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Culinary Vocabulary A writer’s resource August 2011.

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1 Culinary Vocabulary A writer’s resource August 2011

2 Culinary Vocabulary What is it? ̶A resource to provide inspiration for highly descriptive, emotive, and sensorial writing ̶A collaborative work-in-progress that we can contribute to over time Why was this created? ̶It is easy to fall into the trap of using the same old lackluster words ̶A broader vocabulary will allow us to write richer concept narratives and other materials ̶This will help us with our mission of bringing ideas to life How to use it ̶Grouped by Culinary Shift, Cookbook Category, and Life Driver ̶A reference tool for writing more original concept narratives and other materials ̶A thesaurus for describing similar concepts or platforms with different wording ̶A springboard to inspire new ways of describing or looking at an idea 2

3 Table of Contents Emotive/Hedonic Words by Culinary ShiftPage 4–12 Sensorial Cookbook (Words by Food Category)Page 13–37 – BeveragesPage 14–16 – Eggs and DairyPage 17–19 – Bread and PastaPage 20–22 – Fruits and VegetablesPage 23–25 – Soups and SaucesPage 26–31 – Fish and SeafoodPage 32–34 – DessertPage 35–37 General Culinary VocabularyPage 38–45 – DescriptorsPage 39 – Action WordsPage 40 – ColorPage 41–43 – TemperaturePage 44 – AmountPage 45 Appendix: Emotive/Hedonic Words by LifeDriverPage 46–54 3

4 Culinary Shifts 4

5 Community Connected Authentic, backyard, classic, collaborative, concerned, conscientious, comforting, community, compostable, connected, country, earthy, eco-friendly, family-owned, family-style, farm-fresh, farmers’ market, fisherman, fresh, from-the-source, garden, garden-fresh, generational, genuine, good, grassroots, handcrafted, handed-down, heartland, heartwarming, holistic, hometown, homey, honest, indigenous, intimate, just-picked, kind, local, market, motherland, neighborhood, old-country, organic, peasant, preserved, real, regional, seasonal, shared, small- batch, social, sourced, storied, supported, sustainable, time-honored, traditional, true, trustworthy, welcoming, whole. 5

6 More With Less Affordable, anti-consumerism, back to basics, bargain, basic, budget, compostable, concerned, conscientious, credible, cut back, diligent, do-it-yourself, eco-friendly, economical, essential, frugal, fundamental, handed-down, honest, humble, modest, preserved, priceless, principled, prioritized, purposeful, recycled, reduced, resourceful, responsible, reused, rustic, seasonal, shared, simple, simplified, streamlined, sustainable, thoughtful, thrifty, unadorned, value, worth. 6

7 Doctor Me 100%, allergen-free, all-natural, anti-aging, anti- inflammatory, antioxidant-rich, boosted, carb-free, complete, concerned, conscientious, daily, diet, educated, empowering, enriched, essential, expert, fat-free, figure friendly, fit, flavonols, fortified, forward-thinking, gluten- free, good-for-you, goodness, healthful, healthy, heart- healthy, holistic, hypoallergenic, informed, intelligent, invigorating, low-carb, low-fat, low-sodium, measured, medical, minimally processed, moderation, natural, nutrient-rich, nutritious, planned, positive, prescribed, preventative, proactive, probiotic, purposeful, real, regimented, responsible, specialized, superfood, supplemented, take charge, unprocessed, vitamin-packed, well-being, whole, wholesome, zero calorie. 7

8 Always On Accessible, advanced, avant garde, buzz generating, buzz worthy, computerized, connected, curious, cutting edge, digital, do-it-yourself, educated, energetic, engaging, enhanced, everywhere, expert, fashionable, fast, foodie, forward-thinking, fully-wired, futuristic, immediate, informed, instantaneous, intelligent, mechanized, mobile, modern, on-the-go, open, portable, quick, seasonal, sharing, smart, social, sophisticated, souped-up, state-of- the-art, tech-savvy, trendy, web, wired, youthful. 8

