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Federal SOA for E-Government The Top Ten Things You Need to Know for YouTube October 15, 2011 DRAFT 1

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1 Federal SOA for E-Government The Top Ten Things You Need to Know for YouTube October 15, 2011 DRAFT 1

2 Overview 1. Origins 2. Purpose 3. Mission Statement 4. Leadership and Partnerships 5. First Conference 6. MITRE SOA and Cloud White Papers 7. Our 12 th Conference 8. Feedback 9. Video Highlights and Press Coverage 10. Our 2012 Plans 2

3 1. Origin 3 Roy Mabry of the Federal Chief Information Officer Council’s Architecture and Infrastructure Committee asked Brand Niemann to start the Federal SOA Community of Practice in January 2006.

4 2. Purpose Purposes (as suggested in questions by Roy Mabry, Co-Chair, AIC Governance Subcommittee): – What SOA is and isn't? – Where the CoP sees SOA going in the future? – What benefit it will have for improving efficiency and effectiveness of government operations? – What will have to change in policy and governance as we know it to transform government to better share information across organizational boundaries and better serve the citizen? 4

5 3. Mission Statement The Federal SOA CoP is an open community of practice fostered to assist government and commercial organizations in achieving the promise of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) through collaboration, demonstration and community efforts. The Federal SOA CoP is open to all. Participation is encouraged by users, who want to better understand how SOA may benefit their organization, by academia who may want to discuss research directions, and by standards organizations and vendors who would like to better understand user needs and help users better understand how the SOA approach can benefit their organization. 5

6 4. Leadership and Partnerships Federal SOA CoP: – First Co-chairs, Greg Lomow, BearingPoint and Brand Niemann, US EPA – Current Co-Chairs, David Mayo, Everware-CBDI, and AJ Budhraja, US Department of Justice, IR, CTO MITRE SOA CoP: – Gabe Galvan, Lead for SOA, and Rick Tucker, Greg Linden, Fran Dougherty, and Rose Tyksinski ACT/IAC (Industry Advisory Council), Vendors, and Academia 6

7 5. First Conference The First Service Oriented Architecture for E- Government Conference, May 23-24, 2006, at MITRE, included the following: – Preparation (Six Months of Community Building and Pilot Work) – Line of Business Demonstration and Readiness Assessment – Two-Day Agenda with Presentations, Panels, and Tutorials – Special Recognitions – Exhibits – Start of knowledgebase (see URL below) 7

8 6. MITRE SOA & Cloud White Papers 8

9 7. Our 12 th Conference 9 Theme: Service Orientation – Practical Models Across the Federal Government. Top Four Reasons To Attend: Find out what’s working from SOA experts and program leaders delivering results on Federal programs. Network with peers across the Federal government including architects, senior IT and business executives. Leverage panel discussions to exchange ideas and hear “how-to” advice from SOA project leaders and decision makers. Discover the latest products and technologies that can help simplify your SOA implementation in the exhibitor showcase.

10 8. Sample Feedback What went especially well? – Panel – The cloud standards customer council was of great interest to me. The access to white papers was also very helpful. What changes would you like to see? – None – A hard copy of the speakers' slides before they speak. Either handed out at the conference or downloadable from the web. What would make the conference more relevant for you? – Hold an earlier "beginners" session for those new to area – Suggested pre-readings for helping make sure we all have a common background to build on. Suggestions for topics, speakers, etc. for future conferences – Strong focus on difference between cloud and service – SOA in terms of the FEA reference models 10 Source: Compiled from Feedback Forms Collected at 12 th Conference.

11 9. Video Highlights and Press Coverage INSERT CLIP OF JULIE’S VIDEO 11

12 10. Our 2012 Plans I (Rose) would also like to discuss the timing of our 2012 conference(s), Webinar(s), TEM(s). We may find that we can serve more people and become more visible if we have a variety of events using different communication channels. I am sharing the MITRE Auditorium availability dates below to support part of this discussion. – Monday, June 4 – Thursday, June 7 – Monday, June 11 – Thursday, June 14 – Monday, June 18 – Tuesday, September 25 We have reservations for two dates in April. However, on these dates we weren’t able to reserve the auditorium for the entire day. At least not yet. – Tuesday April 3, 7:00AM-2:30PM – Tuesday April 24, 7:00AM-3:00PM 12

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