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Your Strength Is Their Future Merrillville High School Internships.

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2 Your Strength Is Their Future Merrillville High School Internships

3 What are our high school student internship programs? Work-based career exploration (PCI) Capstone experience (ICE)

4 Advantages for Merrillville develops good community-school relationship  encourages young adults to stay in Merrillville  brings recognition to town for partnering with MHS  establishes sense of social responsibility

5 Advantages for YOU, the business  give feedback to MCSC curriculum to teach important skills/knowledge  reduce training/costs if student hired after internship ends  Grow work force  provide mentoring by sharing expertise and serve as positive role models for young adults

6 Advantages for Merrillville Schools  Broadens curriculum utilizing community resources  Meets needs of changing society  Fosters differences in interests & abilities of students  Establishes positive relationship with community  Provides interaction with professionals outside school who are mentors to our young adults  Promotes assessment towards realistic career goals

7 The student internship IS… - applying skills developed in the classroom - exploring career opportunities - learning new competencies in the real world The student internship IS NOT… - earning money - getting out of school - free labor

8 Career oriented student intern Parents / Guardians Site Supervisor/ Mentor MHS Coordinator Advisory Committee Administrator /Guidance The Participants

9 Application, interview & screening process for students Structured concurrent classroom instruction Careful placement of students Orientation for internship site supervisor/mentor Internship agreement & training plan Student career development Assessment, evaluation & feedback HOW IT WORKS

10 Requirements of Department of Labor, State of Indiana Training is for the benefit of the student intern. Intern cannot displace regular employees Site derives no immediate advantages. On occasion, operations may be impeded. Intern not necessarily entitled to job at conclusion of internship. No wage entitlement for time spent in training.

11 Your strength is their future…

12 Q & A

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