9 Simple Refuge 100%, all-American, Americana, authentic, back to basics, basic, beloved, cherished, classic, clean, comeback, comforting, country, easy, essential, family-style, fundamental, genuine, goodness, handed-down, heartland, heartwarming, heritage, historical, home- cooked, homemade, homey, honest, humble, iconic, kitchen, life-affirming, like your mother/grandmother used to make, motherland, nostalgic, nourishing, old-fashioned, old-country, old-school, original, peasant, precious, preserved, pure, real, reinvented, reminiscent, retro, rustic, satisfying, seasonal, simple, simplified, slow food, soothing, soulful, soul-warming, straightforward, subtle, throwback, traditional, trustworthy, yesteryear. 9

10 Break Free Adventurous, artistic, audacious, avant garde, bold, buzz- generating, creative, curious, cutting edge, daring, deconstructed, defying, display, engaging, enhanced, enthralling, exhibitionist, extraordinary, extravagant, extreme, fashionable, forward-thinking, frontier, futuristic, imaginative, innovative, intrepid, intriguing, inventive, invigorating, magical, modern, molecular, multisensory, new, new twist, novel, obscure, out-of-the- ordinary, outside-the-box, playful, quirky, reinvented, revolutionary, showy, singular, stimulating, theatrical, trendy, unconventional, unique, unprecedented, unusual, whimsical. 10

11 Cultural Curiosity Adventurous, all-inclusive, beguiling, comprehensive, contemporary, cosmopolitan, country, cultured, curious, daring, delicacy, destination, different, ethnic, exotic, foreign, generational, global, globe-trotting, handed- down, harmonious, heritage, imported, influenced, inspired, intercontinental, interesting, international, intrepid, intriguing, modern, motherland, multicultural, native, natural, novel, obscure, old-country, preserved, quirky, rugged, sophisticated, striking, themed, traditional, unexpected, universal, unusual, wild, world-aware, worldly, worldwide. 11

12 Luxury Re-valued A-cut-above, affordable, appealing, artistic, attractive, beautiful, chic, classy, contemporary, decadent, delicacy, deluxe, elegant, exceptional, exquisite, extravagant, fancy, fashionable, frugal, gorgeous, gourmet, gustatory, high- quality, indulgent, luscious, luxurious, moderation, modest, peak, petite, premium, prime, quality, rare, recipe, reserve, rewarding, rich, select, small-batch, sophisticated, specialized, superior, swank, thrifty, top- notch, top-shelf, treat. 12

13 Sensorial Cookbook BeveragesPage 14–16 Eggs and DairyPage 17–19 Bread and PastaPage 20–22 Fruits and VegetablesPage 23–25 Soup and SaucesPage 26–28 Meat and PoultryPage 29–31 Fish and SeafoodPage 32–34 DessertPage 35–37 13

14 Beverages Taste Acidic, balanced, bold, bitter, bright, caramel, citrusy, creamy, complex, dry, earthy, fiery, floral, fruity, grassy, herbal, hoppy, intense, lemony, malty, mineral, minty, nutty, rich, robust, rounded, sour, spicy, sugary, sweet, tangy, tart, vinegary, zesty. Sight Blended, bright, bubbly, clear, creamy, dark, garnished, glistening, glossy, opaque, sparkling, splash, swirled, translucent, transparent, vibrant, vivid. Sound Bottle uncorking, bubbling, churning, coffee grinding, dripping, fizzing, glugging, pop tab opening, pouring, spritzing, tea kettle whistling. 14

15 Beverages Texture Bubbly, creamy, crisp, effervescent, fizzy, foamy, full-bodied, icy, invigorating, light, palate- cleansing, pulpy, smooth, sparkling, syrupy, thick, velvety, viscous. Aroma Aromatic, caramel, citrusy, complex, earthy, floral, fragrant, fruity, heady, herbal, hoppy, infused, lemony, minty, musty, nutty, oaky, perfumed, scented, spicy, subtle, warm, woody. 15

16 Beverages Origin/Quality 100% juice, aged, all-natural, barrel-aged, bottled, brewed, canned, extracted, filtered, fortified, freshly ground, freshly roasted, fresh-squeezed, hand-picked, homemade, imported, microbrewed, organic, powdered, preserved, pressed, purified, small batch, supplemented, virgin. Preparation Blended, combined, concentrated, condensed, dipped, dissolved, dripped, dunked, frosted, frozen, garnished, infused, juiced, laced, mixed, muddled, mulled, paired, poured, shaken, spiked, splashed, steamed, steeped, stirred, strained, suspended, swirled, swizzled. 16

