of 18 versatile resources on various technologies not only maintained and migrated the system but also enhanced the Functionality.  Key Benefits : A system having over one million active users was migrated as scheduled. Capability Showcase

15 15 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential Capability Showcase  Customer : One of the leading middleware company of Sweden.  Problem : To provide Research and Development services to enhance the existing product lines and provide recommendations to match the global trends.  Dataman’s Value : Dataman’s team providing R & D services by creating an offshore development center.  Key Benefits : Customer delighted with the cost advantages and the quality of the R & D services

16 16 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential Capability Showcase  Customer : BHEL – India’s largest Engineering and Manufacturing Government Company ( USD 3.2 Billion Revenue)  Problem : To build an enterprise wide ERP system to cover Finance, Materials, Manufacturing, Planning and HR which is specific to business processes at one of the plants.  Dataman’s Value : Dataman developed and implemented the system in a time span of Six months to the satisfaction of client.  Key Benefits : Automation of business processes has increased the efficiency and helped the plant to reduce its administrative staff by 4%.

17 17 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential Capability Showcase  Customer : RECRON SYNTHETICS a RELIANCE group Enterprise, Allahabad.  Problem : To provide professional services on Project Progress and Planning their Allahabad Unit.  Dataman’s Value : Dataman with its experience on professional services provided the required services and helped the company to meet its goals.  Key Benefits : Project delivered on time with in budget and quality.

18 18 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential Capability Showcase  Customer : One of the Largest Stock Broker of India  Problem : To design a system which has to take automatic decision based on the price feed. The system has to be fastest in taking action and robust as stakes are high.  Dataman’s Value : Dataman created fastest system as on date which not only takes decision but also tracks the outcome and takes corrective actions.  Key Benefits : System is currently performing a turnover of USD 250 Million per day ( 1% of the National Stock Exchange of India’s turnover)

19 19 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential Capability Showcase  Customer : One of the Biggest Fertiliser Plant in India.  Problem : To capture and analyse the rate of Manufacturing and Dispatch of Fertiliser Bags using sensors at various assembly lines to monitor the productivity and performance  Dataman’s Value : Dataman with its Industrial Automation experience and System integration capabilities designed the whole system robust enough to work in 24*7 environment.  Key Benefits : By monitoring the productivity had gone up by 2% and the project was rewarded as the best productivity initiative of the year.

20 20 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential  Parent Approval USA, outsourced their unique “Parent Approval” software ( Information safety on Internet for Children) to Dataman.  Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. The Aeroplane manufacturing company of India uses Dataman software to track the tools in Aircraft maintenance.  ALIMCO one of the largest Artificial limbs Company in Asia uses Dataman software and services for its HR Application.  Oil Mill and Refinery Solution is being used at more then five oil mills  Recently launched total integrated solution for Paper Industry.  CUGL, subsidiary of Gas Authority of India Ltd. uses Dataman software to run the whole back office along with CNG and PNG Billings Capability Showcase

21 21 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential Why Dataman can make it happen? Unparalleled Execution  Over 18 Years Of Software Development Experience  Strong, sustained leadership  Disciplined execution  Strong partnership orientation  Strict adherence to core values  Driven by a sense of urgency and the urge to excel

22 22 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential Dataman Service Delivery

23 23 Dataman Proprietary and Confidential Cost Based Capability Based Activity Focus Short View Vendors as Contractors Competing Objectives Value Based Track Record Outcome Focus Long View Vendors as Partners Mutual Commitment & Trust Strategic Transactional Dataman Partnership Approach  Small number of strategic relationships  Focus on providing value to Client  Accountable for delivering quality results  Work as a partner to fully leverage the offshore and Staffing model within Client  Willing and interested in Creating Capabilities to Meet Client and Client Expectation  Strong relationship at senior levels between our organizations  Regular interactions at all levels in the organization  Effective ability to discuss and resolve issues  Value & respect the partnership VS

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