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Marketing the Library to Undergraduates Outreach and Information Literacy Marlo Maldonado Young, M.L.S. Undergraduate Outreach Coordinator, UCSD Libraries.

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1 Marketing the Library to Undergraduates Outreach and Information Literacy Marlo Maldonado Young, M.L.S. Undergraduate Outreach Coordinator, UCSD Libraries

2 Presentation Overview Discuss marketing and outreach- related concepts, practices Discuss undergraduate info-seeking behaviors, library perceptions Discuss interrelatedness of marketing, outreach, and IL

3 What Is Marketing vs. Outreach? Ultimately, strategic public relations that also integrates strategic communications activity Marketing is a process w/three major functions: 1. Identifying opportunities to promote an awareness of the library to target audiences 2. Influencing target audience choices through brand building and promotion 3. Servicing target audience to develop loyalty, gain repeat business, and generate word-of-mouth advertising Outreach is a function or mode of marketing, and even instruction

4 Why Market & Outreach? 5 Simple Reasons 1.Encouraged by OCLC, ACRL, IL Best Practices, among others 2.Supports campus and library public relations, marketing, and educational agendas 3.Tremendous lack of awareness, competition, misconceptions 4. To educate, inform, empower, and serve 5. Major opportunity to re-assert, re-define our roles, value, skills, etc.

5 Undergrads 18-24 Years Old Net Generation “Born Wired Accustomed to “instant information”, Digital Immediate Gratification Embrace “social software” and collaborative technologies Associate computer, Web w/conducting research Seamless “infosphere” w/out boundaries between work, play, & study Graphically-oriented Astute consumers; heavily marketed

6 Undergrads & Libraries What Do They Want? Collaborative space Noise-friendly and quiet spaces Computer friendly Comfortable, mobile furniture Food & drink Library as Place Role of the library as a place to study and socialize was more important than place to get info Council on Library & Information Resources Report, 2003

7 Undergrads & Research Behaviors Research online; simple search engines, instant results Issues of time and difficulty of concern 71% used Internet as major source, 2002 Minimal exposure to research process, terms, website evaluation Using both physical & virtual library

8 Undergraduate Outreach Program UCSD Libraries Mission: Stimulate a greater awareness of the UCSD Libraries, its services, programs, and resources Goals: 1. Heighten campus, particularly UGs, awareness and understanding of libraries for more effective use 2. Increase collaboration with students, faculty, staff Objectives: 1. Provide direct, in-person contact with UGs, staff, etc. 2. Provide Libraries representation in print and electronic sources of campus info 3. Create networking and educational opportunities from involvement with campus events, committees, liaison roles

9 Undergraduate Outreach Program Libraries-wide planning, communication, activity, assessment Committee structure w/budget, 20K Targets UGs directly and through student affairs & support services, colleges, co-curricular programs, staff, provosts, student orgs. etc. Interfaces w/subject libraries outreach Working towards an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) approach

10 Integrated Marketing Communication IMC Synergistic use of public relations in tandem with other promotional tools to influence perceptions and behaviors Strategic process used to plan, develop, execute, and evaluate persuasive brand communication programs Effective library outreach requires strategic marketing & communications activity Creates a brand identity for the library

11 What is a Brand, Branding? It’s the definition of your library that exists in each student’s mind -includes their expectations, impressions, preconceived notions –all things Branding is how you aspire to be recognized -it’s achieved through strategic and consistent marketing, communication, outreach activity

12 Creating UG Awareness, Appeal Visibility Regular Campus Event Participation -Outreach Table: branding, cool incentive items, smiles, fun -Marketing materials make first impressions, too -Fantastic oppty to also network w/campus folk -15 to 20 events year

13 Integrating into an Online UG Community Study Break Break -Online discussion forum re: the libraries! -Informal -Two-way communication -Can post polls, include images “I think this it's awesome that we have a forum just for the library!”

14 Increasing Visibility, Awareness through Online Learning Tool Get Started! Started! -Modular learning tool -Linked within all WebCT courses -Extensive usability w/UGs; 25K visits in its first three months -Internal “press kit” w/marketing messages & graphics @

15 Advertising the Library to Increase UG Awareness Representation in key UG publications Less text is more!! Student images? Library logo? Graphical designer? 3K/year

16 Library Newsletters More than just News Allow the library to regularly present itself as a brand and as a place Involves and features students Uses plain language Breaks down sophisticated concepts, jargon $4K/year, 14K/copies

17 Incentive Items They’re Powerful Assist in influencing behaviors, perceptions Communicate “fun”, “cool” Serve as after-the-fact reminders Can encourage communication $7K/year Jacquie:

18 Co-Marketing through Campus Relationships Campus Involvement -UCSD Marketing Council -Undergraduate Colleges -Student Affairs -Event planning committees -Student Government - K-14 Education & Outreach Council -Office of Admissions & Relations with Schools

19 Co-Marketing through Co-Curricular Partnerships Orientation programs (freshman & transfers) Tailored workshops for Student Affairs Programs: Information, Speech Preparation, and Public Speaking Information & Leadership: Knowledge is Power! Effectively Communicating Knowledge Student Health: Peer Health Educator training Student Organizations Exhibit, event partnerships Athletics


21 Conclusion Marketing and outreach: -Enables students to connect with and better understand us -Is a non-traditional, yet strategic form of educating students -Creates an identity for your library -Showcases while advocating for libs -Stimulates awareness and relationships -Supports IL on conceptual and practical levels

22 Contact Info: (858) 822-4803

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