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MONTH 14 Grid System: Set-up grid with 7 teams.

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1 MONTH 14 Grid System: Set-up grid with 7 teams.
The Weston inverted funnel. Team approach vs. Staff approach By Dr. Owen Weston DMin, PhD.

2 Summary of Last month: Going to 2 services and “Satelliting”.
How to double your crowd with 2 services or with starting a satellite campus Why 2 Services or sites: Double your crowd, double your venue, double your options, double your disciples– workers, Reach a new “Demographic” and Really conquering your city or area for Christ The right way of going to 2 Services or 2 sites: with 6 month preparation of people, teams (worship, children and Front -door, Shock and awe, etc).

3 24 to Double Schedule of Monthly Training 2st Year: 2nd Month
What is the next big event on the calendar for which we can challenge our congregation to bring friends? Plan the event (when, what, how, who) How to bring the crowds (from the congregation / marketing) Getting people involved (in production, in preparation) Getting the program ready (who is in charge and who is helping) Getting the people ready (love the visitors)

4 How and why do these teams grow a church?
Let’s start with a model or diagram– a river of humanity flowing down to destruction. But all along this river are “Fishers of Men” -Churches reaching the lost out of this river. 1 problem we cannot use hooks??


6 Each of these inverted funnels represent churches trying to fish for souls out of this river of humanity. There are all different types and colors but the ones that grow large are doing it better! What are they doing ? Using teams of fishermen not just one fisherman. There are 7 teams that make a church successful:

7 THE 3 ESSENTIALS B (believe and worship) A (at all costs C (connect and reach the lost) serve)

8 These 3 essential make up a pyramid for churches to be successful
These 3 essential make up a pyramid for churches to be successful. A)Reach the lost, B)Worship and Believe) and C) Serve through connection groups. AND There are 7 connection groups or teams to help use do these 3 essentials

9 7th Team 6th Team 5th Team 4th Team 3rd Team 2nd Team 1st Team
Disciples 7th Team 6th Team 5th Team 4th Team 3rd Team 2nd Team 1st Team

10 DISCIPLES Music Prayer Preaching Altar Calls
Less $ Harder More Results © O. Weston 1st TEAM 2nd TEAM 5th TEAM CITY (SATELLITE) TARGET AUDIENCE (O.R.) NATION (SATELLITE) WORLD (MISSIONS) Marketing Big Events Baptisms Baby Dedications Weddings Etc. Parking Outside Greeters Inside Greeters Ushers Shuttlers 3rd TEAM Banner LCD Signs Drama Ambience Video 4th TEAM Music Prayer Preaching Altar Calls Pastor Meals Visits Phones Letters Follow Up 6th TEAM Small Groups Youth Teams 7th TEAM Children Nursery DISCIPLES Team 5-Fold Leadership Administrator Prophet Evangelist Pastoral Teacher More $ Easier Less Results

11 These teams need to be structured Biblically: so we use the Ephesians 4 model.
People need to be plugged into ministry according to their Gifts and passion (area or ministry they enjoy doing). The following chart shows how the Ephesians 4 model works (NOTE: the numbering and order of teams Changes from 1st year to 2nd)


13 The following blank chart is what each church should fill out for the teams in their churches (2x3 foot erasable chart is available for $50). The “Fishers of Men” order of teams is different from the order we used to get 24 to Double started.


15 7 teams: Cullman uses banners in their foyer to help people choose or know which team they prefer.






21 The key to growing this church…
Everyone discovers their gifts and passion Everyone signs up for a team of their choice and passion Everyone is trained and helped to use the gift God has given them Everyone helps you reach your family and friends

WHEN DO WE START TRAINING???? Next month BRING YOUR OUTREACH TEAM next month to this training.

23 The goal of OUTREACH is to have every family pray for God to help them bring another family to the church whom we can disciple. “Go into all the world and make disciples,” is the mandate from Jesus.

24 A true disciple brings someone to Jesus
1 Family = = Families Disciple A true disciple brings someone to Jesus (Andrew –Peter, etc) We will help you do this over 12 months

25 SUMMARY OF MONTH 14 We looked at how to become churches who are “Fishers of men”. We saw it took 7 teams to actively fish souls from the river of humanity. These 7 teams are in the order so as to “fish for men” and take them through into becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. Finally we realized Paul in Ephesians 4, shows us how to structure church leadership in a 5-fold model that proves to be not only Biblical but the most successful way of structuring the church. As a church we not only need to have these 7 teams put into place in the next 12 months but we need to structure them according to the Ephesian 5-Fold model of leadership.

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