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GRADUATE SCHOOL 101. Student FAQs Why Should I Go to Graduate School? How Can I Pay for Graduate School? How Do I Apply for Graduate School? How Do I.

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2 Student FAQs Why Should I Go to Graduate School? How Can I Pay for Graduate School? How Do I Apply for Graduate School? How Do I Apply for a GEM Fellowship? Where Can I Go to Graduate School? Tips For Securing Fellowships?

3 Our mission … ENHANCE the value of the nation’s human capital by increasing the participation of underrepresented groups (African Americans, American Indians, and Hispanic Americans) at the master’s and doctoral levels in engineering and science.

4 Advanced degree benefits Increased compensation –Higher starting salary –Greater ability to earn independently Enhanced career flexibility –Competitive advantage –Greater choice of work –Greater mobility Fortified self-confidence –Demonstrated ability to perform rigorous tasks

5 Identifies you as a LEADER A seat at the table Solutions to some of the nation’s most pressing problems lie in science and engineering –Healthcare (AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer's) –Sustainable environment –Transportation –Communications –Strengthening civil infrastructure

6 Partners developing the pool Pre-College: Undergrad: Promotion:

7 How Can I Pay for Graduate School?

8 GEM delivers Portable fellowships to 90+ universities and research institutions –MS Engineering Fellowship Program (2.8/4.0) Minimum $10,000 stipend over 3 semesters/4 quarters Full tuition and fees at GEM member university –PhD Engineering Fellowship Programn(3.0/4.0) Minimum $14,000 academic year stipend for 5 years Full tuition and fees at GEM member university –PhD Science Fellowship Program Minimum $14,000 academic year stipend for 5 years Full tuition and fees at GEM member university Summer internships at 40+ employer members

9 GEM delivers even more New program! “Why Graduate School?” “Preparing for Graduate School” “The GEM Fellowship” “Voices from the Field: Real Life STEM Experiences”

10 …and more! 8 th Annual! Graduate school success The dissertation Proposal writing, research Multi-cultural issues Job search, tenure Mentoring

11 Financial aid resources GEM The Financial Aid Web site Graduate Office at your university Graduate Office at universities of interest to you Department you plan to pursue degree in McNair Scholars waives application fees. Project 1000 waives up to seven application fees E-mail:

12 /othfells.html







19 University of Wisconsin-Madison Each year the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin Madison hosts a three- day graduate recruitment event known as The Opportunities in Engineering Conference, scheduled for November 1-3, 2007. The conference gives selected students an opportunity to hear faculty research presentations, tour laboratories, meet with current graduate students and individually with faculty in the students area of interest, and tour the city of Madison as well as the UW campus. All expenses including travel, housing, and food are paid in full by the College of Engineering (with the exception of food for Saturday and Sunday). We are particularly interested in identifying underrepresented candidates including women and students of color. All applicants should be in their Junior or Senior year. Application deadline is September 28, 2007. Students are encouraged to apply on-line at: For more information on opportunities available at the University of Wisconsin, please refer students to the College of Engineering website at: (608) 263-4583 or Kelly Burton

20 UPRM GEM Alumni ProfessorDepartment Dr. Agustin Irizarry-RiveraECE Dr. Arturo HernandezChE Dr. David SuleimanChE Dr. Eduardo OrtizECE Dr. Felipe AcostaCiE Dr. Gerson BeauchampECE Mr. Iomar VargasCOMMOCA Inc. Dr. Isidoro Couvertier-ReyesECE Dra. Jeannette Santos-CorderoGeneral Eng Dr. Lionel OramaECE Dr. Lorenzo Saliceti-PiazzaChE Dra. Madeline Torres-LugoChE Dra. Sandra Cruz-PolECE Dra. Sonia M. Bartolomei-SuárezIE

21 Other financial support Research Assistantships (RA) and Teaching Assistantships (TA) –A form of financial aid where the graduate student is paid for work which is often related to the student’s studies or area of specialization. An RA pays a student to assist a professor on a research project; a TA pays a student to teach sections or classes of undergraduate courses, or to help grade papers or examinations.