17 Eggs and Dairy Taste Bold, briny, buttery, cheesy, creamy, earthy, eggy, grassy, herbal, intense, mellow, mild, milky, nutty, peppery, piquant, rich, ripe, robust, salty, savory, sharp, smoky, strong, tangy. Sight Bright, buttery, creamy, flaky, glossy, gooey, layered, opaque, pure, ripe, round, smooth, speckled, sunny, veined. Sound Cheese grating, chicken clucking, churning ice cream, cow mooing, pouring milk, rooster crowing, shell cracking, squeaky cheese, wheel cracking. 17

18 Eggs and Dairy Texture Buttery, creamy, crumbly, dry, firm, fluffy, gooey, hard, heavy, luscious, melt-in-your-mouth, milky, moist, puffy, runny, semi-soft, silky, slippery, smooth, soft, spoonable, spreadable, sturdy, thick, thin, unctuous, velvety, waxy. Aroma Aromatic, earthy, floral, fragrant, grassy, heady, herbal, perfumed, pungent, ripe, scented, sharp, smoky, spicy, sweet, tangy. 18

19 Eggs and Dairy Origin/Quality Active culture, aged, all-natural, artisanal, bred, brined, cage-free, country, cracked, crafted, cured, enhanced, farm- raised, fat free, fortified, free range, fresh, freshly milked, grain-fed, grass-fed, hand-churned, hand-crafted, hand- gathered, heartland, heritage, homemade, homogenized, hormone free, humanely raised, imported, low fat, low moisture, organic, part-skim, pasteurized, probiotic, ripened, skimmed, small-batch, supplemented, thickened, unprocessed, whole fat. Preparation Baked, basted, beaten, broiled, cubed, curdled, diced, folded, fried, grated, hard-boiled, hardened, herbed, melted, over- easy, over-hard, over-medium, poached, scrambled, separated, shaved, shirred, shredded, sliced, smoked, soft-boiled, softened, sunny side up, whipped, whisked. 19

20 Bread and Pasta Taste Bready, buttery, doughy, earthy, eggy, fresh, herbal, honeyed, nutty, peppery, rich, salty, savory, sour, sugary, sweet, yeasty. Sight Braided, browned, coated, crusty, flat, glazed, glossy, golden, heaped, knotted, layered, long, mounded, piled, plump, round, shiny, swirled, tangled, toasted, voluminous. Sound Bubbling, cracking, crackling, crunching, sizzling, slurping. 20

21 Bread and Pasta Texture Airy, al dente, brittle, cakey, chewy, crackly, crispy, crumbly, crunchy, crusty, eggy, delicate, dense, doughy, flaky, fluffy, folded, glazed, grainy, hard, heavy, layered, nutty, pillowy, ridged, rough, smooth, soft, sturdy, substantial, tangled, tender, thick, toothsome. Aroma Aromatic, delicate, earthy, fragrant, freshly baked, fresh from the oven, gentle, herbal, nutty, scented, subtle, warm, wheaty, yeasty. 21

22 Bread and Pasta Origin/Quality 100%, artisanal, bakery, country, enhanced, farmed, fortified, gluten-free, handcrafted, hand-shaped, harvested, hearth, heartland, heritage, high fiber, homemade, low carb, multigrain, old world, open fire, organic, refined, supplemented, unbleached, unprocessed, whole grain, whole kernel, whole wheat. Preparation Baked, boiled, braided, broiled, brushed, buttered, dried, filled, fire-baked, fried, hardened, kneaded, knotted, pressed, pulled, rolled, seasoned, shaped, simmered, slathered, smeared, softened, strung, stuffed, swirled, toasted, topped, tossed, twisted. 22

23 Fruits and Vegetables Taste Acidic, anise, bitter, bold, briny, buttery, citrusy, earthy, fiery, fresh, grassy, herbal, hot, intense, lemony, mellow, peppery, piquant, raw, ripe, savory, sour, spicy, sugary, summery, sweet, tangy, tart, tropical, vinegary, zesty. Sight Abundant, bright, bulbous, bunched, bursting, clean, colorful, curled, flourishing, fresh, garnished, grill- marked, heaped, leafy, limp, messy, moist, mounded, piled, plump, ripe, slender, sloppy, spiny, sprouted, summery, tropical, verdant, vibrant, vivid, willowy, wilted. Sound Cracking, crunching, grating, peeling, snap, squeaky. 23

