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Internships Help Students & Employers Achieve Their Goals Cooperative Work Experience Education College of the Canyons An Award-Winning Program.

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2 Internships Help Students & Employers Achieve Their Goals Cooperative Work Experience Education College of the Canyons An Award-Winning Program

3 How Long Has Cooperative Work Experience Education Existed? In 2006 the Cooperative Work Experience Education movement in the United States reached its 100 th anniversary Founded by Herman Schneider, Dean of Engineering, at the University of Cincinnati Goals:  Bridge the gap between college & industry to prepare young engineers for practical work after graduation  Gain formally recognized practical training as part of their education

4 What Does The Research Show? NACE 2004 Experiential Education Survey  Nearly 58% of students who served internships were offered full-time employment with their internship employers  Nearly half of the employers said they offer higher starting salaries to graduates with internship/co-op experience  53% of college hires listed internship experience on their resumes

5 Additional Research The Benefits of Workplace Experiences 4/05 Interns & CWEE students:  Find jobs faster & earn more money than their classmates because they have experience Chancellor:  Recommends the integration of work-based learning throughout the curriculum College of the Canyons:  Integrating internship throughout CTE curriculum  CWEE internships are required or recommended in 25 programs

6 Why Integrate WBL/Internships Throughout The Curriculum? CCTE Model Curriculum Standards (AB1412): “Education must prepare all students for careers” Economic Development is a mission of Ca. CCs (AB1497): “Strengthen the relationship between school & work by reducing the gap between academics & vocation” 2001 BOG implemented “Ladders of Opportunity”  Goal is to combine classroom instruction, career development & workplace training New Perkins IV (VTEA) performance standard:  Placement or retention in employment

7 Statewide Assessment of CTE February 07 by West Ed College, Student & Employer Needs:  Difficulty in staying informed about workplace needs  Difficulty in recruiting industry partners  Lack of paid workplace opportunities  Students lack of appropriate workplace attitudes & habits  Students need to learn in the context of doing something real Internship development & placement can help address those needs

8 Our Internship Website Brings Students & Employers Together Employers can easily submit internships online @ 660 employers posted internships since April 2002 768 students completed internships Internships available in 59 majors/disciplines 106+ paid internships currently available Students can search for internships & apply online Company names are not usually viewable by students Screened applications are sent to the employer Employer schedules interviews & notifies CWEE of selection to ensure student enrolls & receives college credit

9 CWEE Website Employer information including FLSA guidelines  Register & submit an internship Student internship information  Search function, online application, & “Perfect Interview” Website Downloads:  Student Handbook  How to Write Workplace Objectives  Tips for Internship Success  Interview Dos & Don’ts Institutional R & D conducts electronic Employer & SLO Surveys & publishes an annual report

10 Why Do Employers Want Interns? (2,881 Internships Posted Since 4/02) Highly Motivated College Interns:  Provide outstanding assistance to overloaded employees  Contribute to business success by increasing productivity  Introduce innovative, fresh ideas and talent Effective recruitment & screening method “An opportunity to help educate and train our future workforce”

11 Is Work Experience Relevant To Student Goals? Student Goals - AACC National Survey of 200,000: To be self-reliant To have a steady and secure job To make a lot of money To meet new and interesting people CWEE & Internships help students achieve their goals!

12 How Do Students Benefit Through The Integration Of Internships? Internships provide students with: Relevance (connection between school & jobs) A seamless transition from school to career On-the-job applied education Training using current technologies Linkages to career pathways Opportunities to acquire job skills & create an employment history

13 Internships May Also Improve Educational Completion Rates College of the Canyons Graduate Exit Survey – “Barriers to Completing Education in a Timely Fashion”  Deciding Educational Goals (23%)  Choosing a Career (16%) “It is difficult for young people to make sound career-life choices without testing them in the real world of practical experience…” Daniel Yankelovich “…sequencing education first & work later forces young people to make fateful choices before they are equipped to do so, or worse, to postpone them until it is too late” Daniel Yankelovich Internships help students make educational & career choices

14 What Do Students Want? According to The Silent Epidemic – Perspectives of High School Dropouts, March 2006: “Make school more relevant & engaging” “Enhance connection between school & work” 81% said they want more opportunities for real-world learning (internships, service learning, etc.) Students need to see the connection between school & getting a good job

15 How Did COC Create 2,881 Internships Since April 2002? “Grow Your Business w/College Interns” brochure Launched internship website with a press release “Increase Productivity w/College Interns” brochure “Help Wanted?” flyer Targeted employers using:  Industry Guide  Valley Industrial Association  Chamber of Commerce  HR Managers  Adjunct faculty

16 Marketing Internships/CWEE to Students (106+ Paid Internship Available Fall 08) Emails to students, faculty & entire campus Emails provide internship descriptions & links Student email addresses sorted by major Online application to COC  Interested in internships?  7,287 from May 05 – July 08 Hard copy application to COC  Hours I expect to work

17 Marketing To Students “Where Will You Find a Job?” brochure Flyers & Posters:  “Research Shows” flyers  “Learn More; Earn More” flyers & posters  Download at Banner in A & R/Counseling building 10 minute testimonial video Presentations: Board of Trustees, Divisions, Departments, Counseling, MAC, Classes etc. Internship bullets & URL on faculty syllabi & dept. websites

18 Sources Of Funding District 2000/2001  Initially funded Director position & one PT staff Partnership for Excellence 2000/2001  $35,000: part-time staff & marketing School-to-Career 2001/2002  $40,000: website development & marketing Tech Prep 2003/04, 2004/05, 2005/06  $7,550 per year: internship development/placement PT staff District 2003/04, 2004/05, 2005/06  $42,168 per year: part-time staff, supplies, printing, mileage etc. (does not include Director’s compensation) District 2007-2008  $55,398

19 How Can You Help Students & Employers Achieve Their Goals? Advocate for new Perkins IV & SB70 funding to develop internship programs Integrate WBL throughout the curriculum Promote internship development / placement Publicize your internship success stories Share your internship marketing materials Replicate & improve model programs

20 Questions, Comments, Suggestions? Thank You! Contacts: Stan Wright, College of the Canyons 661-362-3889, Antonio Diaz, Artificestudios 661-607-3007

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