22 How Do I Apply for Graduate School?

23 Graduate admissions process Graduate school application –University & department forms, questionnaires –Transcripts, letters of reference, statement of purpose –Apply for admission at GEM member universities before January 1st for additional funding opportunities –Take Graduate Record Exam (GRE) – Submit ALL documents at once

24 Graduate admissions process (continued) Recommendation letters – Ask for STRONG letters from faculty They should endorse your current academic/research performance and future capabilities If they don’t know your goals (industry, professorate, academic administration) they can’t support them in writing –Allow 2-3 weeks for letters to be written Statement of purpose –Have faculty/advisor/mentor review before submitting

25 Graduate Admissions Process (continued) Graduate Record Exam (GRE) –Two parts: General and discipline exams Includes a writing section –Computer-based exams offered continuously –Resources include search services, online practice exams, and campus workshops/seminars –Submit GRE scores with admission packet –Review Peterson’s Guide for scores (previous class) submitted at various universities; and –GRE required for funding at some universities

26 How Do I Apply for a GEM Fellowship?

27 GEM Fellowships – MS Engineering – MS Science (in development) – PhD Engineering – PhD Science

28 First year students begin exploring options now –Undergraduate research –Internships and/or co-ops in relevant industries, labs (employer list on web site) Juniors may apply –Target graduate programs at member universities (university list on web site) University alumni/ae are encouraged to apply. Apply ONLINE @ by November 15 th deadline. GEM Fellowship process

29 GEM Fellowship process (continued) Eligibility requirements –Minimum 2.8 GPA for MS Engineering Fellowship –Minimum 3.0 GPA for PhD Engineering and Science Fellowships –Submit two (one from faculty) letters of recommendation –Detailed resume –Include statement of purpose –Undergraduate and graduate transcripts –Be member of underrepresented minority group (African American, Hispanic American, and American Indian) –Be a U.S. citizen

30 GEM Fellowship process (continued) Internship Expectations: –Internships begin summer before Fall enrollment at member university except; Juniors complete three internships with employer –MS Engineering Fellows are expected to complete two internships with employer sponsor; –PhD Engineering and PhD Science Fellows are expected to intern at least once with employer; –All interns are evaluated as potential full-time employees; and –Employers pay internship salary and travel.

31 Application time line NOW: Apply online @ –Indicate up to four preferred employers on GEM application –Apply for admission to member universities –Take GRE (not necessary for GEM application) November 1: Submit complete GEM application and graduate school application December: –GEM Selection Committee matches employer intern preferences with eligible applicants February: Announcement of GEM Fellows

32 Application time line (continued) Feb: GEM Acceptance Forms Due May: Forward transcript & school selection to GEM May/June: Internship begins August/September: Fall semester begins –Meet campus GEM Representative –Meet other GEM Fellows!

33 2006 MS E Applicants vs. Selects Applicant Profile 252 (67%) African Americans 118 (31%) Latinos/a 6 ( 2%) American Indians 143 (38%) Female 276 (74%) >3.0 GPA 189 (51%) >3.3 GPA Select Profile 66 (62%) African Americans 37 (35%) Latinos/a 4 ( 4%) American Indians 44 (41%) Female 93 (87%) >3.0 GPA 70 (65%) >3.3 GPA 46 (43%) >3.5 GPA

34 2006 PhD E Applicants vs. Selects Applicant Profile 122 (56%) African Americans 90 (42%) Latinos/a 2 (1%) American Indians. 1 (1%) Other 84 (39%) Female 104 (48%) >3.5 GPA 58 (27%) >3.7 GPA Select Profile 19 (55%) African Americans 15 (44%) Latinos/a 14 (41%) Female 15 (44%) >3.5 GPA 11 (32%) >3.7 GPA

35 2006 PhD S Applicants vs. Selects Applicant Profile 78 (62%) African Americans 44 (35%) Latinos/a 3 (2%) American Indian 1 (1%) Other 70 (56%) Female 59 (46%) >3.5 GPA 39 (31%) >3.7 GPA Select Profile 14 (70%) African Americans 6 (30%) Latinos/a 10 (50%) Female 11 (55%) >3.5 GPA 7 (35%) >3.7 GPA

36 Where Can I Go To Graduate School?

37 Start Your Search Here! 90+ GEM member universities, including: MIT Cornell Columbia UTEP Georgia Tech U of Illinois Johns Hopkins U of Michigan Northwestern Penn State Princeton Purdue RIT Yale U of Puerto Rico U of Arizona UC Berkeley UC Davis UC Irvine UCLA UC San Diego FAMU U of S Florida Drexel Stanford Texas A&M Rice U of New Mexico U of Notre Dame Tuskegee

38 Researching graduate programs Library reference sources –Peterson’s Guide –Chronicle of Higher Education –Directory of Graduate Programs Request information from departments –Arrange school visits Surf the web

39 Identifying a graduate program Ask yourself: Are faculty conducting research in your area of interest? Strong infrastructure (labs, computing, library)? Does the curriculum support your interests? What is average time to degree completion? What will be your work/study environment? What are the degree requirements? Financial support available? Adequate social outlets?

40 Tips for Securing Fellowships

41 Tips Start Early Application deadlines range from early November to early February Research your options Pay attention to restrictions Some programs limit the number of credit hours you can complete before application Follow directions to the letter The Name Thing The name on your SS card, graduate school admissions application, and fellowship application should be identical Supporting documents matter Keep trying

42 Q&A

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