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Vision Paper IFC Meeting, 5/6/08.

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1 Vision Paper IFC Meeting, 5/6/08

2  Task Force Appointed – October 2007 ◦ Melissa Biddinger, Scott Evenbeck, Kathy Johnson, Ted Mullen, Simon Rhodes, Frank Ross, Marianne Wokeck  Data from peer institutions reviewed  Site visits– Nov & December ‘07 ◦ University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Illinois Chicago, IU Bloomington, Purdue University – West Lafayette  Vision paper drafted – January 2008  February – May, 2008 – Dissemination of draft/solicitation of feedback from IUPUI community  Honors Program External Review – April, 2008

3 Total Undergrad Enrollment Honors Students % Honors OrientationAdvisingClasses Honors Residence Option Temple University 24,6741,2194.94%Yes University of Utah 22,1552,0009.03%Yes IUPUI21,1932001.73%Yes Wayne State 20,8921,1005.27%Yes Univ. of Cincinnati 19,9772,000 10.01 % Yes Univ. of New Mexico 18,5541,4007.55%Yes Univ. of Louisville 14,9951,2008.00%Yes UAB11,2841601.42%No YesNo

4 Total Undergrad Enrollment Honors Students % HonorsOrientationAdvisingClasses Honors Residence Option Univ. of South Florida 34,4381,6004.65%NoYes VCU 21,2601,3006.11%NoYes University at Buffalo 18,1651,0405.73%Yes UIC 15,0061,4009.33%NoYes IUPUI21,1932001.73%Yes

5 HONORS PROGRAMSHONORS COLLEGES Cincinnati New Mexico UAB IUPUI UICUSFVCU Buffalo Allocated Space (sq ft) 30008500n/a 1678 10350n/a50002500 Student LoungeYes No Computer ClusterYes 2NoYes No Small Conference Room Yes NoYes Classroom(s)No6 YesNoYes Number of Staff Offices 2 (+ 4 cubicles) 2354111498 FTE5.5 4 (+ 2 work study) 7.53.25 11 (+ work study) 12 (+ 2 grad students) 99

6  Must reflect campus-wide strengths in the Health and Life Sciences, as well as the Arts and Humanities  Curricular requirements must be flexible to accommodate the diversity of majors and programs at IUPUI ◦ Degrees should NOT be granted by Honors College  Students expected to engage in research and other creative endeavors as well as service and are encouraged to study abroad  Must recruit and retain a diverse student body

7  Vision Paper shared w/ 18 units across campus that are engaged in undergraduate education  Units asked: 1.How do you see an Honors College articulating with your school/unit? Are there conflicts between your departmental honors program and the university-wide General Honors notation requirements? 2.What are the primary advantages and disadvantages of an IUPUI Honors College? 3.If there are disadvantages, how can they be alleviated? 4.When resources are tight, how can an expanded Honors Program help to grow resources?

8  Curriculum: 24 credit hours of honors coursework ◦ Honors coursework and completion of honors requirements should be clearly noted on transcript  Faculty: should be compensated for honors instruction ◦ honors instruction should be included in standard teaching load (not overload) ◦ multi-year contracts with units would help stabilize the curriculum  Space: central location on campus would be ideal (has been added to Master Plan list)  “College” status would heighten visibility, but would not represent a significant change in programming  Immediate objective: thoughtful increase in student participation (including continuing/transfer students)

9  Automatic admission for students receiving Top Scholarships (implemented in 2006) ◦ Bepko, Herbert Presidential, Plater Distinguished Scholars, Valedictorian/Salutatorian Scholars, Honors Scholars, and Academic Excellence Scholars  Partnering with Enrollment Services in the recruitment of high ability students  Increased numbers of scholarships for continuing/transfer students are being considered  Honors Professional Admissions Program ◦ Instituted by AY 08-09 recruiting year ◦ Preferred admission to graduate and professional programs across campus (contact: Melissa Biddinger)  Continue to grant honors credit for research and study abroad experiences – Honors Program is an ideal context for promoting the ‘RISE’ initiative  Grow curriculum (particularly ‘dedicated’ honors courses) through course development funds and through creative repurposing of existing opportunities (Cutting Edge Lecture Series; Indiana Leadership Seminar)

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