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DOL level 4 week 20 Analogy accelerator : go - ________: stop

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1 DOL level 4 week 20 Analogy accelerator : go - ________: stop
country : Canada - ________ :Idaho 1. have you saw how the smoke has leaved the room 2. dear dr meadows news trails is a good magazine that learns the reader about our country brake state

2 Pledge

3 Fluency 6 min. reading solution

4 Objectives day 5 Students will review Contractions

5 Word Structure day 5 whether chews biography generation knew school
whole entire candlelight vault big bigger late later react hardest fastest photograph perilous safe he’s wasn’t he’ll we’ve they’re Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 Line 5 Can you pick out the Contractions and tell what two words are the base words.

6 Vocabulary lesson 5 declared independence legislator liberty
John declared that he was rich! The colonies declared their independence from England Past tense of declare; announce. Freedom from control of another country legislator liberty I contacted my legislator when I needed help. The prisoner wanted his liberty. Freedom to act, think, speak freely. Member of government that makes laws.

7 Vocabulary lesson 5 colonies site rumors distract
He found an excellent building site The ca The new settlers made colonies dates had a series of debates. Settlement formed by people coming to a new land. A location; a place to build rumors distract She felt bad about the rumors about her family He tried to distract his mother to avoid punishment. To draw attention away from what someone is doing. Plural of rumor; story without proof

8 Vocabulary lesson 4 provisions permanent Lasting, not temporary.
He prepared a lot of provisions to take to camp. The injury will leave a permanent scar. Lasting, not temporary. Plural provision; food or necessary items

9 Spelling Higher Would Phrase Pitcher Hamper Cloudier Scarier Quieter
Gloomiest narrowest don’t weren’t would’ve concentrate scarcest

10 higher would phrase pitcher hamper concentrate cloudier scarier quieter gloomiest narrowest scarcest don’t weren’t would’ve

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