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An Introduction to SUNIR Company 1

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1 An Introduction to SUNIR Company 1

2 A Brief History of SUNIR Company  Iran Power & Water Equipment and Services Export Company (SUNIR) is a group consisting of the prominent Iranian companies active in the fields of Energy, i.e. water, power, oil & gas.  Hence; Sunir is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) & GC (General Contractor) company and also a consultant in investment and management.  Since its establishment in 1994, Sunir has successfully performed a wide range of activities in supplying equipment, engineering and project execution according to international standards in more than 38 countries throughout the planet. 2

3 3  Power: generation, transmission, distribution, usage and electricity exchange  Water: dam and hydropower plants, water transmission lines, irrigation & drainage networks, pumping station, water and sewage treatment plants, river engineering and environmental services  Oil & Gas: building petrochemical and refinery complexes, laying pipelines and storage tanks, compressor stations, offshore platforms, repairing and maintenance of industrial units SUNIR Activities

4 Strategic Partners Share Holders Market Developer General Contractor SUNIR EngineeringFinanceConstructionProcurementInvestment FinanceOil & GasWaterPower Generation Distribution Transmission Electricity Exchange & Trade Water Treatment Irrigation & Drainage Dam & HP Water Resources Technical Services Pump Station Pipeline Refinery I. P. P. B. L. T. B. O. T. B. O. O. Other Civil Works

5 Cuba Armenia Azerbaijan Iraq Turkmenistan Saudi Arabia Syria Lebanon Jordan Pakistan Uzbekistan Yemen Libya Venezuela KM Sunir Projects Network Sri Lanka Ethiopia 4 Georgia Senegal

6 Vision of Sunir Sign of Credit and Value Creating in Export Management ISO

7 SUNIR Stockholders SUNIR company was established by 23 major companies. By benefiting the know-how and expertise available among its stockholder companies and also the services of its offices in other countries, Sunir group acts in performing turnkey projects as well. 6

8 SUNIR Stockholders Activity Share Value % StockholderItem Consulting Engineers in field of Power Plant, Transmission Distribution, Substations & Switch- Yards, Hydraulic 13Ghods Niroo Co.1 Contract in Power, Water, Gas and Telephone 8 Jahan Pars Co.2 Manufacturer of All Kinds of Electric Panels 7 Pars Tableau Co.3 Manufacturer of Conductors6 Alum Tek Co.4 Investment6 Niroo Investment Co. 5 7

9 SUNIR Stockholders Activity Share Value % StockholderItem E.P.C. Contractor in Field of Industrial Power Plant Refinery 5Nasb Niroo Co.6 Manufacturer of Lighting Equipments5 Arm Lighting Industries Co. 7 Design,Engineering, Supply, Installation and Commissioning Repair Substation 5Sapta Co.8 Low Voltage Circuit Breakers Manufacturer 4 Tehran Padena Co. 9 Manufacturing and Servicing of Medium and Low Voltage Fixed and with Drivable Electric Panels 4Electro Kavir Co.10 Design and Engineering Supply in Installation Electrical Substation 4Fulmen Co.11 8

10 Activity Share Value % StockholderItem Electric Panel Manufacturer3Kerman Tablo Co.12 Manufacturer of HV, MV Circuit Breakers and Disconnectors 3Pars Switch Co.13 Electric Panel Manufacturer3 Mehrabad Industrial Co. 14 Capacitor Manufacturer3Pars Capacitor Co.15 Manufacturer of Circuit Breakers3Iran Switch Co.16 Manufacturer of Power Transmission and Telecom Towers 3Avangan Co.17 SUNIR Stockholders 9

11 Activity Share Value % StockholderItem Manufacturer of Distribution and Power Transformer 3Iran Transfo Co.18 Consultant in Water Industry2 Mahab Ghods Consulting Engineering Co. 19 Repair and Overhauling of Power Plants 2 Iran Power Plant Repairs Co. 20 Water Meter Manufacturer1.5Abfar Co.21 Contractor1Peymaneer Co.22 SUNIR Stockholders 10

12 Share value CompanyItem 67%Niroo Trading and Engineering CO.1 50%Suniroo (Khoy Power Generation Co.)2 38.5Iran Transfo3 20% Sabir International Engineering, Procurement and Construction Co % EPIL (Electrical Power Industries Laboratories Co.) 5 Companies Owned by SUNIR 11

13 SUNIR Activity Fields Generation SUNIR Activities Water Resources Oil & Gas Water Power Dam & HP Irrigation & Drainage Water Treatment Pipeline Technical Services Pump Station Transmission Distribution Refinery BOO, BOT, IPP, etc Investment Electricity Exchange & Trade 12

14 Organization Chart 13 Board of Directors Managing Director Power Plant SBU Finance SBU Water & Sewage SBU Oil & Gas SBU Power & Equipment Trading SBU Power Secondary Distribution SBU Power T&D SBU Planning & Information Deputy Logistic Deputy Marketing Deputy

