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2 Purpose To give clarity on the processes that need to be followed before GDE may grant permission for conducting research in Gauteng schools. To alleviate the unnecessary hiccups that we normally have when processing the research requests. To get a platform where we can be able to answer the researchers’ questions and thus avoid unnecessary problems and delays.

3 COMMON PROBLEMS Late submission of requests; Incomplete required documents; Using old email addresses; Using old application forms; Requests submitted to other directorates; Requests submitted to the districts; Requests not reaching the appropriate directorate;

4 COMMON PROBLEMS CONT… Requests to conduct research during school hours; Attachments that are too large and do not reach us; Emails that we are unable to open Forms not properly completed Group research; Amended research;

5 COMMON PROBLEMS CONT… Time frame of the permission letter; Researchers forcing us to go against GDE policies; Interview schedules and questionnaires that violate the learners’ rights; Research projects that are started prior to the approval by GDE; and Completed electronic research reports/abstracts are never submitted back to GDE as promised.

6 4. APPROVAL PROCESS Fill in the prescribed research request form on the website; Provide the GDE with all relevant details pertaining to the research study to be undertaken; and Permission will not be granted if the above is not adhered to.

7 WHAT SHOULD BE IN THE FORM? All particulars of the researcher/s; Full details of any additional person/people that would be involved in the research Purpose of the proposed research; Full Title of Thesis/Dissertation/Research Project; Value of the research to education; and Student and postgraduate particulars.

8 WHAT SHOULD BE IN THE FORM? CONT. Proposed research method/s should be indicated: o Questionnaire (copies to be supplied); o Interview (schedule to be supplied); o Use of official documents; o Workshops/group discussions; and o Standardised test (test to be supplied).

9 WHAT SHOULD BE IN THE FORM? CONT... Type of institution; Number of institutions involved; Names of institutions to be researched; Districts where the study is to be conducted; Number of learners to be involved, and their gender; Number of educators to be involved;

10 WHAT SHOULD BE IN THE FORM? CONT… Participants to be involved; Average period of time each person is to be involved; Time of day in which research is to be conducted; School term during which research will be undertaken; and Declaration by the research and supervisor to authenticate the information provided and to agree to abide by the conditions as prescribed by the GDE.

11 PRESCRIBED TIME FOR RESEARCH ACTIVITIES No Research project must be started prior to the approval by the Department No research activities are allowed in January nor during the last quarter of the year. Research period: beginning of the second week of February to the end of the third quarter i.e. end of September.

12 SPECIFIC PROVISIONS A maximum of 30 days from the date of receipt has been allocated before making a decision around granting approval. Applicants should apply for permission at least two months prior to the start of the actual undertaking.

13 ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS The test, questionnaire, interview schedules, or other materials which are intended to be used; Translated version/s where more than one language is to be used; A study permit for foreign researchers;

14 ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS CONT… The questionnaires / structured interview schedules / tests should meet the following criteria: o Education accountability; o Proper research design; o Sensitivity towards participants/ethical considerations; o Correct content and terminology; o Acceptable grammar; and o Absence of non-essential / superfluous items.

15 ACCOMPANYING DOCUMENTS CONT… The researcher should resubmit the modified proposal if there are any modifications from the original approved proposal, Should indicate that it is a modified proposal and the reasons for the modification. The researcher may only continue subject to the approval of the Department. Failure to adhere to the procedures described in the proposal will lead to prosecution

16 RESTRICTIONS & OBLIGATIONS Permission for research to be conducted during school hours: only in exceptional circumstances. The consent of the Principal and the SGB (if at a school) and the relevant Director (if at a district/head office) must be obtained when determining appropriate time/s for conducting research.

17 ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS There should be written consent of parents and learners before involving any learner/s in their research study Consent letters should include: o Aims of the research; o The right to remain anonymous; o Questions asked should not be insulting or embarrassing; o Use of monitoring devices e.g. tape recorders and cameras should be open, and fully understood by the people concerned.

18 ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS CONT… Results should be consonant with the respondent’s right to welfare, dignity and privacy; and There should be no exploitation of respondents for personal gain.

19 APPROVAL Applicants will be informed in writing whether or not their application has been successful, In cases where: o An applicant is not successful, he/she will be provided with reasons. o Study/ies involving medical testing of learners in schools shall not be permitted.

20 RESEARCH INVOLVING MORE THAN ONE RESEARCHER The form should include full personal details of all the people who will be involved in data collection Each individual should also complete a declaration form. A team leader should complete a research request form while all other individuals involved in the project complete personal information and a declaration form.

21 APPROVAL Successful applicant will be provided with the ff: o a letter identifying him/her as a GDE approved researcher for the duration of his/her research; o The name/s and location/s of persons to make contact with at District and/or Head Office; Expected to produce the letter (original) as identification to the District Director and the school when they meet.

22 AFTER COMPLETION Supply GDE with the following: o A PDF electronic copy; o The abstract and GDE analysis tool with research findings and recommendations of the final approved research report, thesis or dissertation; and Failure to submit the above-mentioned records may result in GDE not granting the institution permission to conduct research in any of its institutions in future.

23 AFTER COMPLETION CONT... Should the researcher have been involved with research at a school and/or a district/head office level, the Director concerned must also be supplied with the ff: o A pdf electronic copy, o The abstract o GDE analysis tool with research findings and recommendations of the final approved research report, thesis or dissertation

24 APPLICATION FORM Latest copy of the research request form, especially the last page

25 Thank you Kea leboga Ngiyabonga Ndzankhensa Ndolivhuha Ndiyabulela Baie dankie Kea leboha


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