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Patti Peeples, RPh, PhD CEO and Founder CONNECTED. COMMUNITY. 1 st Inaugural Workshop More Effective.

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1 Patti Peeples, RPh, PhD CEO and Founder CONNECTED. COMMUNITY. 1 st Inaugural Workshop #HEORcomm @www_healthecon More Effective Writing and Communications for Health Outcomes, Market Access, and Value Messaging Tom Drake, MA, CMPP Director

2 Premise for Workshop  Customer demand!  >50% HEOR Execs want better-written documents  60% of Writers/Editors want to learn HEOR  Publication = Final stage of the Research Process  Information ≠ Communication  Information is Getting Out; Communication is Getting Through The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. ~George Bernard Shaw I Love Charts: The Book(Paperback) by Jason Oberholtzer,Cody Westphal I Love Charts: The BookJason OberholtzerCody Westphal You have something to say, and you want people to pay attention

3 Premise for Workshop  Writing well in HEOR/Market Access requires  Specialized knowledge  Balance  Willingness to serve (multiple masters)  Finesse  Attention  Process  Intent  Grunt-work  This Workshop: Improve Getting Through, while serving your Masters

4 Communication Drives Success  HEOR Salary Survey 2015 (N=435)  We'd like to understand what is behind your professional success. What are the top 2 factors that you believe have made you most successful at your job? ~40% cited Communication Skills  “Clear communication  Technical to business needs  To multiple audiences  “Able to communicate relevance of HEOR message to others”  “Ability to turn data into a coherent, compelling story”  “The greatest content expertise in the world is sterile if you can't get the idea across to people”  “I can spell!” What is said How it’s said Message Success  Success of Product  Success of You

5 What our Community Wants  HEOR Salary Survey 2015 (N=435)  If there was anything you would change related to careers in HEOR, what would that be?  “I wish it were easier to get papers published!”  “Understanding the value of both scientific rigor and commercial applicability equally”  “Openness & better perception of skills such as systematic review, critical appraisal of evidence”  “More standardized approaches toward data analysis and interpretation and ‘write-up’ “  “Strategic thinking and presentation”  No current, organized, consistent training pathway to improve this skill-set for HEOR

6 Needs Assessment Survey (August 2014)  HEOR Execs (n=59)  Diverse site of employment: 43% Pharma, 23% Consulting, 10% Agency  Experienced: 50% had 3-10+ years; 35% PhD  Outsource: 61% outsource; 48% do NOT have internal medical writing team  Medical Writers/Editors (n=109)  Serve clients: 47% Freelance, 16% Agency/Consulting, 14% Pharma  Role in organization: 64% had 3-10+ years experience; 38% PhD  Outsource: 75% do NOT outsource

7 HEOR Execs Needs Assessment – Involvement Developing Content: Slide Decks, Abstracts, Manuscripts Communicating Results: CEA Models, Retro Studies, RCT, Burden HEOR Executive Survey Results

8 Views on Quality and Influence Quality: Good: PRO Method, Stats Need to improve: Internal docs, Value message Influence on HEOR data High – Direct Med $; Low – Regulatory issues HEOR Executive Survey Results

9 Call to Action HEOR Execs  ~50% no internal Medical Writing Team  Two-thirds sub-contract writing to outside vendor  Majority are dissatisfied with content  High need: Dossiers, Manuscripts, Posters, MA Reviews  63% interested in strategy sessions on developing/writing HEOR tools Medical Writers/Editors  75% don’t sub-contract  80% of “clients” use HEOR data  89% interested in product value communication  90% prioritize translating data into customer language  85% prioritize using HEOR language appropriately  85% want a training course

10 1 st Inaugural Workshop  Day 1  Starting with the End in Mind – Aligning Goals, Stakeholders, and Tactics  Strategy: Who, What, When  Process: Identifying, Managing, Responding  Publication Criteria, Standards, and Format Frameworks  GPP3, CHEERs, GRACE, NICE  Lunch & Learn with ISPOR  Dossiers; “Ask an Editor”: Getting Published 5:00pm Panel & Q&A Friday participants join 6:00pm Cocktails & Networking

11 1 st Inaugural Workshop  Day 2  Opportunity for Medical Writers to focus on HEOR & Market Access  Value Story: Evolution, Market Demand, Demystifying Jargon  Who Needs What, When  Publication Criteria, Standards, and Format Frameworks  GPP3, CHEERs, GRACE, NICE, HTA/Systematic Reviews, Dossiers (AMCP, GVD)  Lunch & Learn on Health Policy  Breakout Sessions: RWE, Dossiers, HTA, Med Ed  Collaborating: Medical Writing and HEOR

12 1 st Inaugural Workshop

13  Conference resources, please visit:   Slide decks  Master Resource List  Website: HealthEconomics.Com resource list  Feedback  Patti : Tom:  Complete the Feedback survey  Future events  West coast, UK  Company-specific training available Wifi Free in Lobby #HEORcomm @www_healthecon

14 1 st Inaugural Workshop  Thank you to our Faculty  Thank you to our Sponsors Media Partners #HEORcomm @www_healthecon

15 1 st Inaugural Workshop #HEORcomm @www_healthecon Integrating Communication/Publication Strategy as Part of the HEOR Strategic Plan By Robert J. Matheis, PhD, MA, Executive Director, Global Scientific Communications at Celgene Corp Past President, International Society for Medical Publications Professionals (ISMPP)

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