24 Fruits and Vegetables Texture Burst-in-your-mouth, chewy, chunky, creamy, crisp, crisp-tender, crunchy, delicate, fibrous, firm, fleshy, hearty, juicy, limp, luscious, messy, moist, nutty, pureed, raw, ripe, rough, sloppy, smooth, soft, starchy, sticky, sturdy, succulent, supple, tender, waxy, willowy. Aroma Aromatic, citrusy, earthy, floral, fragrant, fresh, fruity, grassy, herbal, lemony, minty, perfumed, pungent, scented, sweet. 24

25 Fruits and Vegetables Origin/Quality All-natural, bred, canned, fall, farmed, farm-fresh, farmers’ market, flash- frozen, foraged, fresh-squeezed, garden-fresh, handpicked, harvested, heartland, heirloom, home-grown, imported, jarred, just-picked, local, market, natural, old world, organic, peak, picked-at-their-peak, plucked, preserved, regional, ripe, seasonal, spring, summer, supplemented, vegan, vegetarian, winter. Preparation Battered, blanched, boiled, braised, brined, browned, bundled, buttered, caramelized, charred, chiffonade, chilled, chopped, cleaned, cored, creamed, crushed, crystallized, cubed, curried, diced, dipped, dressed, dried, dunked, enrobed, fire-roasted, fried, frittered, garnished, glazed, grated, grilled, halved, herbed, hulled, juiced, julienned, macerated, marinated, mashed, minced, oven-roasted, parboiled, peeled, pickled, pitted, poached, pressed, pureed, rinsed, rolled, roughly chopped, sauced, sautéed, scrubbed, seasoned, seeded, shaved, shelled, shucked, sliced, slow-cooked, smashed, softened, spiced, steamed, stemmed, stewed, stuffed, sugared, supremed, trimmed, tossed, washed, wedged, zested. 25

26 Soups and Sauces Taste Acidic, balanced, bold, briny, buttery, citrusy, creamy, fiery, fresh, herbal, hot, intense, lemony, mild, peppery, piquant, robust, salty, savory, sour, spicy, sweet, tangy, tart, umami, vinegary, zesty. Sight Blended, bubbling, chunky, colorful, creamy, glossy, gooey, rustic, shiny, smooth, vibrant. Sound Blender whirring, bubbling, pouring, whisking. 26

27 Soups and Sauces Texture Blended, chunky, coarse, creamy, gooey, messy, milky, pasty, pulpy, pureed, silky, slippery, sloppy, smooth, sticky, syrupy, thick, thin, velvety, viscous, watery. Aroma Aromatic, citrusy, fragrant, fresh, herbal, infused, lemony, mouthwatering, perfumed, pungent. 27

28 Soups and Sauces Origin/Quality Artisanal, fresh, heritage, homemade, old world, organic, small-batch, traditional, vegan, vegetarian. Preparation Blended, boiled, chilled, coated, combined, concentrated, crushed, curried, dabbed, dipped, dotted, doused, draped, drenched, dressed, dripped, drizzled, dunked, enrobed, extracted, glazed, heated, herbed, infused, ladled, melted, mixed, poured, pressed, pureed, reduced, sauced, seasoned, simmered, slathered, slow-cooked, smeared, smothered, spiced, spooned, spread, sprinkled, stewed, stirred, strained, thickened, topped, tossed, warmed. 28

29 Meat and Poultry Taste Beefy, bold, earthy, fiery, fresh, gamey, hearty, herbal, hot, meaty, piquant, rich, robust, salty, savory, seasoned, smoky, sour, spicy, sweet, umami, zesty. Sight Browned, charred, dark, dripping, garnished, glistening, golden, grill-marked, heaped, juicy, lean, marbled, mounded, piled, seared. Sound Chicken clucking, cow mooing, popping, rooster crowing, searing, sizzling, slicing/carving meat. 29

