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Mathematics – Prep – II (Grade 8)

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1 Mathematics – Prep – II (Grade 8)
ACTION PLAN Mohammad Azeem Ghani The City School Darakshan Campus Mathematics – Prep – II (Grade 8)

2 SHORT TERM GOALS Changing the mind filter of the student to accept new concept. Make them eager to ask question. Participate in DISSCUSSION rather BECON base learning Introduce them to different tailor made technology and softwares

- Students not willing to accept the challenge - I am not fully prepared to deliver - School management does not approve SOLUTION: - Introduce them to successful people - I try to leave no stone unturned - Get social approval to teach new concept.

4 EAGERNESS AMBITION: - Widening scope of the topic
- Provide directions to follow track - leave subordinate topic for next class CONTENTMENT: - Deviation from the topic - Mislead or unlawful practice - May indulge in subordinate topic

5 METHOD OF DISCUSSION DISCUSSION - Encourage every student to speak
- Make lecture more intractive BEACON - Student absorption may not up to the level - Student get bore

6 TAILOR MADE LECTURE Make use of computer hardware and embedded systems
Learning new technology like iTOUCH Practicing software's to visualize the concept of topic Their hybrid combination can make things easy.

7 LONG TERM GOALS Urge students to do critical thinking process
Make class interactive to avoid boredom Confide students in the topic Strengthens the students abilities to have firm grip over the topic

8 KEY POINTS The purpose of our teaching plan is to meet the goals of 21st century and in limited time interval This presentation is based on learning outcomes from the Intel master training program conductors by Ms Zahida Abdullah and Jennifer Joyce.

9 TIME LINE 1st January 2011 to 30th April 2011
Rate, Ratio and Proportion Profit and Loss Areas and Volumes of Solid figures Statistics

Topic Approach Skill / Out come Rate, Ratio and Proportion Understanding, Applying & Evaluating Listening & speaking skills Thinking skills Intrapersonal skills Analytical skills Interpersonal skills Observation skills Profit and loss Application of the previous knowledge with some new methods Areas and volume of solids Statistics

11 RESOURCES Textbooks as per the syllabus.
CIE Paper pattern and Marking Scheme. Past papers. Library and Computer Lab. Resource books and relevant websites. Feedback from Mathematics teachers. Internet /Multi-media /CD’s & DVD’s.

12 CONCLUSION “Nothing can be change by changing the face but Everything can be change by facing the change” Students can be motivated towards a more fruitful learning with modern use of latest technology updating them with the upcoming trends of the 21st century

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