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GROWTH MANAGEMENT 0 David Hutchinson Office of Policy Planning Department of Transportation Proportionate Fair Share Mitigation.

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1 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 0 David Hutchinson Office of Policy Planning Department of Transportation Proportionate Fair Share Mitigation

2 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 1 Legislative History Key provision of 2005 Growth Management Legislation* *Chapter Law 2005-290 amendments to s.163.3180(16) F.S. By December 1, 2005: Develop model ordinance with methodologies for assessing proportionate fair share options By December 1, 2006: Local governments shall adopt by ordinance a methodology for assessing proportionate fair share options and include methodologies within their transportation concurrency management system (CMS) that will be applied to calculate proportionate fair share mitigation

3 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 2 Intent of Proportionate Fair Share Mitigation Development impacts can be mitigated by cooperative efforts of public and private sectors Improve a transportation facility that will mitigate the impact of their development

4 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 3 Proportionate Fair Share Mitigation Options Projects identified for funding: –in the 5-year schedule of capital improvements, –in the next update of the capital improvement element, or; –in a long-term concurrency management system construct improvements that provide significant benefit to the impacted transportation system

5 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 4 When Does Proportionate Fair Share Apply? Planned Improvements must be funded –in the 5-year schedule of CIE, –in the next update of the CIE, or; –in a long-term CMS A Roadway Fails Concurrency Small-Scale Developments (Non-DRI)

6 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 5 Note: Note: If not fully funded in a 5-year capital improvement program, the development can move forward if full funding can be "reasonably anticipated" within 10 years

7 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 6 What Happens if a Shortfall in Funding Occurs? –Cease issuing development orders, or –Identify other revenue sources, or –Otherwise amend the comprehensive plan to ensure financial feasibility For federal or state funding in the first 3 years: –document the circumstances –Vested development may proceed For improvements outside the first 3 years LOCAL GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBILITY



10 9

11 10 Keys to Successful ImplementationPlanning Coordination Programming

12 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 11 Keys to Successful Implementation –Concurrency management systems Linked to future land use plans Linked to the issuance of development orders by local government Linked to long-range transportation plans of MPOs Planning

13 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 12 Keys to Successful Implementation –Capital improvement programs should reflect future land use plans –Consistent with MPO priority lists/transportation improvement programs (5-year) or priorities in counties in non-MPO areas –Project cost-increases should be monitored and updated Programming

14 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 13 Keys to Successful Implementation –Intergovernmental (especially extra-jurisdictional impacts), common methodologies and consistent Level of Service standards –Early and continuous involvement of all affected public and private parties (developers, DOT, and local governments) Coordination

15 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 14 Planning Coordination Programming IMPEDIMENTS TO IMPLEMENTATION Silo Syndrome

16 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 15 IMPEDIMENTS TO IMPLEMENTATION Silo Syndrome Worry About Today Program Rather Than Plan Emphasize Short Term Disjoint Between Permitting and Fiscal Policy Tomorrow Planning Coordination Programming

17 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 16 Examples of Proportionate Fair Share Mitigation Proactive Developer Partnerships Interlocal and Regional Cooperation Tallahassee/Pipelining Proportionate Fair Share Funds Gainesville/Dealing with Smaller Developments Broward/Transit Options Rather than Roadway

18 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 17 US 301 Fair-Share Mitigation Proactive developer partnership Agreement to address impacts of several developments Widening project –State ($10.7m), –County ($5.7m), –11 Developers ($35m) From: Developer Contributions for transportation facilities CUTR - Kristine Williams 2006 Costs estimated using FDOT’s Long Range Estimating (LRE) model for cross section based on new average daily trips from development and inflated to 2008 values




22 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 21 SR 82 – Interlocal and Regional Cooperation Designated an Emerging SIS facility –Old study – widen to 4 lanes –Currrent need – widen to 6 lanes Funding –Property owners land for ROW –Property owners $15 million –the City $10 million –Lee MPO (XU) funds. $15 million –FDOT (TRIP funds)$10 million –FDOT (SIS funds)$10 million $60 Million Construction of the project to begin in FY 2008-09. –FDOT will execute a State Infrastructure Bank loan for $15 million to be paid back from the future MPO funding.

23 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 22 City of Tallahassee – Pipelining “Significant Benefit” project for each quadrant. –Capacity improvement –Transit Master Plan –Parallel corridors –Divert existing traffic

24 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 23 City of Tallahassee Proportionate Fair Share contributions pipelined

25 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 24 City of Tallahassee Transit planning –Second generation “Significant Benefit” projects will be transit oriented

26 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 25 Gainesville/Dealing with Smaller Developments Alternate capital transportation project Contribute their proportionate fair share based on the ITS capital cost a system-wide Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) program to link traffic signals and provide traffic management capabilities. Map that shows Gainesville Plan – Phase 1

27 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 26 Broward/Transit Options One separates the station from the community One encourages Transit at the station

28 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 27 Broward/Transit Options

29 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 28 What happens if you don’t plan and run out of money



32 GROWTH MANAGEMENT 31 For More Information

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