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Accessible and Sustainable Buildings Wai Chan Access and Sustainability Adviser Centre for Accessible Environments.

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1 Accessible and Sustainable Buildings Wai Chan Access and Sustainability Adviser Centre for Accessible Environments

2 Partnership working for access City Bridge Trust – provides Making London More Inclusive grants offering funding for access consultancy costs and building improvements (The Funder) Centre for Accessible Environments – provides Access and Sustainability Advisory Service to give technical support to applicants and help improve access to their buildings (The Access Adviser) London community groups / charities –want to provide better more accessible services to the community –so their social / arts / sports and educational activities can include more older and disabled people (The Applicant)

3 Aims of the programme There are significant barriers, physical or otherwise, that prevent disabled people from living lives that are as independent or fulfilling as they would like. We want to support work that will help remove those barriers, enable disabled people to live independently and to fully participate in society. The Funder

4 The City Bridge Trust – The Funder Making London More Inclusive: Accessible and sustainable buildings (including access audits and capital) Inclusive arts, culture and sport work which increases disabled people’s participation in sport (except where significant funding is potentially available from a sport's governing body), arts and culture. Independent living services that help people with a newly acquired or diagnosed disability to maintain choice and control in their lives work to support disabled adults and young disabled people (aged 16-25) in the transition to adulthood and/or independent living.

5 Accessible and sustainable buildings Grant aim: community buildings that are more accessible and as a result are more widely used by disabled people £5,000 towards the costs of an independent access report (and disability equalities training and related consultancy) access improvements to existing community buildings, up to a maximum of £100,000

6 Opening Doors Across London Booklet This publication is in two parts: Achievements and learning from previous projects Guidance for new access projects DoorsAcrossLondon.htm

7 Centre for Accessible Environments - The Access Adviser Specialists in inclusive design and the built environment services include: access advice training design reviews access audits publications consultation European projects

8 Specialist networks and projects The City Bridge Trust

9 Training Desk based and practical training

10 Publications Designing for Accessibility Access Audit Handbook Good Loo Design Guide Museums and Art Galleries Stairs, Ramps and Escalators Architectural Ironmongery Automatic Door Systems Glass in Buildings Internal Floor Finishes Platform Lifts

11 Access by Design CAE’s access journal, published four times a year Focus on design, disability and access to the built environment Subscribe for the special reduced international cost of £34 for the year just quote ‘Project Zero’Subscribe for the special reduced international cost of £34 for the year just quote ‘Project Zero CAE Members also receive a monthly access e-bulletin join nowjoin now

12 European Projects: Grundtvig scheme London 2012: All Inclusive Workshop Universal design: Barrier Free Environments

13 European Projects: Leonardo scheme Training Tools for Accessible Towns Transfer of innovation project CAE welcomes other projects!

14 Support from the Centre for Accessible Environments: Grant process Understanding access audits and reports Finding suitable access consultants Disability training sources Building process and regulations Access standards Inclusive approach Advice on access equipment suppliers

15 Designing for Accessibility CAE provides user-friendly access guidance

16 Independent access consultancy Applicants must have an independent access audit / report before a grant for the capital cost of the access improvements can be considered This informs the refurbishment plans and makes sure the best access solutions are implemented. The applicants choose an accredited professional consultant from the National Register of Access Consultants. (NRAC) The NRAC is a project hosted by the CAE. National Register of Access Consultants.

17 About the charities – The Applicants Local community organisations (usually charities or social enterprise) – these are grassroots organisations which aim to deliver inclusive community services or access to arts, culture and sport. Improving their accessibility will allow more community members who are older or disabled, to benefit from their activities. For example, community halls, local theatres which support disabled performers, advice centres, and accessible sports and cultural venues.

18 Examples of Accessible Buildings projects Ealing All Saints Hall – provides space for an accessible café run by people with learning disabilities, older people’s social events and day care activities for people with complex disabilities as well as community hire services Victoria Park Harriers – supports sport in the local community and provides wheelchair accessible racing facilities Good Food Matters – provides accessible food growing and cooking activities Landmark Art Centre – is a stunning heritage venue supporting local choirs, dance and art activities for disabled and older people

19 Case study: Ealing All Saints Hall

20 Victoria Park Harriers (sports club) New accessible WC Before: temporary, narrow portable ramp After: permanent, level step-free access

21 Case study: Good Food Matters Community food learning centre Cooking classes Allotments with raised accessible beds greenhouses Picnic area Height Adjustable cookers

22 Landmark Arts Centre – Access Audit Report extract funded by the City Bridge Trust

23 Landmark Arts Centre Before: Steep 1:13 gradients, narrow initial ramp and tight corner After: Gentler slopes, wider ramps, larger turning area and handrails added

24 Landmark Arts Centre Handrail added New platform lift at the side of the stage

25 For more information Wai Chan Email: + 44 (0)20 7822 8242 Twitter: @CAE_info @waiaccess

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