30 Meat and Poultry Texture Crackly, crispy, dripping, fall-off-the-bone, firm, ground, hearty, juicy, meaty, messy, moist, sink your teeth into, soft, succulent, supple, tender. Aroma Aromatic, fragrant, gamey, grilled, meaty, mouthwatering, perfumed, scented, smoky, zesty. 30

31 Meat and Poultry Origin/Quality Aged, boneless, bone-in, bred, choice, corn-fed, country, dark meat, farm-raised, farmed, free range, grain-fed, grass-fed, heartland, hormone-free, humanely raised, lean, old world, organic, pasture grazed, prime, raised, skinless, skin-on, sustainable, white meat, wild. Preparation Baked, barbecued, battered, blackened, boiled, braised, breaded, brined, broiled, browned, butchered, carved, charred, crusted, cubed, cured, curried, deboned, dipped, dressed, dried, dunked, fricasseed, fried, garnished, grilled, ground, herb-crusted, herbed, jerked, marinated, medallion, pan-fried, pulled, roasted, rubbed, salted, sauced, sautéed, seared, seasoned, shaved, shredded, sliced, slow-cooked, smoked, smothered, softened, spiced, stewed, stuffed, tenderized, trimmed. 31

32 Fish and Seafood Taste Bold, buttery, citrusy, fiery, fishy, fresh, herbal, lemony, light, mild, oily, salty, savory, seasoned, spicy, sweet, umami, zesty. Sight Breaded, bright, colorful, fresh, garnished, glistening, grill-marked, golden, light, shiny, sleek. Sound Cracking shell, fishing reel, ocean waves, searing, sizzling. 32

33 Fish and Seafood Texture Crispy, delicate, dense, firm, flaky, fragile, light, moist, oily, scaly, slippery, smooth, soft, sturdy, supple, tender. Aroma Citrusy, fishy, fresh, herbal, lemony, like the ocean, perfumed, pungent, scented, smoky, zesty. 33

34 Fish and Seafood Origin/Quality Boneless, bred, farmed, fresh caught, freshwater, line- caught, lump, organic, saltwater, skinless, skin-on, sustainable, wild caught. Preparation Baked, barbecued, battered, blackened, boiled, braised, breaded, broiled, browned, canned, charred, cracked, cured, curried, deboned, declawed, dipped, dressed, dried, en papillote, filleted, fried, frittered, garnished, grilled, herb-crusted, herbed, jerked, marinated, pan- fried, pickled, planked, roasted, rubbed, salted, sauced, sautéed, scaled, seared, seasoned, shucked, sliced, smoked, spiced, steamed, stuffed, whole. 34

35 Dessert Taste Acidic, bittersweet, buttery, caramel, chocolatey, citrusy, cloying, decadent, doughy, fresh, fruity, indulgent, intense, lemony, nutty, rich, salty, semisweet, spiced, sugary, sweet, tangy, tart, zesty. Sight Beaded, blended, browned, caramelized, coated, constructed, dark, decorated, delicate, detailed, dusted, fancy, frosted, garnished, glazed, gooey, golden, iced, latticed, layered, light, messy, patterned, pearled, piled, shiny, sloppy, toasted, voluminous. Sound Blender whirring, cracking, crackling, crunching. 35

36 Dessert Texture Airy, brushed, chewy, chunky, coarse, crackly, creamy, crumbly, crunchy, crusty, crystalline, custardy, delicate, dense, doughy, fine, firm, flaky, fluffy, fudgy, gooey, gummy, heavy, jiggly, juicy, layered, light, luscious, luxurious, melt-in- your-mouth, melty, moist, pasty, pillowy, powdery, puffy, silky, slippery, smooth, sticky, syrupy, tender, thick, thin, velvety, waxy. Aroma Aromatic, citrusy, chocolatey, fragrant, freshly baked, fresh-out-of-the-oven, lemony, perfumed, scented, sweet, warm, zesty. 36

37 Dessert Origin/Quality Artisanal, bakery fresh, freshly baked, hand churned, hand crafted, organic. Preparation Assembled, baked, beaded, blended, bruleed, buttered, caramelized, chilled, churned, coated, combined, concentrated, constructed, creamed, crushed, crystallized, deconstructed, decorated, dipped, dissolved, doused, draped, drenched, dried, drizzled, dunked, dusted, enrobed, folded, fried, frosted, frozen, garnished, glazed, heated, iced, juiced, latticed, layered, macerated, pearled, poached, sauced, scooped, shaved, sifted, simmered, slathered, softened, spooned, spread, sprinkled, suspended, sweetened, toasted, warmed, whipped, zested. 37