15 CIS Africa Latin America Asia Middle East SUNIR Regions of SUNIR Activities 14

16 ItemCountry 1Afghanistan 2Algeria 3Armenia 4Azerbaijan 5Bangladesh 6Belarus 7Cuba 8Cyprus 9Ethiopia 10Germany 11Iraq 12Kazakhstan 13Kenya 14Kuwait 15Kyrkizstan 16Lebanon ItemCountry 17Libya 18Oman 19Pakistan 20Saudi Arabia 21Senegal 22South Africa 23Sri Lanka 24Sudan 25Syria 26Tajikistan 27Turkmenistan 28U.A.E. 29Uzbekistan 30Venezuela 31Yemen Liaison And Representation Offices Liaison & Representation offices 15

17 SUNIR Contracts Awarded by Region 16 Million Dollar Total Amount: More than one Billion USD ( 1,507 Million Dollars )

18 Contracts Awarded by Country 17

19 Contracts Awarded by Field of Activity 18

20 The Most Important Projects Performed by SUNIR 19

21 Iraq  Engineering, supply of material & equipment, procurement, construction & first running in all sections of civil, mechanical, electrical works of the 2 x MW open cycle gas turbine power station, to be located at Al- Sadir city, in Baghdad, Iraq. StatusYear Cost Active m$ Construction of Al-Sadir Power Plant Project 20

22 Pakistan  Design, survey, manufacturing, test, delivery, installation, and commissioning of 220 KV double circuit transmission lines between Dadu & Khuzdar of Pakistan (120 km). StatusYear Cost Active m$ Construction of 220 KV double circuit Transmission Lines 21

23  Design, survey, manufacturing, test, delivery, installation, and commissioning of 220 / 132 KV GIS substations in Khuzdar of Pakistan StatusYear Cost Active m$ Construction of 220 / 132 KV GIS Substations Pakistan 22

24 Armenia  Design, engineering, procurement, and construction of Iran–Armenia 400 KV third power transmission line and its related substation. StatusYear Cost Active m$ Construction of Iran - Armenia third power transmission line and related substations 23

25  Design review, engineering, soil and construction works related to gas pipeline execution, supply, production, delivery of equipment, laying and commissioning of approximately 40 KM of natural gas pipeline between Megri and Kadjaran StatusYear Cost Active m$ Construction of Gas Transmission Lines Between Megry -Kajaran Armenia 24

26  Study, design, supply, installation, test, and commissioning of the wind farm in Armenia. It covers the 4 turbines with the capacity of 2.6 MW in Pushkin-Pass. StatusContact Cost Finished m$ Engineering, Procurement, Installation, and commissioning of the wind farm in Pushkin-Pass Armenia 25

27  Design preview, delivery of equipment, construction, erection, and commissioning of 220 KV Agarak substation. Status Year Cost Finished20002m$ Supply, Erection and Installation of Agarak 220 KV Substation Armenia 26

28 Turkmenistan  Study, design, supervision, construction of reservoir, pumping and plumbing works, installation of equipments and civil works of irrigation project in Turkmenistan. StatusYear Cost Active m$ Irrigation Project in the City of Ashgabat 27

29 Syria Design, Supply, and Erection of the Equipment Al-Bab Tadef Irrigation Project  Design, supply and erection of hydro-mechanical, mechanical, and electrical equipment required for Al-Bab Tadef irrigation project on an area of 6700 hectares. StatusYear Cost Active200516m$ 28

30  Construction of tunnle for irrigation of south desert of Halab StatusYear Cost Finished200428m$ Construction of Irrigation Tunnel Syria 29

31  Design, supply, and supervision of Banes, guanta, Jesus Menendez, La Maya & Palma Soriano water treatment plant and also the supply of equipment, including horizontal and deep well pumps, for Las Tunas, Camaguey, havana and Holguin city pumping station. StatusYear Cost Active200515m$ 10 Projects: Water Treatment Plant and Pumping Station Cuba 30

32  Design, procurement, construction and commissioning of Tobene-Touba-Kaolack 225/30 KV transmission lines and substations in Senegal. StatusYear Cost Active200436m$ Design, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning of Touba-Tobene-Kaolack 225 KV Transmission Lines & Substations Senegal 31

33  Design, survey, geological studies,  manufacturing, test, delivery, installation, and commissioning of 330 KV and 220 KV overhead transmission lines and substations between Imishli, Ali Bayramli, and Astara in Republic of Azerbaijan. StatusYear Cost Active200675m$ Design, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning 330 and 220 KV Overhead Transmission Lines and Substations Azerbaijan 32

34  Extension of the 230 KV existing Substation (as an EPC Project) in BahirDar, Gondar and Shehedi of Ethiopia StatusYear Cost Enforcement200865m$ Extension of the 230 KV existing Substation Ethiopia 33

35 Sri Lanka  Rural electrification EPC project 33KV & LV distribution substations and transmission lines StatusYearCost Enforcement m$ Rural Electrification 34

36  Entering in joint venture investment for power equipment manufacturing.  Creating joint engineering consultancy firms.  Investing in power plants.  Cooperating with reputable European companies for implementation of projects.  Expanding activities with use of domestic and international financers. SUNIR Future Programs 35

37 36 Thank You Mohammad Parsa – Managing Director Web site: Tel: (+98) (+98) Fax: (+98)

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