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Use of the Inhalant Anesthetic Machines

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1 Use of the Inhalant Anesthetic Machines

2 STEP 1 Hook Up Fair canister/scavenger to Anesthesia machine and Induction chamber

3 STEP 2 Check level of isoflurane in the vaporizer and fill to full mark if needed. This is done by removing cap of fill valve and adding isoflurane to the full line. Fill out LASC order Forms for Isoflurane.

4 Vaporizer is used to mix the inhalant anesthetic and the oxygen.

5 STEP 3 Turn on Oxygen Tank to supply O2 to mix with inhalant anesthetic.

6 A way to measure oxygen flow from the tank of Oxygen to the Vaporizer
Turn on the oxygen to the system by turning the knob at the bottom of the oxygen gauge (the metal ball will move) to the desired liters of oxygen flow per minute; liters is an appropriate flow range.

7 For Induction Should be performed in the Hood for your Safety
Turn the dial of the vaporizer to 4-5% Place animal in the chamber which has had paper-towels placed in it. Close cover of the chamber Watch the respiration of the animal.

8 For Induction: Turn vaporizor to 4 or 5% Watch animal respiration!!

9 For Maintenance Place a paper-towel where the animal will be laying
_ Adjust the vaporizer concentration to about 2.5% Place a paper-towel where the animal will be laying Move animal to this surface and place into nosecone Monitor respiration, either increasing or decreasing the percentage of isoflurane as needed. If necessary, use the “flush” button to give 100 % oxygen. Use toe pinch, tail pinch and/or eye reflex to test for depth of anesthesia.

10 Rat with Nose Cone If animal has irregular breathing patterns or mucous membranes turns blue (cyanosis), Turn off Isoflurane and administer only Oxygen.

11 At End of Procedure Turn off the isoflurane Turn off the O2 Tank
Press the O2 flush button to give the animal a flush of oxygen to speed recovery and to release pressure within the system. Place animal back in its cage During recovery set cage on a circulating heating pad, or comparable system. Monitor until it has regained sternal recumbancy

Please contact Vet services staff if you need Help. THANKS

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