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SELF CONTROL Rejecting wrong desires and doing what is right

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1 SELF CONTROL Rejecting wrong desires and doing what is right
Self control vs. Self-Indulgence Rejecting wrong desires and doing what is right

80% of Americans are overweight 65% of Americans have been drunk Almost 70% of high school graduates have lost their virginity before they graduate. How many of us buy things we can’t afford? How many of us do things we are not supposed to do?

3 What do we indulge in? 1. Food 2. Fun 3. Spending 4. Other pleasures
5. Anger / feelings (arguments)

4 The emptier the pot the faster the boil.
People that are not thinking are faster to respond in a negative way. The more you loose your head, you turn to anger instead.

5 The one who looses his head first is usually the last one to miss it.
Quote The one who looses his head first is usually the last one to miss it. Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to keep our cool with a man twice our size?

6 Self control takes discipline
A person that strikes with anger will always miss the mark. It is discipline that allows us to gain wisdom and control. One must remember that it is the person that lost control that is usually wrong!!

7 Character does not reach its potential until it is controlled, harnessed, and disciplined to react to intense situations. Remember that we first make our habits and then our habits make us. Self control is the key to a successful future. Bad habits are a bad sign of self control.

8 What chance can a man have to control his destiny when he can’t control himself?
Have you ever noticed that self control is easy when you are eating liver and okra?

9 Without self control, you will have no control.
Old saying If you would like to control your temper, be like a kettle, sing when you start to boil. Without self control, you will have no control.

10 How to resolve anger Stop whatever you are doing and count to ten, (cooling off) then respond in a soft voice that will not intimidate the other party. Stop from yelling, or throwing things when you feel like physically getting mad.

11 Be honest Deal with what you did wrong first, admit to your mistake and allow the other party to admit their own without you blaming them. Tell the truth, even if it hurts you. Discern what you did wrong and change it.

12 Try to put yourself in the other persons shoes.
Empathy Remember the mistakes that you have made and be forgiving toward the other person or people. Try to put yourself in the other persons shoes.

13 Think about the future Find a way to invest in that persons life.
Investing in a life that you were angry with will bring peace and mercy to the table. This platform is great for reconciliation. Put time into the people that anger you and you will find that they may be a different person.

14 Build Self Control Look beyond today: consider the long term effects that can happen with every decision that you make. Nothing is worth loosing your job, family, or life for a temporary desire or need that you have. Focus on something greater than your desire, and what is good for the long run.

15 Guard your steps Everyone has a weakness and it is best that we admit our weakness and take precautions then to deny reality and fail. Identify the people, place or thing that would cause you to stumble and loose control, tell what that is to someone that can help you stay away from it. Establish boundaries to protect you.

16 Restrain yourself If you give in to every desire, you can damage yourself and others. If you restrain yourself, you won’t have to have others restrain you. Determine beforehand how you will respond to the temptation and exercise freedom to say no.

17 Walk away Learn to walk away from things that are not good for you and others. Walk away from bad habits and “friends” that are not a positive influence for you and your family. Don’t listen to gossip or talk about people. Don’t complain about your job, boss, or others that are feeding you. Use self control when others want to complain and don’t be a part.

18 Seek accountability Accountability is one aspect of healthy relationships. We all need others that have the courage to point out our weaknesses. Listen to these people while they are talking and take what they say to better yourself without getting mad. Surround yourself with people that will reinforce your good character. It takes self control to listen to constructive criticism.

19 Lack of self control causes:
restlessness impulsiveness defiance difficulty in concentrating low self-esteem declining performance in school Poor relationships

20 Many people in America are effected
Are you restless? Are you defiant? Are you angry? Do you have a hard time concentrating on things? Do you have a problem with self esteem? Are your relationships at risk? It could be because you lack the character quality of Self-Control

21 Role play Two people that can handle confrontation
One person telling the other what they are doing wrong in a loud manner The other party displaying self control Switch roles so as to give everyone a turn

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