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Internship with Pathways Church Karissa Liebe Evelyn Mostrom.

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1 Internship with Pathways Church Karissa Liebe Evelyn Mostrom

2 Description- Karissa  My internship at Pathways is a support position for the Pastors, and training in how to run a ministry  Write note sheets for sermons  Update data bases  Direct girls ministry

3 Description- Evelyn  My position involves assisting with the direction of youth services and implementing creative elements into our events, as well as connecting with guests  Write/direct skits & drama  Help design promo material  Worship team administrative liaison (work with worship leader)  Write notes to and call guests

4 Goals- Karissa  Youth Ministry Goals  Develop a stronger, and healthier leadership team  Do better at guest follow up  Create new events  Girls ministry Goals  Create a strong group of core girls  Start a website  50 girls involved by the end of the year

5 Goals- Evelyn  Worship Team Goals  Schedule more rehearsals  New music  Recruit musicians  Creative Goals  Utilize different creative elements  More skits & drama, less videos  More games in services = more involvement from students

6 Research Summary  The theme for this year of ministry is excellence. My work will need to be done with that in mind  We are very goal oriented. If you can’t explain to someone where you want to be you will probably never get there.

7 Time Line  Main Events  Youth Convention Oct  Adora every other Sunday  Preaching November 19 and 20  Winter drama production  Revolve Tour March 10

8 To Do  Get Website running  Create new bible study curriculum  Note sheets  Leadership meeting material  Meet with worship leaders on regular basis  Collaborate with youth pastor on winter drama presentation

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