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Introduction to the Laboratories of Bio and Soft-matters 陳志強 中央研究院物理研究所 中央大學生物物理研究所.

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1 Introduction to the Laboratories of Bio and Soft-matters 陳志強 中央研究院物理研究所 中央大學生物物理研究所

2 Content Overview of Biophysics in Academia Sinica (15 min) Laboratory of Soft and Biomatter (30 min) Effects of Conformations of DNA on some Physical and Biological Problems Communications in Excitable Networks

3 Institute of Physics Academia Sinica Theory / High Energy Nano/Surface Complexity

4 Research Opportunities in Academia Sinica 李世炳 - System Biology 梁鈞泰 - Flocking 周家復 - Nano/Bio devices 林耿慧 - Self-Assembly 阮文滔 - Single molecule DNA 陳彥龍 - Single DNA in Microfluidics 李定國 - Protein folding 胡進錕 - Protein folding, DNA and etc

5 Laboratory of Bio and Softmatters Softmatter -- de Gennes in the 90s Energy comparable to KT, many degree of freedom (complexity) Nonlinearity and Cooperativity Polymers - proteins, DNA Networks - polymers, bio-chemical reactions, cells and neurons

6 People Involved 陳志強 * 黎璧賢 ( 中大 ) 賈魯強 ( 元培 ) Lab: 519 (NCU) Lab: 320 (Academia Sinica)

7 Nonlinear Phenomena from Soft-matters Effects of Conformations of DNA on some Physical and Biological Problems

8 Turbulent Drag Reduction by Polymers

9 Passive Drag Reduction  Change of B.C. Drag Reduction = less dissipation by turbulence Shark Skin Swimming SuitAirplane Skin Coverage


11 Trans-Alaska Pipeline (internal flow) 1287 Km 5~25ppm Injected every 100Km 25%DR up to D=1.2m

12 Why DNA ?

13 Structure of DNA

14 Why DR with DNA ? 1.DNA is very long - can be much longer than  2. DNA processes secondary structure - elastic properties different from polymers 3. Structure can be changed by pH or temperature - Good probe for turbulence ?

15 Setup (1) Motor (2) Flexible couple ring (3) Torque sensor (4) Fluid container (5) Rotating disk (1) (2)(3) (5) (4) Lambda DNA - Promega Corporation / U.S.A. - Size: 48,502bp - Commonly used substrate in restriction enzyme activity assay. - Storage: –20 ℃ - Concentration of stock solution: 515  g/ml Buffer solution - 10mM tris-HCL (pH 7.8 at 25 ℃ ), 10mM NaCl and 1mM EDTA.

16 Torque Measurement The Shaft torque measurement for buffer solution and 1.35 wppm solution of lambda DNA in continuous mode rpm sweep at 25 ℃. (sweep rate; 20rpm/sec) Torque Variation

17 Only L/2 degradation The electrophoresis result of lambda DNA after degradation for 1 hour at 1,980 rpm, 25 ℃. Electrophoresis 23.1Kp

18 Packing of DNA

19 What is Spermidine? J Biol Chem. 2004 Oct 1;279(40):42041-54. Epub 2004 Jul 28. A, three phosphates adjacent from the same strand of the major groove. B, intrastrand across the major groove.

20 Physiological role of polyamines First discovered in human seminal fluid Nucleic acid packaging, DNA replication Transcription and translation Ubiquitous in many cellular processes

21 (N-[3-Aminopropyl]-1,4- butanediamine) Trihydrochloride C7H19N3·3HClFW 254.6 Coil-to-Globule Transition in duced by Spermidine (SPD) Poor Drag Reducer Good Drag Reducer


23 Summary of DR Only a few %DR by improvement of wall properties a few ppm of additive of long chain polymers in turbulent flow can produce a max of 80% DR Polymers broken (degraded) by turbulence NO BASIC UNDERSTANDING YET ! DNA might provide a good probe for turbulence

24 Summary Many nonlinear effects induced by the conformation of DNA Turbulent Drag Reduction Coil-Globule Transition Structure and Packing of DNA Effect of conformation of the transcription of DNA

25 Complexity from Bio-matters Communications in Excitable Networks

26 Life Cycle of Slime Mold

27 Aggregation of dicty

28 Chemotaxi and cAMP

29 Waves of cAMP

30 Periodic Motion of Cells

31 The Physics of Excitable Systems

32 What are excitable systems? Unstable state with respect to large perturbations Excitatory and Inhibitory states Examples: – BZ reactions – Slime molds – Heart muscles – Neurons

33 Scaling in Slime Mould ?

34 High density

35 Low density

36 Distribution of Slugs - Culture with different densities - Harvest after 36 hour -Digital pictures - Population Regulation self-similar shape V = A*L but A = aL V = bA 3/2

37 Density dependence of Slug size Upper critical size Lower critical size V ~ Alog(  cr )  V 0

38 Exponential Distribution at high density

39 Power law distribution in low density?


41 Leo Glass, Physics Today , Aug. 1996 。

42 Spiral Waves

43 Spirals in Cardiac cell cultures Lee et al PRL, 92, 198103, 2005

44 Cardiac Cultures

45 Early Beatings

46 Synchronized Traveling Wave

47 Cardiac-Neuron Co-culture



50 Scale-free network Poisson distribution Exponential Network Power-law distribution Scale-free Network Airlines Highway

51 Summary Biophysics  Understanding of Biological Nonlinearity and Complexity in terms of Physical Principles Physics of Polymers and Networks of Excitable Systems DNA  Slime Mould  Heart  Brains Both fundamental and applied problems NCU/Academia Sinica  Best Combination in Taiwan

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