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Welcome! Big Bend Scenic Byway Program. Goals For This Presentation - To Provide An Understanding Of: u The Scenic Highways Program: What it IS Importance.

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1 Welcome! Big Bend Scenic Byway Program

2 Goals For This Presentation - To Provide An Understanding Of: u The Scenic Highways Program: What it IS Importance of community participation and partnering u How it can benefit communities along the corridor u What this Program is NOT

3 Scenic Highway History Florida Department of Transportation Legislation Ch 335, 093, Florida Statutes Scenic Byways Advisory Committee Report Congressional Feasibility Study 1975 National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management & US Forest Service Programs I ntermodal S urface T ransportation E fficiency A ct 1975 1991 1993 1996

4 Relationship to the National Scenic Byways Program u Two levels of national designation –National Scenic Byways (NSB) –All American Roads (AAR) u NSB must be first regionally recognized u State and National Programs mirror one another National Scenic Byways All American Roads State Scenic Highways

5 Florida Scenic Highway Program A grass roots effort to heighten awareness of our State’s history and outstanding intrinsic resources u Cultural u Historical u Archeological u Recreational u Natural u Scenic

6 Primary Intent Designate roadway corridors along which we can conserve, maintain, protect, and enhance these resources for the enjoyment of our citizens and the traveling public

7 Basic Criteria u Resources must be visible from roadway u Corridor must “tell a story” u Must be a public road that safely accommo- dates two-wheel-drive automobiles u Corridor must exhibit significant, exceptional, and distinctive features of the region  Must be at least 1 mile in length and provide access to resources

8 Basic Criteria u Majority of roadway must exhibit qualifying resources, which must be as continuous as possible u CAG must be organized to support designation u Community Participation program must be implemented u Strong local support must be demonstrated  Corridor Management Plan must be developed with the endorsement of local governments

9 Program Benefits u Recognition - Increases community recognition: locally, statewide, regionally, nationally, and internationally. u Partnering - Improves community awareness and understanding, thus encouraging community consensus. u Education - Enables others to gain a higher appreciation of a community’s heritage.

10 Economic Benefits u Promotes Nature/Heritage Tourism u General 10% increase in revenue u Elevates the corridor and affiliated communities to a higher status, thus increasing chances of receiving funding for various projects

11 Current Status Florida Scenic Highways u Tamiami Trail u Pensacola Scenic Bluffs u Bradenton Beach u Indian River Lagoon u Old Florida Heritage Highway u AIA Ocean Shore u AIA River to Sea u Keys Overseas Heritage Trail Florida Candidate Corridors u Big Bend Scenic Byway u US 441 Scenic Highway u William Bartram Scenic and Historic Highway u Ocean Shore Boulevard

12 $$$$ - Examples u Pensacola Scenic Bluffs and Tamiami Trail – $420,000 for development of Master Plans u Tamiami Trail - $7.1 million for development of Welcome Center and Roadway Improvements u Overseas Heritage Trail – $110,000 for Scenic Highway Program Process u Pensacola Scenic Bluffs Highway – $200,000 for Cell Tower Mitigation

13 u Apalachee Savannahs Scenic Byway/USFS – $185,000 for development of 4 Roadside Interpretive Stations u Pensacola Scenic Bluffs and Tamiami Trail - $80,000 for Development of Interpretive Plans u Indian River Lagoon Scenic Highway – $1 million for development of a Visitors Center u Pensacola Scenic Bluffs – $1.2 million for Land Purchase of 8 Linear Acres u Total Funding of $10,295,000 in grants, private donations, and state/local government contributions

14 What It’s NOT

15 Does Not Preclude FDOT From: u Providing and maintaining a safe transportation system u Building necessary roadway and bridge projects, including road widening u Performing maintenance obligations on state roads, rights-of-way, and bridges u Adhering to Standard Specifications for roadway design, traffic operations, signing, striping, signalization, and construction activities

16 Does Not Preclude Local Governments From: u Establishing, amending, or carrying out local ordinances u Maintaining local roads and infrastructure u Carrying out established routine duties of local government

17 Property Owners’ Rights A scenic highway designation does not change, add to, or take away any rights from property owners.

18 Scenic Highway Designation “How can we make this happen?

19 Join Your (CAG) Corridor Advocacy Group u Anyone can participate u Acts as applicant for the corridor by preparing documentation and applications u Driving force of designation process

20 Special Role of the Historical Society u Identify outstanding Historical, Cultural, and Archeological resources for the Big Bend Scenic Byway u Provide advice and guidance for their maintenance, protection, and enhancement

21 The Three Phases of the Program Eligibility Phase CAG develops supporting documentation Designation Phase CAG develops Corridor Management Plan Implementation Phase CMP Implemented Scenic highway Becomes a reality.... FDOT grants designation


23 Program Reminders u It’s about Designation, not about a highway construction project. u It’s a community based grass-roots program. u Land use regulations and plans still fall under jurisdiction of Local Government’s Comprehensive Plans.

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