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The Age of Jefferson, 1800-1816. The Capitol Building c.1800.

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1 The Age of Jefferson, 1800-1816

2 The Capitol Building c.1800

3 Jeffersonian Philosophy Strict interpretation of Constitution=weak central gov ’ t Small gov ’ t and less taxes Agricultural society Sided with the French Presidency with no trappings

4 Louisiana Purchase France secretly acquired territory in 1800 Napoleon willing to sell for war $ Mission sent to buy N.O. Bought the whole territory for $15 million Purchasing land not mentioned in Constitution…

5 The Louisiana Purchase

6 Lewis and Clark lead the Corps of Discovery

7 Into the Unknown…

8 Vice President Aaron Burr “ Northern Confederacy ” Split from Rep. party Rivalry leads to a duel between Burr and Hamilton Hamilton killed, Burr in exile Plotted to form his own empire in the LA territory

9 The Duel

10 John Marshall ’ s Court (1801-1835) Sought to increase Court ’ s and fed. gov ’ t power Federalist ideas Marbury v. Madison Judicial review McCullough v. Maryland Implied powers

11 Supreme Court Chambers

12 Neutral Rights, Impressment, Embargo Jefferson cut the size of the military by more than half French and British both threaten US ships on high seas British impress American citizens (Chesapeake-Leonard Affair) Jefferson decides to abandon all trade with the Embargo Act

13 Jefferson Foreign Affairs Barbary War Profiting by seizing American ships Paid for protection 1801, American forces attack Tripoli 1805, Barbary War ends

14 The Embargo Act 1807

15 War in Europe 1793-1807 British captured French merchant ships Reexport Trade Load American ships with French goods Ships blocked by British Ships redirected to US French goods unloaded in US Another US ship loaded with same goods, but identified as American goods Ship allowed to pass through blockade to get to France Impressment

16 The Embargo Act 1807 No foreign trade at all Economic slump begins Embargo-runners emerge Liability for Rep. party Jefferson retired in 1809

17 James and Dolley Madison

18 James Madison Jefferson ’ s Secretary of State Most intelligent of Founding Fathers “ Father of the Constitution ” Won 1808 and 1812 elections

19 Preparing for War European Tensions Native Americans  Brothers Tecumseh & the “Prophet”  Shawnee Leaders  Wanted to Preserve Traditional Native American Life Style  Angered Over U.S. Government’s Mistreatment of Native American Treaties  Gov. William Henry Harrison Attacks Prophetstown in 1811  Battle of Tippecanoe

20 The War of 1812: Causes US desired Spanish Florida (Spain and England allied) British impressment Secure a foreign market for US crops “ War Hawks ” Clay-Speaker of the House Calhoun-leading Rep.

21 Vision of the War Hawks

22 Fighting Begins Britain distracted by Napoleon until 1813 Invasion of Canada fails Harrison defeats Tecumseh Jackson ravages Indians in Florida

23 War American Navy Wins Battle On Lake Erie Tecumseh Killed In October Of 1813 Andrew Jackson Defeated Creeks in Alabama & Seminoles of Florida Four Major British Forces Maine, New York, Maryland, & New Orleans Washington D.C. Burned Dolly Madison White House & Capital Burned Storm Slowed British Advancement

24 War Continued Frances Scott Key-Battle Of Fort McHenry Battle Of New Orleans Andrew Jackson 71 American Deaths, 2036 British Deaths American Victory Fought After Treaty to End the War Was Signed Treaty Of Ghent Hartford Convention Pushed By New England Federalists For Secession Led to the Death of the Federalist Party, Dead By 1820

25 America Impression of British-Indian Alliance

26 The Burning of Washington

27 Hartford Convention Opposition grows as war enters 1815 Federalists in New England meet Considered secession, listed grievances Right of nullification stated After New Orleans, convention looks absurd and the Federalists disappear

28 Criticism of Hartford Convention

29 Treaty of Ghent

30 Treaty of Ghent 1814 Signed before the Battle of New Orleans Did NOT address impressment (the alleged cause of the war) No real changes from 1812 Simply stopped the fighting Led to other treaties Rush-Bagot disarmed the Great Lakes Economic agreements

31 Battle of New Orleans

32 Made a hero of Andrew Jackson Over 2,000 casualties for British, about 20 for US Biggest highlight of the war

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