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Peter Mayer MA FRCP Retired 2007 Public Governor Birmingham Community Health NHS Trust 2013-2016.

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1 Peter Mayer MA FRCP Retired 2007 Public Governor Birmingham Community Health NHS Trust 2013-2016

2 BGS Response to the Francis Report - Focus on Quality, basic care, safely, dignity - Provide leadership, tremendous opportunities - Promote NHS constitution and Equality Act - Training in needs of older people for all staff - Ensure holistic full diagnosis - Empower patients and assure autonomy Paul Knight, David Oliver 2013

3 Seeking Quality of Care For patients the experience of healthcare often matters as much as the outcome so we must keep listening to their views and take their opinions seriously. Linda Patterson RCP 2012 Registered older persons nurse Francis 2013 -a golden opportunity for the BGS Jane Buswell Our shared purpose is to maximise our contribution to high quality, compassionate care and to achieve excellent health and well-being outcomes NCB- nursing division 2009 Developing the Culture of Compassionate Care – Creating a Vision for Nurses, Midwives and Care-Givers

4 Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment - improved function - improved quality of life - reduced hospital stay readmission rate institutionalisation Conroy, Cooper 2012 Evidence Based Care Improved Outcomes in Rehabilitation. Falls. Arthritis Knee. Parkinson’s Disease. Stroke. Chronic lung disease. Frailty

5 If you get care right for the elderly and the vulnerable you get it right for everyone B. Isaacs 1975 Academia

6 Areas Geriatricians % 485/1200 All RCP specialities % Whole time84.183.6 NHS94.784.9 Joint NHS/Acad.3.5(17)9.9(485) Pure Research0.2(1)1.1(53) Acute Medicine74.438.9 Other need 15 additional training posts/yr RCP Census 2011-working patterns and contracts

7 Excellent Care Award 2006 Institute of Ageing and Health- West Midlands Senior Citizen Link Line, Wolverhampton Dr Paul Kanas presented the cheque for ₤1,250.00 donated by the Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund Runners up were The Rapid Emergency Assessment Care Team (REACT) from Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham, the Handy Person Scheme from Broadening Choices for Older People (BCOP), Birmingham, and EMI Staying at Home Scheme - Newcastle Area Social Services.

8 Tribute to Peter Crome Peter has been an excellent president. He has worked diligently to heighten awareness of the BGS and to forge links with charities, Royal Colleges, basic scientists and social gerontologists as well as overseas geriatric societies. He has taken great delight in bestowing medals and awards on those who have done much to improve elderly care. He told me that being president was like being Santa Claus - it has been an enormous pleasure for Peter to acknowledge the major contributions made by our members, some of whom have worked tirelessly for many years without necessarily receiving praise for a good job well done. Peter has represented the BGS at home and abroad. Under his tutelage, we have grown in number and stature. On behalf of all BGS members, I wish to thank him most sincerely. Graham Mulley 2008 Peters last duties awarding relief of suffering medal to Baroness Neuberger

9 Key Areas led by Peter Crome The European Charter for Older People in Clinical Trials National Dementia Strategy national audit and research lead Geriatrics Knowledge based Assessment at the RCP

10 Honouring Jed Rowe 2007

11 Extract of an extract Peter Crome MD PhD DSc FRCP (Lond, Edin and Glasg) FFPM He has more degrees than a thermometer If you ask members what they think of Peter They say he will always go the extra kilometre He is gifted with statecraft and gentle diplomacy He’s dispensed delight with honours medals and awards And continued quality care in his clinics and wards You’ve left a legacy of organisational rigour Under you the BGS has grown in numbers and vigour Graham Mulley 2008

12 Images of Professor Peter Crome

13 Oliver Corrado as chair examining board Geriatric Medicine in 3.2007 BGS newslette r

14 Professor Peter Crome What have you enjoyed most in your career? What did you feel were your most important contributions to the needs of older people? Can you tell us what you would hope to do in your “retirement”?

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