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Shahzaib Mahmood Kureshi Action Plan. Long Term Goal To prepare today’s students for upcoming challenges of world by adopting 21 st Century skills, providing.

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1 Shahzaib Mahmood Kureshi Action Plan

2 Long Term Goal To prepare today’s students for upcoming challenges of world by adopting 21 st Century skills, providing tools and resources (critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation) so that students of The Cit ySchool can meet the Challenges of the modern age.

3 Short Term Goal To groom the advance mathematical concepts in students with the help of Intel Education Programme and latest IT tools and focuses on slow learners for improvement. I will indulge the students into the latest IT advancement researches to mingle their routine study with IT. I will arrange extra classes for the slow learners. I will design my assignments on latest IT applications I will encourage the students to use CLMS and WIKI to share their work.

4 Instructional Strategies and Tasks I will arrange groups in class so they may work in a team I will provide them verbal instruction as well as written instruction on board or on a chart so they may understand the instructions properly. I will post the assigned tasks on wiki & CLMS so the absent students may not left behind.

5 StrategiesApproachMode I will familiarize students with my expectations, so that they know how they will be evaluated. Monitoring and observing skill Directional skills Students can work in pairs or groups during practice. I will initiate group discussions to let students share their thoughts. Directional SkillsI will help students brainstorm to think from different angles and come up with their unique answers. multimedia presentationsIterative cycleInstructional lessons Basic conceptsEnhance recalling ability. Questioning skills Observing skills Recap will be done in order to polish their observational skills through worksheet/rev test papers. Worksheet will be uploaded in

6 Solution to anticipated challenges Student may find it difficult to adopt the new ways of learning Maths. Unavailability of resources Behaviour difficulties in students Parents may come up with their concerns regarding applying new techniques I will motivate the students with the help of interesting presentations on multimedia. I will arrange the resources by requesting the management. I will try create a positive teacher-student bond to resolve the situation. I will convince the parents that these teaching pattern may help their ward in future. Challenges Solutions

7 BLOOM’S REVISED TAXONOMY Creating Generating new ideas, products, or ways of viewing things Designing, constructing, planning, producing, inventing. Evaluating Justifying a decision or course of action Checking, hypothesising, critiquing, experimenting, judging Analysing Breaking information into parts to explore understandings and relationships Comparing, organising, deconstructing, interrogating, finding Applying Using information in another familiar situation Implementing, carrying out, using, executing Understanding Explaining ideas or concepts Interpreting, summarising, paraphrasing, classifying, explaining Remembering Recalling information Recognising, listing, describing, retrieving, naming, finding

8 September October November December Auguest Quadratic Equations Graphical Solutions to Quadratic Equation Co ordinate Geometry Application of Co ordinate Geometry Assessment

9 Bloom's Taxonomy Mathematics Chart


11 Sample Worksheet

12 LevelsVerbsSample Tasks REMEMBERING Learn terms, facts, methods, procedures, concepts Draw, Recognize, Count, Group, Reproduce, Memorize, State, Tabulate, Identify, Point, Follow Directions 1.Can you identify the different place values in the metric system? 2.State the mode, mean, median, and range from your set of data. 3.How do you reproduce a circle using a compass? UNDERSTANDING Understand uses and implications of terms, facts, methods, procedures, concepts Change, Classify, Convert, Estimate, Interpret, Measure, Put in Order, Show, Suggest, Express in other terms 1.Classify polygons by regularity, concavity, and line symmetry. 2.Explain how to convert between fractions, decimals, and percents. 3.What is your interpretation of the data expressed on the graph?

13 APPLYING Practice theory, solve problems, use information in the new situations Calculate, Compute, Construct, Demonstrate, Derive, Graph, Manipulate, Operate, Practice, Prove, Solve 1.How do you calculate the percent of a given whole? 2.Solve for area of a rectangle by using A= l x w. 3.What information do you consider when graphing data derived from a survey? ANALYSING Analyze structure, recognize assumptions, breaking down material into parts Break down, Deduce, Diagram, Distinguish, Formulate, Group, Order, Separate, Simplify, Sort 1. What methods can be used to compare and order fractions? 2.Analyze the relationship between variables on a graph. 3.What factors do you consider when formulating a plan for problem solving?

14 EVALUATING Set standards, Judge with purpose, accept or reject on basis of criteria Appraise, Choose, Compare, Conclude, Decide, Describe, Evaluate, Justify, Measure, Validate 1.Evaluate the expression after changing the order of operations. 2.Describe how to solve a problem using the 4 step method. 3.Justify your reason for choosing the strategy selected. CREATING Putting information together into a new and creative way. (Putting together ideas or elements to develop an original idea or engage in creative thinking). Construct, Create, Derive, Develop, Document, Generate, Integrate, Plan, Predict, Prepare, Propose, Specify, Tell 1.Describe some patterns that you recognized in the construction of Pascal’s Triangle. 2.What kind of table can you create that represents change in temperature? 3.What prediction can you make from this graph?

15 Resources World wide web CLMS MS Office Intel education programme Printouts of Worksheets Communicator

16 Conclusion With the help of the set resources, students will find the subject easier and interesting to solve advance mathematical sums and slow learners will improve their progress.

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