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SPO UVER 5-11 November 2007 Carlo Amati.

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1 SPO Internship @ UVER 5-11 November 2007 Carlo Amati

2 Internship project The internship will take place at UVER, under the supervision of Carlo Amati, and will be centred on the development of a project work. The topic of the project work is a comparison of monitoring systems for public investments at national level in Italy and in Turkey, where “monitoring system” assumes its widest meaning. The aim of the project is to identify potential opportunities of future collaborations between the two countries. Among the components of the monitoring system, specific focus will be given to the activities carried out at UVER: Data collection and integration Data analysis (Management questions and support to operational decisions) Data interpretation (Perspective vision and support to policy decisions) Project verification (checks/controls, effectiveness evaluation)

3 Project work draft summary 1) General understanding of the situation 2) Main aspects of the monitoring process - The process in Italy - The process in Turkey - A comparison between the two countries - Identification of needs and constraints 3) Description of the activities implemented during the internship - Application of the monitoring process (procedures, actors, objectives and results) - Results and strength points of the monitoring process - Opportunities for transfer of methodologies and tools 4) Conclusions

4 Workplan

5 Workplan (larger version)

6 Planned activities The activities will be organised so that, during each day, SPO staff will meet some UVER experts in order to discuss some topics and will then draw a comparison with the Turkish case. The working time will be organised as follows: 9.30-10.30 Project work 10.30-13.00 Contacts with experts 13.00-14.30 Lunch break 14.30-17.00 Contacts with experts 17.00-18.00 Project work

7 Expected results Project work Presentation of the project work at UVER Presentation in final conference


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