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Program Overview for University of Puerto Rico Ed Bujan, Air Force Program Liaison

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1 Program Overview for University of Puerto Rico Ed Bujan, Air Force Program Liaison

2 2 Introduction Science and Technology workforce is aging/retiring There is extensive competition for talent Government facilities have a recruiting disadvantage Waiting on security clearances is problematic What if you could hand-pick top researchers from leading universities and groom them for employment with your facility through a structured internship program?

3 3 Program Description  SMART is a DoD Civilian Scholarship-for-Service Program  Purpose: To combat the growing deficiency of Science and Technology employees in the DoD  Part of the National Defense Education Program  Funded through the Office of the Secretary of Defense  Managed by the Naval Postgraduate School – Executive agent: Dr. Knox Millsaps ( – Program manager: Ms. Deborah Shifflett (

4 4 Program Funding History 2006 Permanent Program $13.8 million 2007 First Full Year $26.6 million 2008 Second Year $34 million

5 5 Program Award History 2005 Pilot Program 2006 Permanent Program 32 awards 2007 First Full Year 106 awards 2008 Second Year 213 awards 2009* Third Year 225 awards *projected

6 6 Program Details What SMART Pays: – Full tuition – Annual stipend of $25,000 - $41,000 – Health insurance – Book allowance – Paid summer internships at DoD laboratories – All major travel expenses

7 7 What the Students Receive Potentially debt free degree Opportunity to work with technological leaders in world class facilities Work with technology available only in the DoD Mentorship - jump start professional and social network Post-graduation employment with advancement opportunities Unique opportunity to serve their country

8 8 Applicant Requirements United States citizen Ability to obtain and maintain a security clearance 18 years of age as of August 1st of funding year Minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale Approved discipline/field of study Interest in research Summer internships Undergraduates: must be currently enrolled Graduate applicant: must have taken the GRE within five years

9 9 Funding Options SMART Funds:  AA, BS, MS, PhD  Single and dual degree programs  As little as one academic term up to 5 years

10 10 Fields of Study Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering Biosciences Chemical Engineering Chemistry Civil Engineering Cognitive, Neural, and Behavioral Science Electrical Engineering Geosciences Information Sciences Materials Science and Engineering Mathematics Mechanical Engineering Naval Architecture Nuclear Engineering Ocean Engineering Oceanography Operations Research Physics Systems Engineering* SMART supports interdisciplinary programs that overlap degree fields listed above

11 11 Main Participant Responsibilities  One year of employment in your facility for every academic year funded by the program  Geographic mobility  Participation in summer internships  Academic and reporting requirements - maintain minimum GPA and full-time enrollment - timely completion of degree - educational work plan and transcript reporting

12 12 Talent Pool Massachusetts Institute of Technology Georgia Institute of Technology University of Texas University of Washington Pennsylvania State University Johns Hopkins University University of California Carnegie Mellon University University of Virginia Stanford University University of Michigan University of Southern California University of Wisconsin University of Illinois Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Texas A&M University University of Florida The Ohio State University Purdue University University of Minnesota Virginia Polytechnic Institute Michigan State University University of Colorado University of Arizona Arizona State University University of Delaware SMART has Participants in over 129 Universities

13 13 Participant Statistics  Average GPA: 3.72/4.0  Graduate Degrees:69%  Undergraduate Degrees: 31%

14 14 Retention Participants Retention participants – Target those you really need/want to retain – Push for advanced degrees SMART MIPRs the stipend plus 30% to agency Your facility can provide the difference between stipend and current salary to truly provide an incentive to the best and brightest Participant can work for you over the summer or continue to attend classes 2006 - 18.75% 2007 - 21.8%

15 15 Participating Organizations  Space and Naval Surface Warfare Systems Center  Naval Surface Warfare Center  Naval Air Warfare Center  Air Force Materiel Command  Ogden Air Logistics  Warner Robins Air Logistics Center  Army Engineer Research and Doctrine Command  Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Center Army, Air Force, Navy, NSA, DTRA, NGA, DIA

16 16 Locations

17 17 What Your Facility Receives Exceptional new employees – Talented students that are difficult to recruit – Groomed in your facility over time through mentoring and internships – SECRET level security clearance in place for multi-year participants Advanced education of current valuable employees No cost to you…all recruiting, tuition, stipends, internship salaries, health care, book allowances, and travel are paid by SMART

18 18 Facility Requirements Applicant selection…prepare accurate projections – Match applicant degree pursuits and timelines with research needs – Interview before nominate Structured internship with meaningful work Mentors – Guide students through education/internships – Act as liaison between the student and facility Administrative requirements – CAC – Advance security clearance requirements – Feedback on student performance – Negotiate post-graduation salary and benefits Provide a permanent position for SMART graduates

19 19 Long Term Requirements Promote the program within your organization Provide panel members for application screening – Work with service liaison to get on selection board – Every January in the DC area; travel at no cost to you

20 20 How to Participate How to participate – Notify the SMART Program Office – Assign a point of contact to coordinate SMART efforts – Identify your workforce requirements and develop long-term requirements Other considerations – Your facility will decide how to best use and implement this program…let us act as a service provider – Allow SMART to serve as an integral part of your workforce development plan – Establish a written internal policy for using SMART…we can provide a template

21 21 Successful Implementation Success begins with accurate workforce projections Match student timelines and interests with facility needs Use internship periods to prepare Participants for full-time employment Prepare facility for hiring Participants after graduation Selection Internship Post- Graduation Employment Create Projections

22 22 Application & Selection Timeline

23 23 Additional Information For SMART program information Email: Phone: (210) 565-1775

24 24 Be SMART

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