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Types of software Unit 11.1B Software engineering.

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1 Types of software Unit 11.1B Software engineering


3 LESSON STARTER  What is the difference between these types of software?  Are there are any similarities ?  Why do we need different types of software?  Can you explain what each one does?

4 Application or system software? Application Software

5 Type of software  Link:  http://www.teach- software/types_sw/miniweb/index.htm http://www.teach- software/types_sw/miniweb/index.htm  Quizzes:  http://www.teach- software/types_sw/quizzes_types_sw.html http://www.teach- software/types_sw/quizzes_types_sw.html

6 Research Task. Using the following links and resources, answer the following questions on Types of Software : 1. What is software ? 2. What are the two main categories of software? 3. What is the difference between System and Application Software. 4. Describe what an OS ( Operating System ) is and its main functions. 5. Name 3 brands of Operating Systems.

7 Research Task. Using the following links and resources, answer the following questions on Types of Software : 6. What is an interface ? 7. Where would you find an interface being used? 8. Explain what utility software is and why it is essential? 9. Name 3 types of utility software and how they are useful. 10. What is a driver and why do you need one(them)? 11. Application software – explain what its purpose is and give 5 examples you can use everyday.

8 Extension activity  investigate open source & closed source operating systems, explaining the pros and cons of each type as well as giving examples of both types of operating system  which do you think is best? Why? Support your arguments with references and examples from your own experiences or news articles and new stories.

9 Bespoke & ‘off the shelf’ software  Bank Security  Governments  Scientific Research Microsoft Windows iMovie Garage Band Flash Player Adobe PDF Reader

10 Bespoke & ‘off the shelf’ software  Link:  g/ocr/213_software/custom_offshelf/mini web/index.htm g/ocr/213_software/custom_offshelf/mini web/index.htm  Quizzes:  http://www.teach- e/custom_offshelf/quizzes_custom_offshelf _sw.html http://www.teach- e/custom_offshelf/quizzes_custom_offshelf _sw.html

11 Bespoke & ‘off the shelf’ software mindmap task  What is difference between these two?  Where would you find these being used in the real world ?  Give examples of ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke software. 

12 Which would be best for the following scenarios and situations; 1. Medical Surgery 2. Bank in New York City 3. Your house & home 4. An office 5. Rocket research science lab 6. Secret Government Departments 7. Making a slideshow about volcanoes

13 Operating System Software  Link:  http://www.teach- perating_system_functions/miniweb/ m http://www.teach- perating_system_functions/miniweb/ m  Quizzes:  http://www.teach- perating_system_functions/quizzes_os_functio ns.html http://www.teach- perating_system_functions/quizzes_os_functio ns.html

14 Operating System Software Task  Prepare in pairs a slideshow presentation for the class on Operating Systems  You will be assigned a different aspect to research and prepare  Make your presentation visual, interesting and accurate  Use your own words. Do not copy and paste. That makes a boring presentation!

15 Utilities software Task 1. Describe the common purpose of utility software 2. Give 5 examples of utility software and a description of each 3. Explain what a virus is and describe how you can protect you system again one. 4. What are the ways that you can transfer files from one device from another. Describe these fully. 5. Why is it important for your system to automatically update its software? 6.

16 Utilities software  Link:  http://www.teach- e/utilities/miniweb/index.htm http://www.teach- e/utilities/miniweb/index.htm  Quizzes:  http://www.teach- e/utilities/quizzes_utilities.html http://www.teach- e/utilities/quizzes_utilities.html

17 Revise Fundamentals of Computer Systems: Classification of software REVISION RESOURCES  Main page – revise from these notes and complete questions and answers from each section  Fundamentals of Computer Systems: Classification of software Fundamentals of Computer Systems: Classification of software  Libraries, Compilers & Translators - revise from these notes and complete questions and answers from each section  Libraries, Compilers & Translators Libraries, Compilers & Translators

18 SMART Project Management Task  Imagine you are in charge of developing a new smart phone, the Pebble  Using the SMART criteria, explain how you would take this product from start to finish  You can use any format you wish for this assignment – prezi, bubblus mindmap, slideshow or a Wordel  You have 20 minutes for this task

19 Software Engineering  Project Management  How do you compete a successful project?  How do you delegate?  How can you plan?

20 SMART Project Management Plenary Questions 1. What is SMART? 2. What does SMART stand for? 3. Examples where SMART may be used in the real world? 4. Which do you think is the most important? 5. Why? 

21 System Life Cycle Starter  ze/ict/system/ ze/ict/system/  System Life Cycle Plenary  csebitesize/ict/quizengine?quiz=impleme nting;templateStyle=ict csebitesize/ict/quizengine?quiz=impleme nting;templateStyle=ict

22 System Life Cycle Task  Reading the notes about the different phases of the System Life Cycle from each section and prepare to discuss back to the class  level_Computing/AQA/Problem_Solving,_Pro gramming,_Data_Representation_and_Practi cal_Exercise/Systems_Development_Life_Cycl e level_Computing/AQA/Problem_Solving,_Pro gramming,_Data_Representation_and_Practi cal_Exercise/Systems_Development_Life_Cycl e

23 Agile versus Waterfall… 1. Using the links below, compare the Agile & Waterfall methods and give any advantages and disadvantages of each method 2. Which projects do you think are most suited to each type? Examples?  This is to be handwritten and given in on Wednesday by 9 am in my pigeon hole (teachers’ shelf by the old chess room  development-methodologies-agile-vs-waterfall- 012266.php development-methodologies-agile-vs-waterfall- 012266.php  waterfall-is-there-a-real-winner/ waterfall-is-there-a-real-winner/

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