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Internship Summer 07’ at Lex’s of Cary Town Savannah Slasor.

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1 Internship Summer 07’ at Lex’s of Cary Town Savannah Slasor

2 Daily Duties Some of the daily duties consisted of: Writing our daily promotions on the sidewalk sign Changing mannequins and displays Basic cleaning duties like swiffering, windexing windows, and displays. Rearranging the store Processing freight Pricing merchandise Marking down non selling merchandise Cashier Fitting room and wardrober Taking messages and arranging meetings for Lisa

3 Fun things we did outside of the store…. Lisa, the owner, took all of the employees, including myself, to The Boathouse Restaurant for dinner. The boathouse is an upscale restaurant that is on a lake at Sunday Park, in Richmond, Va. We also had the opportunity to go on a team building day to Busch Gardens Europe, in Williamsburg, Va. Lisa shut the store down and treated us for a 10 hour day at Busch Gardens. The roller coaster pictured to the right is The Griffon, 205 feet down 90 degree drop. I was drug on this ride!

4 Some of the displays I did in my time at Lex’s!

5 My Co- Workers! Left to right: Liz, Lisa (Owner), Gigi (store manager), Ellen, and Me Others that worked there but are not pictured were: Amanda and Becca,

6 Pictures of The Store!

7 What I Learned working here… Great communication skills with customers Personal selling tactics Pricing methods other than 50% key stoning To keep a client book and call when new merchandise comes in, IT WORKS! Fitting room and wardrobe skills (always have add ons in rooms because most of the time if clients buy anything, its that!) This was also a requirement of all employees, as stated in the handbook Analyzing non sellers and marking merchandise down

8 Brands Carried by Lex’s Casual Renee C. Unyx Ariella Tamarus Formal Wear Jessica Mcclintok Ariella Giovanni Scala

9 The Watermelon Festival Annual Watermelon Festival! Lots of fresh watermelon Live music Thousands of people walking Cary Street Huge amount of $ for the store Games/ Food I got to work our tent outside the store where we sold sunglasses and discounted items.

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