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January 13 th, 2015 EPrints User Group Meeting EPrints Development Roadmap.

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1 January 13 th, 2015 EPrints User Group Meeting EPrints Development Roadmap

2 Roadmap MilestoneDate EPrints 3.3.13January 2015 EPrints 3.3.14Early 2015 EPrints 3.4Easter 2015 EPrints 4End of 2015

3 EPrints 3.3.13 Released January 8 th, 2015 Minor release – 150 Commits – 88 files changed General Stability and Security Improvements Improvements to – DOI handling, Multilingual support, Search Indexing, Embargo Handling, Filetypes, Metatdata Normalisation, Abstract Page Rendering, CC Licenses, Subject Trees, Database Layer, Unicode Ordering, reCAPCHA, Audio Handling, OAI Exports, RSS, EndNote Imports, ISI Imports, List Rendering, EPScript, LaTeX handling, Automated Tests, Apache 2.4 Support

4 EPrints 3.3.14 To be released early 2015 Minor Release – Stability Improvements New Bazaar Features – Channels and Badges – Assigned Wiki Pages for Documentation Xapian Faceted Search by default

5 EPrints 3.4.0 Coming around Easter 2015 Response to a more diverse repository landscape Stepping Stone towards EPrints 4.0

6 EPrints 4 / 3.4.0 Key Philosophy “Base” EPrints storing and handling of generic data and objects “Layers” to handle specific metadata schema, import/export, rendering, search, etc. for specific domains

7 3.4 Releases Collections of metadata schemas, renderers, plugins and packages tested together for a specific purpose (the pizza model) Initial Releases for: – Open Access Publications – Open Education – Open Data

8 Base Publications Metadata Schema Publications Metadata Schema IRUS Tracker Publications Router ORCID Support WOK / Scopus Projects / Funder & Rioxx2 IRStats 2 EPrints 3.4 for Publications

9 Base Education Metadata Schema Education Metadata Schema MePrints Bookmarks Collections EdShare Style User Interface EPrints 3.4 for Open Education

10 Base Research Data Metadata Schema Research Data Metadata Schema ReCollect DataCite Arkivum Exemplar Simple Storage Plugin Exemplar Simple Storage Plugin EPrints 3.4 for Open Research Data Large File Upload Mechanisms

11 EPrints for Micro Repositories Base Bespoke Dataset Importer Renderer

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