38 General Culinary Vocabulary DescriptorsPage 38 Action WordsPage 39 ColorPage 40–42 TemperaturePage 43 AmountPage 44 38

39 Descriptors Appealing, amazing, appetizing, awesome, craveable, delectable, delicious, delightful, delish, divine, enjoyable, enticing, fantastic, finger- licking, flavorful, heavenly, lip- smacking, luscious, magnificent, mouthwatering, out-of-this-world, remarkable, scrumptious, seasoned, spiced, splendid, sublime, superb, tasty, wonderful, yummy. 39

40 Action Words Attack, bite, chew, chomp, chow down, consume, demolish, devour, dig in, down, enjoy, gnaw, gorge yourself, gulp, guzzle, imbibe, indulge in, inhale, knock back, lick, lose yourself in, munch on, nibble, nosh, pick at, pig out, sample, savor, scarf, sip, slurp, snack on, stuff yourself, swallow, swig, swill, taste, tuck in, wolf down. 40

41 Colors Red Amaranth, blush, brick red, burgundy, candy apple red, carnation, cerise, cherry, cinnamon, cotton candy, crimson, fire engine red, flame, fuchsia, maroon, pink, raspberry, rose, ruby, russet, scarlet, watermelon, wine. Orange Amber, apricot, carrot, clementine, coral, mango, peach, salmon, tangerine. Yellow Banana, blonde, buttery, canary, champagne, cornsilk, daffodil, dandelion, golden, goldenrod, lemon, maize, mustard, saffron, sunny, tawny. 41

42 Colors Green Army green, chartreuse, clover, emerald, fern, forest green, granny smith, grass, honeydew, hunter, jade, jungle, kelly green, leaf, lime, mint, olive, pine, sea green. Blue Aqua, azure, baby blue, cobalt, cornflower blue, electric, midnight, navy, periwinkle, powder blue, royal blue, sapphire, sky blue, teal, turquoise, ultramarine. Purple Amethyst, eggplant, indigo, iris, lavender, lilac, magenta, mauve, royal, violet, wisteria. 42

43 Colors White Alabaster, beige, cream, ecru, eggshell, ivory, off-white, pearl, pearlescent, porcelain, snowy, vanilla. Brown Almond, amber, auburn, bronze, burnt sienna, chestnut, chocolate, cinnamon, cocoa, coffee, copper, espresso, golden, hazel, khaki, mahogany, mocha, sandy, tan, taupe, tawny, terra cotta, toffee, walnut. Black Charcoal, dusky, ebony, ink, jet, midnight, obsidian, onyx, raven, slate. 43

44 Temperature Cold Arctic, chilled, chilly, cool, cooling, freezing, frigid, frosty, frozen, glacial, icy, refreshing, wintry. Warm Balmy, lukewarm, mild, room temperature, temperate, tepid, tropical, warming. Hot Blazing, blistering, boiling, burning, fiery, flaming, heated through, piping hot, scalding, scorching, searing, sizzling, smoldering, steaming. 44

45 Amount A little Bit, bite-sized, crumb, dash, drop, dusting, hint, morsel, nibble, pinch, smidgen, speck, tad, touch, trace. A lot Abundance, bounty, bulk, bundle, heap, hunk, jumbo, load, mass, mound, mountain, pile, plenty, ton. 45

46 Appendix: LifeDrivers TM 46

47 Empowerment Backyard grilled, bold, boosted, boutique, choice, creative, custom-made, customized, distinctive, do-it- yourself, exceptional, exclusive, expert, fit, freeing, homemade, individualized, informed, inspired, invigorating, liberating, made-to-order, measured, motivating, nutritious, one-of-a-kind, original, passionate, personal, positive, powerful, preferred, proactive, purposeful, quirky, rare, regimented, robust, select, signature, singular, smart, specialized, special order, strong, supplemented, tailored, take charge, top quality, unique, wholesome. 47

