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Please contact us for any questions you may have (610) 932-8757.

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2 Please contact us for any questions you may have (610) 932-8757

3 Front courtyard, with seating if you would prefer to wait outside on nice spring days. Entrance way, leading to the Reception Area

4 Reception area where you will be greeted by our friendly and professional receptionist

5 The scale is used to get an accurate weight of your pet Our cozey waiting area allows you to comfortably sit while waiting for your appointment. Our dietary center has a variety of prescription food that are often prescribed for your pets individual dietary needs

6 Exam Room 1 Exam Room 2 Our exam rooms are equipped with hydraulic lift tables to make it easier on both you and your pet. (No more heavy lifting!!) The adjustable height tables allow the veterinarian to position each pet to optimize the examination.

7 Our microscope is used to perform cytology’s, urinalysis, intestinal parasite exams, ear swabs, and much more Our lab area includes a VetScan for chemistry and thyroid testing and HMII for complete blood counts.

8 Prescriptions can be filled during your pet’s visit from our in-hospital pharmacy.

9 Hospitalized animals are kept in our treatment area. Which also has a wet-table where surgeries are prepped, ears are cleaned and much more treatments are done. This is where our digital radiographs are taken which can be done very easily during your pet’s appointment.

10 Modern Air Driven Dental Unit Includes a Piezo Scaler, High and Low Speed Hand Pieces, Air/Water Syringe, and Suction allowing our doctors to use up to date techniques when addressing your pet’s dental disease. Modern Dental Radiograph Machine with digital sensors allowing us to give an accurate assessment of your pet’s dental health.

11 Our Dental Operatory where all our dental cleanings are completed. Here a team, consisting of a technician and the doctor, safely monitor your pet throughout their procedure both manually and with the help of our modern anesthetic monitoring machine. We also have digital dental radiographs available, which are easily viewed as seen on the TV screen on the right.

12 This is our surgery room where we have our modern anesthetic monitoring machine, oxygen tank, and isoflurane gas anesthesia machine

13 Modern Anesthetic Monitoring Machine which gives the surgery technician a constant reading of the heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen/carbon dioxide saturation and blood pressure.

14 We have safe stainless steal cages that are easily sanitized if your pet needs to stay with us. This is also where your pet’s are groomed. Our newly renovated runs.

15 As you can see, we are well equipped to provide your pet with the best care possible.

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