48 Achievement Accomplished, award-winning, blue ribbon, do-it- yourself, first prize, fulfilling, inspiring, passionate, pleasing, powerful, prize-winning, gratifying, inspiring, motivating, proactive, rewarding, satisfying, smart, strong, structured, take charge, triumphant, uplifting, victorious. 48

49 Respect A cut above, appealing, attractive, award-winning, beautiful, class, classic, chic, contemporary, cosmopolitan, coveted, cream of the crop, delicacy, deluxe, de rigueur, elegant, established, exceptional, exclusive, expert, exquisite, extravagant, fancy, fashionable, fine, fit for a king, gorgeous, gourmet, handsome, honored, iconic, incomparable, luscious, luxurious, masterpiece, modern, peak, praiseworthy, precious, prime, quality, rare, recipe, refined, reputable, reserve, revered, rich, select, sophisticated, striking, stunning, superior, swank, top-notch, top- shelf, vintage, youthful. 49

50 Perspective Adventurous, all-inclusive, artistic, backcountry, balanced, beguiling, comprehensive, contemporary, cosmopolitan, cultured, curious, daring, delicacy, destination, different, eco-friendly, ethnic, exotic, fashionable, foreign, generational, global, globe- trotting, grassroots, harmonious, imported, influenced, innovative, inspired, intercontinental, interesting, international, intrepid, intriguing, modern, multicultural, native, novel, obscure, old country, organic, outdoors, peasant, quirky, reminiscent, retro, rugged, sophisticated, sourced, striking, sustainable, themed, traditional, universal, unusual, wild, worldly, worldwide. 50

51 Integrity 100%, artisanal, authentic, basic, butcher, classic, clean, complete, country, credible, earthy, eco-friendly, family owned, farmers’ market, farm-fresh, fisherman, fresh, fresh caught, fresh-from-the-oven, fresh-picked, fundamental, garden, garden-fresh, generational, genuine, good, handcrafted, harmonious, heartland, heirloom, holistic, home cooked, homemade, honest, humble, iconic, indigenous, just-picked, natural, nutritious, old country, old-fashioned, organic, original, peasant, pure, real, responsible, rustic, seasonal, simple, simplified, small batch, sourced, storied, straightforward, sustainable, time-honored, trustworthy, unadorned, unprocessed, value, whole, wholesome. 51

52 Belonging All-American, backyard grilled, beloved, blue ribbon, cherished, classic, comforting, community, family owned, family-style, farmers’ market, filling, generational, handed down, heartland, heartwarming, hearty, home cooked, homemade, hometown, homey, heritage, iconic, intimate, just like your mother/grandmother used to make, kitchen, life-affirming, local, lovable, loving, market, motherland, neighborhood, nostalgic, nourishing, old-fashioned, old country, old school, patriotic, peasant, precious, priceless, regional, reflective, retro, satisfying, shared, social, soothing, soul-warming, supported, storied, street, throwback, time-honored, traditional, welcoming. 52

53 Release Addictive, appealing, alluring, beguiling, bold, calming, classic, colorful, comforting, decadent, electrifying, energetic, energizing, engaging, enthralling, enticing, exciting, exotic, extreme, fun, gustatory, idyllic, indulgent, interesting, intriguing, invigorating, lively, luscious, lush, natural, old-fashioned, original, pleasing, pleasurable, refreshing, reminiscent, rejuvenating, relaxing, rich, sensational, sensorial, sensual, sexy, sinful, sink your teeth into, soothing, stimulating, striking, tantalizing, tempting, thrilling, throwback, time- honored, traditional, uninhibited, vibrant, youthful. 53

54 Joy Amusing, blissful, blithe, bright, buoyant, carefree, celebratory, charming, cheerful, cheering, content, delightful, ebullient, ecstatic, elated, entertaining, euphoric, exciting, exhilarating, exuberant, festive, friendly, fun, glad, good-humored, happy, heartwarming, heavenly, idyllic, in seventh heaven, jolly, jovial, joyful, joyous, jubilant, lighthearted, lovely, on cloud nine, overjoyed, merry, playful, pleasant, pleasurable, positive, rapturous, satisfying, soul- warming, sublime, thrilling, uplifting, warm. 54

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